Kevin Dallas On SSM, LGBTQ Travel & More

April 11, 2018

Kevin Dallas Bermuda July 2017Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas has given a wide ranging interview to the Gay Star News website, telling them that “as a gay Bermudian, I feel pretty lucky to have been born here,” and “despite this more recent setback, Bermuda’s track record on advancing LGBT rights in the last 20 years is pretty good.”

The Tourism CEO also stressed that LGBT visitors are welcome in Bermuda, telling the website that “sometimes the law might lag behind. But LGBT travelers can feel safe in Bermuda.”

Asked “how did you feel personally when you heard about the marriage equality reversal,” Mr Dallas told them, “The only answer is disappointed.

“However, I would say that it was personally complicated for me, because my partner and I were civil unioned in the UK. For us, the Domestic Partnership Act  actually means new rights we didn’t have before.

“So on the one hand, I was personally disappointed that something was taken away. On the other, pragmatically, this law leaves my partner and I in a better place.

Mr Dallas explained, “One of the reasons the Tourism Authority opposed the Domestic Partnership Act is that while we recognize that on balance it added more than it subtracted, we also recognized it boils out to a really unattractive headline.

Asked by Gay Star News what he would say to “an LGBTI traveler who has a perception that Bermuda is LGBTI-unfriendly because of the law change,” Mr Dallas said, “I would say two things.

“The first is very straightforward. LGBT visitors are safe and welcome in Bermuda. Bermuda’s tourism industry clearly is committed to inclusivity and treating all visitors with respect.

“The second thing is a bit more nuanced. As a gay Bermudian, I feel pretty lucky to have been born here and not the many other places where LGBT travelers go looking for a Bermuda-Like experience. Despite this more recent setback, Bermuda’s track record on advancing LGBT rights in the last 20 years is pretty good.

“We won same-sex partner immigration rights, we won same-sex partner adoption rights. Gays and lesbians can serve in our military. We have no ban on transsexuals like President Trump is trying to force in the US. And the Domestic Partnership Act gives us, as I said in the beginning, civil rights of marriage.

“It’s short of what we want, however, if you take the emotion out of it, and you compare Bermuda to most other island nations, Bermuda actually has a pretty progressive track record.”

The BTA CEO added, “There’s a difference between reaching out to a community that’s got a negative message to reassure them they are welcome and safe, verses actively targeting that community as travelers.

“It would be a rather bizarre thing to do to suddenly launch a big drive for LGBT visitors after passing the Domestic Partnership Act. That’s not what anybody here, or [at least] anyone at the Tourism Authority is talking about.

“What we recognize is that the passage of that act left many people confused and wondering. Our ambition is to reassure them that actually, regardless of the law, they are welcome.”

The above represents only a small portion of the interview, and you can read the full interview with Mr Dallas here on Gay Star News.

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  1. God'sTruth says:

    SMH< When's ya boy contract up, cause this mind-conTrol top notch brainwaShing gotta stop!!!! Can somebody with credentials and a neutral stances on issues apply, because if I do, im gonna deal these jokers a real hand and hurt some fEelings

    • nerema says:

      you want someone with a neutral stance on issues?
      So no religious nuts then.

    • SMH says:

      wtf are you moaning about?

    • Onion Juice says:

      So thats why you went in a tyrant over this issue, people make noise where their interest is. For decades we’ve had protest for unjust treatment in Bermuda and not once have I’ve seen a diverse crowd, same when we had Pathway to Status we saw the predominatly make up of each group.
      So blow your trumpet to your own tune, same way how you dont support my music I have the right to oppose yours.
      This group is very influential economically and socially so I wont be surprised if they get their way in the near future.

      • SMH says:

        ” people make noise where their interest is”

        is that why you have verbal diarrhoea? Your only interest is in trying to be a supremist…but you’re too stupid for that, so you just stick to the racism, homophobia and hypocrisy.

      • Mike Hind says:

        You protested against unjust treatment in Bermuda, but the instant you get to treat someone else unjustly, you jump all over it, happily.

        You aren’t against injustice. You just want to be the one perpetrating the injustice.

    • ProudBermudian says:

      I disagree – this interview shows why he is uniquely suited to this facet of his role as BTA CEO. He has done exactly the perect thing – at very least you should appreciate that he has used his personal story to heal some of the damage done by the Domestic Partnership Act. That’s taking his job dedication to the next level!

