Motorcade To Celebrate Commonwealth Medals

April 27, 2018

[Updated with video] Minister of Social Development and Sports Michael Weeks Today [April 27] announced that there will be a motorcade through Hamilton on Monday morning to celebrate Bermuda’s triathlon champion Flora Duffy and her triumphant win at the Commonwealth Games earlier this month.

Also travelling in the motorcade will be Clarence “Nicky” Saunders – Bermuda’s first Gold Medalist at the Commonwealth Games in 1990 [high jump].

The Minister called on Bermuda’s residents to line the streets of the route to show their support for the two Commonwealth champions.

Motorcade route Bermuda April 2018

Minister Weeks said, “I am encouraging people to come out and cheer for two of Bermuda’s most outstanding athletes. Both Flora and Nicky have proven to be the best of the best in their sport and are an incredible inspiration to our young athletes.

“Flora has proven herself time and time again on the international sporting scene and continues to make us proud.”

The route begins at 11:30am from the Hamilton Princess and continues along Pitts Bay Road, up Queen Street, along Church Street [past City Hall], and then makes a right on Court Street to end at the Cabinet Office.

Once at the grounds of Cabinet [at approximately 12noon], Flora will meet with Minister Weeks as well as Premier David Burt who will present a certificate to the two athletes. The motorcade will then depart at approximately 12:15pm.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Stevie says:

    Why not do this Sunday so all who can see without disturbing the workers & school kids. Brainless suggestion from a brainless party.

    • Carol says:

      It doesn’t matter if we disturb work time as she is worthy of our celebration. They probably couldn’t get this information out to everyone in time for today. I just found out myself as I was out last night. Stop complaining. And also you sound like you were being personal in your attack against our ruling party. Maybe you wouldn’t have felt the same if it was the OBA making this decision. We have always had motorcades on a week day.

    • REAL TALK says:

      She will not be in Bermuda leading up to Sunday idiot!!!!!!!!

    • Former Class Mate says:

      Miss Duffy is flying away to prepare for another event UBP boy.

  2. Reply Stevie says:

    Probably because today (Sunday) it was raining this morning. Or perhaps because Flora is flying out right after the triathlon to participate in another event overseas.

  3. Question says:

    I’ll do it for Flora, not for Minister Weeks.

  4. Me says:

    Flora will do a million times more for Bermuda then any PLP gomint

    • original Swing Voter says:

      Now you see why surrogates like me leave the oba/UBP never to return. My whole family use to support you guys.

    • Coffee says:

      Great ! Your right ! I suspect that the PLP government spent a fair amount of taxpayer money to host this triathlon . Flora alone more than tripled that investment !

      Bless you for making a fair point !

      But for that initial investment …. The PLP has always , from its inception , believed in its Bermudian people and expect a positive return on investment …

      FLORA , FLORA !

      • Question says:

        Suddenly you understand what the word ‘investment’ means.

  5. No Student Left Behind says:

    Brainless simpleton comment from the brainless. Motorcades often happen during a work week…but he knows this… and people obviously know what he’s really (still) miffed about… motorcade today for Nicky & Flora, people!