BELCO Issue Advisory On Safe Kite Flying

April 14, 2022

BELCO today issued a reminder to the public “about safe and sustainable kite flying during the Good Friday holiday.”

A spokesperson said, “BELCO reiterates the following safety guidelines for kite flying:

  • Always use the correct supplies when making a kite. Do not use any wire or metal.
  • Keep kites away from power lines and busy roads.
  • Only fly kites in safe, open places away from any power lines.
  • If your yard isn’t big enough or is close to power lines, please don’t attempt to fly a kite so as to not cause unnecessary outages.
  • If your kite gets caught in power lines, don’t tug on the tail or pull the string. Call BELCO at 955 and then dial “0″ to speak with the operator.
  • BELCO is committed to ensuring reliability of power and crews will be on standby should any outages occur due to kites getting caught in power lines.
  • For further guidance on kite flying safety visit”

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “Many Bermuda residents look forward to flying their kites during the Easter holiday and we ask that people do so in a safe manner away from any power lines.

“We also hope people will engage in sustainable kite activities including reusing kites, string and kite tail and if you need to dispose of kites to do so in the proper manner. On behalf of BELCO, we wish everyone a happy Easter Holiday and ask that safety always come first.”

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