    • Anbu says:

      You go right ahead. And i have some feelings to hurt on your side too. Goes both ways. Bermudians need a dose of act right these days anyway. Using god on your name then talk about hurting people……smh. Well friend, i follow old testament. Eye for an eye.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Bring it. “Deal” that “hand” you claim to have.

      Oh, wait. You don’t have anything. Just more chest puffing nonsense.

      Spread your hate somewhere else.

    • Yes sir says:

      Maybe you should start with speaking english

  2. facts of the rock says:

    wonders how much he got paid to say that or was he told to say it to keep his job!

    • Onion Juice says:

      He already gets $1000 a day, even bonuses

    • Mike Hind says:

      Told by whom?
      You know he’s the CEO, right?

      Who is it that you think is telling him to do stuff?

  3. Vortex says:

    Good for you Kevin, you have a unique position, I really hope you make the most of it and blaze a trail.

    I’m a straight father of 3, I have no axe to grind here, but Bermuda so needs forward thinkers, the events of the past few minths are so depressingly regressive, one day we will all look upon them with shame.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Whats shameful is trying to explain this to our children as being normal.

      • Dom says:

        For once I agree with you. Just because it is the trendy flavor of the moment does not make it right. I do not want apologists and especially advocates feeding this propaganda to my kids. I hope Mr. Wayne Furbert reintroduces his private member’s bill.

        • SMH says:

          “I do not want apologists and especially advocates feeding this propaganda to my kids.”

          Another bigot…your children are gay.

        • PBanks says:

          What’s the propaganda? That some people being gay is a reality instead of a dirty little secret that gets talked about only in whispers?

          If people wish to teach their kids that gay people (or moreso, gay people in relationships) are going to burn in the lake of fire, that’s their prerogative, but why hide from the issue?

      • Farmer says:

        Really oj?… your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. If you or your child feel that the sexual behavior of another is unnatural than take a look at nature. Hundreds of species have been recorded having homosexual sex. From birds to reptiles, even one of our closest relatives the gorilla actively partake in it regardless of male or female. So yes explaining to a child that this is a natural behavior is not hard when we seem to be the only animal judging what others do with their privates. Do yourself a favor and read some modern literature, that 2000 year old book you cling to is outdated.

        • Onion Juice says:

          And these same animals also eat each other, and ya point is?
          Seems you have it twisted YOUR closet relative may be gorilla’s but not mine, any creature that evolves from another the creature that evoled from should be EXTINCT.
          Stop believing you are related to animals, you’ll start thinking like them.

          • Mike Hind says:

            YOU are the one that brought up natural. Now, you’re refuting the natural argument.

            This is dishonest and, quite frankly, insane.

            Your entire post shows a complete disassociation with reality.

        • Jay_O says:

          And therein lies the problem- you rely on apparent evolutionary concepts and therefore seem to think we’re basically no different than animals. while you’re using your flawed logic of: ‘it’s natural because afterall the animals do it’, keep in mind that animals also eat feces and eat their own young too.

          are you going to champion those causes too..? of course not. we are not mere animals. many of the problems we see today are because of this mentality you’ve just presented.

          • Mike Hind says:

            It wasn’t “Farmer” that brought up the “natural” argument, it was “Onion Juice”. You can’t dismiss someone’s response to an argument without dismissing the original argument, which you didn’t. This is unfair and dishonest.

            Most of the problems these days are because people continue to use dishonest means, like you are doing here, to get their way.

            • Jay_O says:

              flawed logic is flawed logic.

              • Mike Hind says:

                A response pointing out the flaw in someone’s argument isn’t flawed logic.
                That’s not how it works.

                It’s very telling that you don’t denounce the initial argument…

      • Just a though says:

        So you will not allow your children to be themselves and think for themselves? What type of dictatorship are you running at home? Someone call child services on Onion Juice. I would hate to be your child.

        • Lol says:

          Totally agree. Onion juice probably thinks the world is flat. Waste of space on this island IMO

      • SMH says:

        “Whats shameful is trying to explain this to our children as being normal.”

        Worse is trying to explain you. You’re nothing but a bitter, angry, hateful racist hypocrite. trump for short.

