Video: Boris Johnson On Bermuda & DPA Bill

March 27, 2018

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he had a “long conversation with the Premier of Bermuda” about same sex marriage.

This was stated as Mr Johnson responded to a question from British MP Chris Bryant, who has been an outspoken critic of the Domestic Partnership Act, bringing it up multiple times in both British Parliament and Committees.

During a recent session of the British Foreign Affairs Committee Mr Bryant asked, “One of the elements that the Government has said he wants to raises the issue of LGBT rights. Why then did no Government Minister say to the Bermudian Government, please don’t abolish same-sex marriage?”

“I must correct you on that,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson replied. “I did have a long conversation with the Premier of Bermuda about that matter.

“And I made the point to him, what I passionately believe, that one of the reasons why this city which I used to be Mayor, one of the reasons why it’s a fantastic place to live, is people feel like they can live their lives in any way they want….do no harm to others. That it is a great economic benefit to show that spirit. That was the argument I made to him.”


The Bill was approved in the House and Senate in December 2017, and then went to the UK-appointed Governor for assent, which was granted on February 7th.

The British Government’s stated position is that while they are disappointed about the removal of same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships meet the European Court of Human Rights requirement for legal recognition of same-sex relationships, and the UK has to respect that Territories “are separate, self-governing jurisdictions with their own democratically elected representatives and the right to self-government.”

The legislation is facing a legal challenge in the Bermuda Courts, as Mark Pettingill — who won the case which initially allowed for same sex marriage last year — has filed a motion on behalf of a client challenging the constitutional aspects of the Domestic Partnership Act.

The legislation is set to take effect on June 1st of this year, the Government previously said.

“This means same sex couples can get married in Bermuda until May 31, 2018. The Registry General will continue to accept applications for same sex marriages until May 12, 2018,” the Minister said.

“Any applications submitted by a same sex couple after that date must be for a domestic partnership under the new Act, not a marriage under the Marriage Act 1944 or the Maritime Marriage Act 1999.”

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  1. Democracy???
    Same sex marriage?
    Move past the ruling, Boris!

  2. The British Government does not have its own way.
    For the continuing hashing of same sex marriage is a direct indication of a spoiled child….I WANT MY OWN WAY!!

    • northrock says:

      “.I WANT MY OWN WAY!!”

      you got your rights, so screw everyone else!

      You’re selfish, greedy and bigoted. Your opinion is as worthless as you are!


        Slavery was selfish for whites,who were rather bigoted and greedy!!
        Well, NORTHROCK, your own way isn’t working.
        Adapt, embrace, understand and appreciate your experience!!

        • Mike Hind says:

          Yes. Slavery was wrong. That’s why we stopped doing it.

          Baseless discrimination is wrong. That’s why we should stop doing it.

          These aren’t difficult concepts.

        Work feverishly on embracing the concept, adapt to current happenings,
        continue to share your opinions and cope better with this reality in Bermuda!!

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Totally agree with Boris’ reasoning. Would love to know our Premier’s counter argument – “we don’t believe all men/women are equal”!

    • sandgrownan says:

      I’m not sure Davey Bitcoin knows or even cares, but he does know that his rabid base are homophobes. And he’s playing to them.

      • Bermuda Mom says:

        You would be surprised at the diversity of people both for traditional marriage and for the redefinition of marriage.
        Remember that the OBA didn’t jump to open the door to SSM either.
        The OBA needed swing voters (some of that base) to have won the last election.
        I hardly think the Premier has an issue with treating people as equals.
        That word ‘Homophobe’ gets used way too often and often times so incorrectly… but hey … carry on with your truth.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Trust me, I’m similarly disgusted with the OBA’s inability to tackle this issue.

          Homophobe is an accurate label for those that push the “hate the sin, love the sinner” BS from the pulpit. Given Bermuda’s history it’s even more disgusting.

        • Mike Hind says:

          How, exactly is it being used incorrectly here?

          Denying people equal access to rights for absolutely no reason, using lies and misinformation to attempt to support that position? That’s hate.

          Treating people as less than equal on a societal based on their sexuality is, in fact homophobia.

          Unless I’m wrong and you’d like to explain why?

  4. Funny that... says:

    Maybe Bermuda has moved on from this trampling of individual rights–but the rest of the world has not.

    We shall reap what we sow..

    blessings abound.

  5. facts of the rock says:

    the plp and biu are only interested in themselves!
    Until Bermudians figure that out Bermuda is f**’d.

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    Time difference between Bermuda and the rest of the world….about 40years!

  7. Calvin Zwingli Luther says:

    I imagine there are several thousand married couples who at this moment are dropping the kids at school before heading off to work. It’s a shame that these folks do not have the time to give us their thoughts on this issue and also on what are the real issues of the day in their lives – because if they did, my sense is that for the most part they would be very different than the politically correct group speak of five percent of the population and their ‘bien pensant,’ underemployed hangers-on.

  8. PANGAEA says:

    In this day where there are major advances in medicine, better standards of living ,there are thousads of people being sent home unfairly from work at 65 and labled as Seniors.

    There is a miconseption out there that being forced into retirement older people sit home and watch the clock that is not so, if you are tinking about how wonerfull retirement is, dont do it,because the young ones dont seem to be able to keep the cost of living at a sustainabe level .

    A poor mans steak is a slice of bread soaked in gravy.

    Do we need “The Donald”, nope ! We have much wisdom just next door.

    Borrowed money is a big mistake , all of us live the life of misery while the debt is being payed back.

    Are the young ones up to eye balls in debt to the money lender.?

    You only have to live through a war to know what hard ship is. Many Bermudians paid the ultimate price.

    Don’t buy someting for to day, buy it to last at least five years from now there are many failed examples of this all over the island.

    Want and need should never ride on the same bus, just like hate and greed have no place here by destroying your country you destroy your self .

    Are we buying candy with chocklate money.

    Dont invite me to a seniors tea, that is humulating ,is that what you call the “last supper “.

    Many things need to change in this island , we are a dependant nation we are traveling down the rocky road of self destruction , and financiai alienation .

    Investors only bet on a fast horse.