Smash Table Tennis Seeking New Location

March 8, 2018

Smash Table Tennis is getting set to close its doors at the end of the month, with owner Jaymo Durham saying “I am hopeful you will see us again very soon; I know this is not the end.”

“After four years of being an outlet for preteen and teenage boys, Smash is closing its doors, hopefully only temporarily. Sitting in an office building on the heart of Reid Street, Smash has been a safe haven for young and old, corporate types, families and all of those who have love for table tennis.

“The only full-time table tennis facility in Bermuda has been working hard to find a more suitable home but has been unable to do so. March 31, 2018 will be Smash’s last opening day until a new home can be found.

“Jaymo Durham, the club’s owner has been actively trying to find a permanent home for table tennis in Bermuda but has been unsuccessful. It was believed that housing the facility in the heart of Hamilton would be good for parents and children however it has proven difficult to maintain.”

“Unfortunately being housed in an office building came with severe limitations” says Mr. Durham. “If you know anything about children they can be loud and rambunctious and our landlord advised that there had been complaints from other tenants of the building regarding the noise that the children made, particularly when schools were out and we hosted camps.

“With the continuous complaints of the tenants, the landlord believes it is in the building’s best interest to not keep Smash as an entity within the building. We understand the landlord’s decision and although we are hurt, we believe that a temporary closure of Smash will help us to find a new facility where kids can be kids.

“So if anyone has a space that they feel could work for Smash we invite you to give us a call at 332-2308 or simply email

“My main concern is the kids. Smash had become like an afterschool club and a boys club for young men. They were mentored, they were in a safe environment where they could come and be kids, do their homework and see what it is to be a responsible male. It is that loss that truly saddens me.

Mrs. Durham said, “I want to thank everyone who supported my husband in his vision. He has loved serving you, he has loved catering to you and he has loved mentoring the children.”.

Mr. Durham said, “We may have lost this battle, but the fight goes on. I have some exciting ideas for the future and I am hopeful you will see us again very soon. I know this is not the end.”

“Established in 2014, Smash Table Tennis Club has been the sole full time facility for table tennis in Bermuda. It featured camps and hosted birthday party and corporate events. Its friendly staff made it a place where people felt safe to hang out. Open daily until March 31 from 3.30pm at 101, Commerce Building, 54 Reid Street in Hamilton. For more information, call 296-4141.”


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  1. Sad to hear this my grandson goes there.

  2. Helpful Citizen says:

    Perhaps they could go downstairs of where they have the indoor golf place. Same building, just front street side. Where the art store is, huge space out the back.

  3. good point says:

    What about that empty space by Beluga Bar in the Washington Mall? A retail store is occupying it at the moment, but only temporarily…