      • Mary Lodge says:

        As an educator for 43 years, I can assure you that children understand better than most adults. Also, the emotional damage of gang violence impacts their lives far more significantly.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What’s shameful is that you’re spreading the message of a foreign, white group that’s pushed their agenda on our country.

        Anything to try to stay on top, though, right? Anything to keep that privilege, even if you hurt people, right?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Are you serious

  4. Reality check says:

    I totally agree with that last comment . I am also a married , straight Bermudian , and I congratulate Mr Dallas for speaking out about this issue .

  5. Alicisa says:

    I appreciate the irony of Kevin, who seems a genuine, decent and articulate person, is threatened and abused by “God’s Truth” who seems – let’s be honest – the opposite of all the above.

    Excellent work Kevin, keep it up. Bermuda is proud of you.

    • Onion Juice says:

      You mean those in Bermuda that agree with him are proud of him, but to say Bermuda is proud of him is a joke.

      • Mike Hind says:

        No, “Onion Juice”, YOU are the joke here.

        Nothing you ever say is true or real. It’s just lie after lie, designed to spread your hate.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Lets have a referendum thats binding.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Why do you want to waste even more money?

            And since when are human rights and equality based on referendum?

            Oh, wait. You don’t care about those things, do you? You just care about keeping your unearned privilege, don’t you?

            Supremacist bigot.

          • nerema says:

            Let’s have an IQ test for voters.

    • Paulette says:

      Speak for yourself.

  6. SMH says:

    “one day we will all look upon them with shame.”

    That day came and went.

    bermuda will always be ‘exclusive’, literally.

  7. Onion Puke says:

    Interesting how the first hate filled message is written as God’s Truth. Clearly the author is one of the many bigoted Kool-Aid drinking PLP simpletons; as opposed to being a level minded Christian…. let the Bible quoting begin…

    • Brady (Mrs) says:

      Is there any such thing as a level minded Christian? Its all brainwashing and mind control based upon fear and intolerance.

      • PBanks says:

        I think we (the all-encompassing ‘we’) need to watch for bashing people of faith, it only helps fuel those who wish to slam people in favour of marriage equality, etc.

        If the current Pope can show tolerance and a degree of empathy for those with different worldviews, then why not the rest of us?

        • northrock says:

          “I think we (the all-encompassing ‘we’) need to watch for bashing people of faith, ”

          no, we don’t.
          If your faith is so week you can’t take any criticism, you need to deal with that personally.

          Many ‘people of faith’ will gleefully tell others that they’re going to hell, that they’ve been judged, etc.
          It’s absolute garbage.

          People of faith, keep it to yourselves.
          grow up, and perhaps, look inward. You’re nowhere near the perfection you seem to think you are.

        • Jay_O says:

          What’s special about the pope? keep in mind he’s only the pope for catholics. for everyone else he’s just a guy.

          the issue comes down to this: what authority do ANY of us have? is it a matter of who speaks the loudest on an issue? or who commands the majority opinion? or is there an ultimate moral law outside of mere people? if we dig down, it’s clear there is a moral law outside of us. and therefore we should pay attention to it. without it, I’m under no obligation to follow what you, the pope, or anyone else says is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

          if we truly are just the products of evolution and therefore are just molecules in motion, things like truth, justice, tolerance and empathy are completely subjective and therefore meaningless.

          • PBanks says:

            I chose the current Pope because he’s a well-known figurehead of a major world religion. Could’ve been anyone, but most other well known religious leaders aren’t exactly beacons for acceptance and tolerance of those of other faiths.

            On the subject of ‘moral law’, well we have governments tasked with ensuring it, independent of religion (except in theocracies). You don’t need a religious text to explain why murder or theft or defacing other people’s property is bad for society. To suggest that people would be completely lost without a religious text to ‘guide’ us is selling humanity short.

            • Jay_O says:

              I think you’re missing my point or maybe i didn’t make it clear enough. How do governments arrive at what they deem is moral and what is not? Just by majority opinion?
              Is something ‘right’ just because the majority say so or is there an objective ‘right’ and ‘wrong’?

              In a naturalistic worldview you have no ultimate justification for morality. It just becomes a matter of might is right. Whomever can exert the most power will win out with regards to what is deemed ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

              If we are just the result of random, unguided processes and we live in a purposeless universe, nobody has any right to say what is right and what is wrong. We’re just blobs of biological material. Why would you ascribe value to a blob of biological stuff? Why should human life be respected and valued? If humans are killed, that would be a great thing for the micro bacteria and worms that will feed on their rotting corpses. So why protect human life and be outraged at the supposed ‘mistreatment’ of humans if we’re all just blobs of materials..?

