Skyport Reminds Of Responsible Kite Flying

March 29, 2018

Skyport is reminding the public of restrictions for kite flying surrounding the LF Wade International Airport over the Easter holiday.

A spokesperson said, “Kites should not be flown in the Ferry Reach area, Kindley Field Road, and the Clearwater area of St David’s. If kites are flown in these areas, they could end up in the path of aircrafts as they arrive and depart the island.”

Simplified Kite flying Diagram around TXKF Bermuda March 29 2018

Lonnie Bascome, Air Operations Officer, Skyport, said, “Kite flying is a much-loved tradition in Bermuda, and while we support the public having responsible fun, safety is paramount to Bermuda Skyport. We would like everyone who plans to celebrate the Easter holiday in the eastern parishes to abide by these restrictions to ensure there are no safety hazards.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    After all these years you would think that some common sense and logic has been passed down re the topic.

    Bermuda is indeed another Vurle

  2. sage says:

    This map suggests it is ok to fly kites all along the ferry reach grass verge and the street portion of the racetrack, that can’t be right.

  3. Jenna T says:

    Anyone caught flying a kite near airport?
    In actual fact some kite are flown too high and are therefore a risk as well.
    Anyone flying a kite near airport or too high thereby causing risk or endangerment to any aircraft cause risk and endangerment to life and property.
    There it is…fly responsibly.