BRSC Urge People To Be Careful On The Roads

March 7, 2018

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] is renewing their call for drivers/riders to “practice care, caution and courtesy on our roads as there has been a marked increase in the number of collisions recently. ”

The BRSC noted that “just over last weekend, there were four reported collisions varying from a single vehicle to a three vehicles crash.”

Collision in St David’s this past weekend:

collision overturned car crash St Davids Bermuda March 4 2018 (5)

Dennis Lister III, Chairman of the BRSC, stated, “This marked increase in collisions is of concern to the Road Safety Council, as it should be to the community.

” We, as a community, need to do all that we can to focus on the driving task and avoid distractions. We must encourage our friends and families to decrease their speed and not to drink and drive.

“As we being the 3rd month of the year, we renew our call to all drivers/riders to focus on the driving task and to practice care, caution and courtesy on our roads.

Collision in Hamilton Parish this past weekend:

Collision Car 03 Mar (6)

“Take 5 seconds before turning on the ignition to truly focus on the task at hand, consciously decide that you want to reach your destination alive and unharmed. Please fasten those helmets properly, put cell phones out of reach, decide to not speed or overtake,” Mr Lister added.

The BRSC added they want “you to think about your life and your family and friends, choose to be a safe road user so that you can live to make a meaningful contribution. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Be smart – do your part.”

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  1. Upset voter says:

    It is time that all stakeholders in Road Safety do an Aggressive road safety campaign! Just like KBB with keeping Bermuda Beautiful Campaigns a while back! Look to see what other countries do concerning road safety and work on doing the same!

  2. puzzled says:

    Once again after the horse has left the stable the BRSC comes out with this after the fact stuff.

    The Police need to start booken em big thyme; seriously.

    The price of bread went up now wait for insurance on vehicles….

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    Does anyone else remember the days when people used to drive slowly because (a) the roads were narrow (b) the roads were bumpy (c) the roads were overgrown and (d) if you scratched your paint your car it would not pass TDD?

    • Ringmaster says:

      That’s right, and motor cycle police were visible. Amazing how everyone drives carefully when it’s known the police are around. Is there still a police service here? Maybe they’ve been transferred to desk duty. Unmarked cars/bikes are a great way to catch the bad drivers/riders so where are they?
      If the ace boys didn’t know if they’ve just overtaken an unmarked car/bike, until the lights and sirens sound, it would soon have an impact.

      • Zevon says:

        Perhaps they’re all in a room with Burt studying cryptocurrencies.

      • nuts says:

        They are out daily, the courts are packed with speeding offences. Unfortunately it’s just a feel good revenue generator, meanwhile the actual dangerous stuff goes unnoticed, hence the accidents. The biggest irony is since the recent police clampdown we’ve had more rollovers per month than ever!

    • Paul Revere says:

      Does anyone else remember we used to get around in horse drawn carriages?
      Cars mostly came manual drive and AC was considered a luxury.
      The roads were narrow because there weren’t these very large trucks on the road, very few at that.
      TCD used to be about image, kw it seems it’s abkut the $$, bearing in mind the dealerships today never seem to have the parts in stock for the many vehicles they sell.
      Times change or we can stand still.

  4. Mary says:

    Heavy like $1000 fines for third lane drivers ASAP

  5. Zevon says:

    Well-meaning but futile. A high proportion of Bermudian drivers are absolutely stupid. That is the problem.

  6. Herb Adderley says:

    You guys just don’t get it do you
    The maniac driver out there is just not listening and is not interested in your messages or campaigns and they never will be
    I am on the road at least two hours a day and it’s a miracle and because of the curtesy of the good drivers that our road deaths aren’t in the hundreds every year
    Your message is not working
    The police message is not working
    The courts message is not working
    None are ever going to work because of the maniac drivers out there that no matter what you try and do are not listening and will never listen
    I am sorry but I don’t have the magic answer either

    • nuts says:

      Herb you are so right! The strategy is just to go after the easy pickings, for example they hang out on the open, low or no intersection roads and catch people by the hundreds for speeding offences, the bulk which will be of relatively low risk for the location.

      Meanwhile you have people overtaking on blind bends, tailgating, drifting cross lanes and all sorts which are the ones making the bulk of the actual accidents.

      Since the police “clampdown” in October, in 5 months we have far more vehicle rollovers than the 12 month periods in the previous 3 years. That is despite the courts being filled to the brim for speeding and lane filtering offences.

  7. PANGAEA says:


    We all know what tailgaiting and overtaking is all about.

    Here is another event which you may not be aware of, this deliberate practice happens every day on our roads, this is called “PUSHING,” where the PUSHER become the “RABBIT ” .

    PUSHING,is the practice where the car or bike driver following behind you drives up close then backs off,with no intent of overtaking ,this is done several times as their soul intent is to intimidate you into driving well over the speed limit, they then become the ” RABBIT” with you in full view of the radah device as they remain back in the safe zone.

    Your only option is to remain calm ,put on your emergency flashers as fair warning and slow down to a stop .