              At least Richard Dawkins is honest enough to admit where that worldview ultimately and inevitably leads. He said: “there is no right, there is no wrong, there’s just blind, pitiless indifference.”

              It’s ironic how some people fight against god but then steal from him to argue their worldview. You can’t have cogent argument for morality that doesn’t ultimately lead to dawkin’s conclusion. You can only claim some things are good or bad but that doesn’t hold true for everyone.

              • Mike Hind says:

                Nothing in this is true. It’s just more religious rationalization of hate.

                You’re trying to change the subject from whether people should have equal access to rights to whether people should have to follow your religion, which is despicable.

                No. People DONT have to follow your religion and no amount of pseudo-intellectual spin is going to change that fact.

                People are allowed to believe whatever they want and to demand that they follow the rules of your religion is wrong and it’s evil.

                How do I know? Because if someone did the same to you with THEIR religion, you’d agree with me.

                Like I keep saying, we aren’t just standing up for what we believe in, we’re standing up for what YOU believe in.

                Your position on this is hypothetical and shaped by foreigners that cane down here to push an agenda of hate. You are being used.

              • PBanks says:

                To answer “How do governments arrive at what they deem is moral and what is not? Just by majority opinion?”

                I would venture that it’s not that simple at all. What’s deemed right and fair isn’t necessarily done to appease the majority.

                The challenge for legislators is to ensure that what laws there are are in the best interest and fair for all, regardless of faith or any other personal leaning/attribute.

              • Mike Hind says:

                I notice there is no response to these simple questions, yet this poster has responded elsewhere…

                This is exactly what I’m talking about when I speak about the lack of integrity of the anti-equality side.

                They seem to think that, because they think they’re “winning”, they don’t have to actually have a point they’re willing to depend.
                They’ve been told (by folks like NOM) that all they have to do is spread lies and then leave and the lies will stick.

                It’s bad for Bermuda. We deserve better.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Please explain this “moral law outside of us”?
            I don’t understand what you mean and What evidence you have to back it up. I’d love to hear more.

            As for what authority we have? Well, we have a government and we have laws that we agreed on and, when those laws contradict each other, we follow the one that is supreme.

            For example, the HRA is supreme over the Matrimonial Causes Act, therefore the clause, 15c, that restricted marriage to opposite sex couples was wrong and had to be ignored.

            Wait… you have a religious argument to make. Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring reality into it.

            • Jay_O says:

              How do we even arrive at what should be ‘right’ and what should be ‘wrong’? Is it just the majority opinion? The opinion of those in power?

              • Mike Hind says:

                That’s not an answer, it’s more questions. I asked what you meant by “a moral law outside of us”. Why are you being cagey about talking about it now?

                What do you mean by that phrase and do you have evidence of it?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Then maybe people of faith need to leave their religion out of the discussion . It is after all a discussion about equal rights , not one’s personal religious beliefs.

          And as has been pointed out many times already they can never give a non religious based answer to any of the simple (or hard) questions. They tend to run away .
          Maybe that’s why you have the perception that they’re being bashed . But might it not seem that to the SSM proponents that the religious are the ones who in fact are starting the bashing?

          • PBanks says:

            There’s no doubt that those in favour of marriage equality get stick from the religious types.

  8. Just a though says:

    Yes, we need neutral thinkers which mean you religious folk need not apply for any position where decisions are made.

    • Jay_O says:

      this statement is self defeating as you yourself have not taken a neutral stance on the very thing you just said.

      there is no such thing as a neutral thinker- we all view the world through various lenses. your viewpoint has the same biases as anyone’s.

      • Jay_O says:

        I should have said: “your viewpoint has biases just as anyone’s does”; just not the SAME biases.

  9. The Original Truth™ says:

    Bermuda’s LGBT should be allowed gay marriage in by ministers and priests that approve of it. If this is what they want I’m for it but if they want to force churches that don’t support this to marry them then I’m against the change. We must be for the rights of everyone equally, if a church doesn’t approve then they shouldn’t be forced by law.

