Duffy Withdraws From Commonwealth Cycling

April 11, 2018

Flora Duffy has withdrawn from the Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike event, deeming the risk too high for the upcoming WTS Bermuda and triathlon season ahead.

Inn an email to the Bermuda Chef-de-Mission Katura Horton Perinchief stated, “After taking two days to familiarize myself on the Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike track, I’ve made difficult decision to withdraw from the event, deeming the risk too high for the upcoming WTS Bermuda and triathlon season ahead.

“I love riding my mountain bike, and do so twice weekly as part of my routine. I’ve enjoyed racing it both in XCO events and during Xterra’s. There is a lot of mountain biking I feel comfortable pushing hard on, where I can manage risk. Unfortunately a small portion of this Comm Games track is very raw, rocky, steep and difficult for me to execute, especially once fatigued during lap 5 and 6.”

A look at some of the international media coverage of Flora Duffy’s gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games triathlon, clips from BBC & Al Jazeera

“With growing expectation for the season ahead, especially the debut WTS Bermuda in two weeks, I am finding it increasingly difficult to justify risk, and when hesitating on a mountain bike it typically leads to disaster. During my previous XCO race in Stellenbosch, I did knock my left knee which resulted in routine changes, a reality which came back to haunt me here more than anticipated.

“I am very thankful to Bermuda Cycling’s President Peter Dunne, who has support my desire to represent Bermuda in the mountain bike race at Commonwealth Games. So too for many who shared in the excitement of doing something new. This course, along with the timing, has become a bridge too far and lesson to me.

“In consultation with my team, this is the right way. I am really sorry and feel terrible for doing this.

“All my energy and focus will now go towards executing a good race in Bermuda on April 28th, and trying to become the first woman to win three ITU World Titles consecutively. Flora Duffy”

Ms Horton-Perinchief said, “On behalf of Team Bermuda, we are supportive of Flora’s decision to withdraw from the mountain biking event.

“She has competed tremendously during the Games and I could not be more proud of her journey. I know Flora is disappointed as she loves mountain biking but she loves mountain biking but she has to do what’s best for her health and wellbeing. I wish her the best going forward and am looking forward to cheering her on in the Bermuda WTS race.”

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  1. Hmmm says:

    A good decision after careful consideration of the course. Takes bravery to make this decision.