    Bermuda needs to carefully balance the situation out. Some LGBT friendly places don’t have this balance. Canada allows transgenders to change in the opposite gender’s locker rooms in gyms. This and other laws they have go to far. Straight men might feel uncomfortable by a man coming in the locker room in drag to change but once it all comes off their the same. This is different for them in the women’s locker room where there’s a very obvious difference. If a women is uncomfortable getting changed around a man, then they shouldn’t be forced to. Another issue I find with LGBT rights in Canada taken too far is health education for high school. Health class periods get taken up with teaching its ok to be gay. It’s fine to teach kids to respect others gender identity but to push it to the point it becomes the main lesson day to day goes against the other students rights. There are far more important health issues that should be stressed but aren’t because of LGBT bias. Rights need to be equal for all in their own way.

    • northR says:

      ” if they want to force churches that don’t support this to marry them then I’m against the change”

      No one, anywhere, ever wanted that.

      Typical ignorant comment…you embarrass yourself by revealing your stupidity.

      • Jay_O says:

        History has shown this is a mere stepping stone. many SAY they don’t want that but once they redefine marriage some will go on the offensive.

        it’s the same mindset as those in the US who could have used any baker or wedding photographer, but purposely chose those who conscientiously object to SSM so they could sue them and destroy their businesses. many persons will not be content with ‘acceptance’; they require every person to celebrate this the same way they do, and have no respect for people’s personal beliefs or convictions.

        • Mike Hind says:

          This is a lie. History hasn’t shown that at all. In fact, it shows the opposite, as mentioned. No one has pushed churches to marry them. Please stop lying.

          As for the bakers, not only are they a business, open to the public and thus not allowed to discriminate… that’s part of the deal they make with society when they open their business, but they also doxxed the couple, revealing their personal information to the public and opening them to hate messages and death threats.

          Misrepresentation of what actually happened is yet another lie.

          If your position is so strong, why do you have to resort to outright lies like this to support it?

          If it’s so strong, why not use truth and actual facts? Unless you can’t… in which case, why are you still holding onto it?

          • LOL says:

            No shoes, no shirt, no service. Proper attire required.

            Business refuse people all the time.

            • Mike Hind says:

              JT they refuse service across the board, not based on things that it’s illegal to discriminate for.

              No shirt, no shoes, no service applies to everyone, not just one segment of the community.

              The bakers didn’t do that. Your analogy is invalid.

              • LOL says:

                Your retort is valid. Businesses can refuse service for a variety of reasons and apply those reasons to everyone.

            • Zevon says:

              But not based on who you are. Those days are gone. Unless you want them to come back.

    • northR says:

      “Another issue I find with LGBT rights in Canada taken too far is health education for high school”

      then don’t live in Canada, I can assure, bigots like you aren’t welcome.

      “. Health class periods get taken up with teaching its ok to be gay. ”

      that’s because it is ok, it’s normal. You, however, seem to be ignorant, uninformed, and full of hate. You should have been aborted.

      I’ve never read such ignorant, excessively hateful garbage…it’s amazing you survive on this planet.

      • Reuben says:

        Could you tone the language down, you are not helping the situation any by using such language.

        • northR says:

          Who are you talking to?

          think about it….

          • Reuben says:

            I’m replying to you so that should be clear enough.

    • PBanks says:

      Nobody here has ever wanted to force a church official to preside over a marriage that they didn’t want to. It’s never once come up. Let’s keep the fear-mongering to a minimum.

      Would you mind going into detail your disagreement with the “ok to be gay” policy you refer to?

    • Reuben says:

      No one is forcing the churches to do anything, that is the frustrating part, marriage equality is about equality under the law and nothing else. It is a lie that marriage equality would force churches to do anything against their religious views.

      so to address your view on those who are transitioning, your view is the one out of balance not the Canadian laws. A man in drag is still a man so you kind of defeat your own argument there (drag and transgendered are two different things).

      You state that it would be uncomfortable for men to change in the locker room with some one “in drag” what I assume you mean is that they would be uncomfortable with changing with a person transitioning from male to female changing with them. In that I agree it would be uncomfortable for some men given they would be changing with a woman. That is the reason why people should be allowed change in change in the changing room of the gender they identify with.

      To further show why the whole “Gender you were born with” argument is wrong, consider is the case of Mack Beggs in Texas. Mack Beggs is high school wrestler who is forced to wrestle girls, the reason why is cause on his birth certificate he is female and “University Interscholastic League, the state’s governing body for public school athletics, that requires student athletes to compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate”* so while he identifies as and is male he has been forced to wrestle girls.

      Your other issue is again out of balance, Canada is pushing for sexual education that covers every one not one that singles any one group out. Unless you can provide accurate data that over focusing on one group.

      You say it is okay to teach kids to respect other gender identities, how else to you educate and give understanding about such topics with out doing classes on it? After all using your argument logic it would be against the boys “rights” to have to sit through a class on female anatomy and pregnancy since it doesn’t have anything to do with them.

      *quoted from Washington Post article

    • Onion Juice says:

      Canada also has Pride Parades.

      • Reuben says:

        Any they are awesome and a good boost to the local economy

      • SMH says:

        “Canada also has Pride Parades.”

        In Toronto, Pride brings upwards of a million visitors to the city. The economic boost is massive.

        Toronto also has Carribana….the economic impact of that is detrimental to the taxpayers. It’s a money pit. Doesn’t attract big spenders and costs the city millions….the gun violence during carribana is pathetic.

  10. nerema says:

    Mr Dallas seems to me to be about one of the most articulate and level-headed people in a prominent position these days. I had no idea he is gay, and it makes absolutely no difference to my opinion about him.

    • Onion Juice says:

      There have been many World Leaders that have been articulate and level-headed, and look how F!@#ed up this world is.

      • northrock says:

        Just look how F!@#ed up OJ is, and all she does is sit on a wall and hate.

      • Zevon says:

        The usual airhead comment. Right on cue. Troll.

      • Onion Puke says:

        Of course it is with fools like you wasting air.

  11. Mary Lodge says:

    Mr. Dallas, thank you for your brave and honest statements.

  12. Adrian says:

    Kevin – well done. You’re in your position based purely on your intelligence, your passion for all of Bermuda and your decades of skills. That you’re gay makes no difference, other than it gives you even more depth to understand the tourism product and markets.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Some people are in positions because they have been hand picked.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Handpicked because of qualifications ? Commitment ? Being a Bermudian ?
        Please tell us what you are referring to .

        I dare you to answer honestly because we all know what your misguided agenda is.

    • Jay_O says:

      How does him being gay give him ‘even more depth to understand the tourism product and markets’? I thought it was all based on merit and nothing to do with being gay..?

      Furthermore you’re suggesting the fact he’s gay somehow gives him special abilities…so does one need to be gay in order to have this? Does this apply to other professions as well? #Ridiculousness

    • sugra says:

      And this

    • Wahoo says:

      Well said Adrian. Kevin keep up the great work your enthusiasm and intellect are needed here.

      • Tony Brannon says:


        • Onion Juice says:


          • Mike Hind says:

            You know it’s not a choice, right? Your ridiculous hashtag is about as ignorant of this entire topic as it could be. But that’s not surprising…

            Don’t you get tired of being wrong, like, every single time you post?
            Or is this just fun for you? Is this all you got in your life, you sad little thing?

  13. Tony Brannon says:

    I support Kevin Dallas and his team at the Bermuda Tourism Authority
    From my point of you, being a major supporter of marriage equality, Kevin is right that Bermuda has over the years made progress.
    Former MP Renee Webb can certainly testify to progress made from the STUBBS bill all the way up to today.

    It is embarrassing that Bermuda is the 1st country to reverse marriage equality.
    After all the progress made in civil and human rights in Bermuda, for a government to reverse and trample on anyones rights is “repugnant”.
    The fact that Bermuda had marriage equality in 2017, only for the PLP Government to legislate away those rights, is a fight I, along with many others, will see through to the end.

    May that end be soon in the upcoming “constitutional” Supreme Court challenge on May 21/22.
    Roderick Ferguson has launched a legal challenge with his lawyer Mark Pettingill. Indeed Rod is being joined by Maryellen C L Jackson, OUTBermuda, Cunard Cruise Lines and lawyer Rod Attride-Stirling.

    Bermuda made history on May 5th 2017 when Charles-Etta Simmons ruled that Winston Godwin-DeRoche and his partner were wrongly denied a marriage license. The judge ruled that a minority had to be protected after the referendum and the government failed. Indeed it was the government itself that were trampling on the rights of a minority.

    Bermuda has made an incredible turn around in tourism. The Bermuda Tourism Authority can be credited with majorly contributing to the turn around.

    For me, that the The Government of Bermuda
    “LEGISLATED” away marriage equality, citing fake facts such as the referendum results (they claimed 68% voted against SSM), speaks to a tragic myopia by the leadership of the government.
    Less than 33% of registered voters voted against Same-sex marriage in the OBA’s “Non-binding referendum”. Indeed the reversal of SSM was an intentional orchestrated attack on #HumanRights by the Bermuda Government, Preserve Marriage and “some” religious institutions.

    No doubt Kevin Dallas did not need this horrible reversal of rights thrown in his lap. Talk about a slap in the face for the CEO of the BTA and his team. But to his credit he has tried to put lipstick on a pig.
    That Bermuda bookings look good this summer is all credit to the hard work of the BTA.

    Global press isn’t done yet.
    An upcoming BBC Radio 4, 30 minute program, is set to air this April 18th.
    Other BBC interviews are in the works. Indeed a major USA network has been working on a major “expose” on Bermuda.
    There are also plans being drawn up for a movie that will no doubt possibly rival SPOTLIGHT on this affair.

    My hope is that the upcoming legal challenge is successful.
    Perhaps then Ellen DeGeneres can tweet, “Let’s all go celebrate in Bermuda”. Sir Richard Branson might then feel the love to bring Virgin Airlines to Bermuda as much needed competition to the high priced British Airways service.

    The legal costs are significant. A donation to the #Crowdfunding appeal or to OUTBermuda would be appreciated.
    OUTBermuda link:

    • Crap says:

      Richard Branson bringing his airline to Bermuda in exchange for gay rights? You are 100% full of crap! Go hug a tree or a gay person!

      • Not Bermused says:

        What is your problem? Virgin Airlines is a great alternative to the monopoly of British Airways. Even wealthy people like Madonna sometimes fly economy.

    • Jay_O says:

      Mr. Brannon how about being honest rather than feign outrage at how this PR piece actually came about. You cried so much to the international press in order to bully people into something we’re clearly not ready for as a country. You can’t have your way and rather than working with integrity and levelheadedness within Bermuda, you cried to those persons and aired bermuda’s Debate all over the place, rather than letting it play out the way it should- AMONGST BERMUDIANS.

      You’re quite happy to watch people boycott bermuda and love all the ‘bad press’ in international news. ANYTHING to get your way right, no matter the cost, right? This isn’t the first time you’ve carried on like this about something. It’s getting ol and makes you look like a madman. If love wins, why so much hate and anger for those who disagree with you? No doubt there are extremists in both camps and that’s unfortunate but expected. To have someone like yourself who is supposedly at the forefront of this, and yet have such cruel and hateful things to say about anyone who dares to disagree with you does not win your side any converts.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        “….in order to bully people into something we’re clearly not ready for as a country.”

        How does one prepare themselves for something that affects them in no way whatsoever ? That is , assuming that they don’t actually wish to participate anyway .

      • Mike Hind says:

        Not ready for as a country?

        What on earth are you talking about? We had Marriage Equality for months. We still have it until the bill goes through. Nothing at all has changed. Nothing.

        “Not ready for as a country”? Given that nothing AT ALL had changed in anyone’s lif other than those allowed to get married, how can you say that with a straight face?

      • Mike Hind says:

        I love how you demand Tony be honest after spreadingnlies about churches being forced to perform weddings.

        If you spread lies, it’s dishonest and shows absolutely no integrity to demand others do it.

        Then again, every NOM-driven post you’ve put up shows this.

        All this dishonesty is bad for Bermuda.

        We deserve better.

    • PBanks says:

      Maybe Ellen will listen to Carnival Cruises – OUTBermuda should ask Carnival to make a call.

  14. Mike Hind says:

    And here we have it, again, the same old nonsense from The anti-equality crowd.
    They post some falsehood, probably fed to them from the NOM handbook, then run away after faced with simple questions.

    It’s sad. It’s pathetic and quite frankly, we shouldn’t be listening to them.
    They are being fed by a supremacist hate group from the US.
    They are being used.

    It is bad for Bermuda. Hate is always bad for Bermuda, even when you agree with it.