Video: OBA Announce By-Election Candidates

May 10, 2018

[Updated: Scott Pearman will stand in Paget East and Justin Mathias will run in Warwick North East]

The OBA is holding a press conference this afternoon [May 10] where they are expected to announce their candidates for the upcoming by-elections in Constituency 22 Paget East and Constituency 25 Warwick North East.

The by-elections — which will be held on June 7th — were prompted by the resignations of former OBA MPs Jeff Baron and Dr Grant Gibbons, with Dr Gibbons representing Paget East, while Mr Baron represented Warwick North East.

Update: Mr Pearman, Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden, and Senator Mathias:

OBA Press Conference Bermuda May 10 2018 (1)

The PLP have already announced both of their candidates, with the party confirming that Curtis Dickinson will stand in Warwick North East and Curtis Richardson will run in Paget East.

Paget East has elected OBA or UBP MPs in the last four elections with winning margins from 64% to 80%, while Warwick North East has elected two OBA and two PLP MPs in the last four elections, with the winning margins ranging from 52% – 57%.

Update: Mr Pearman and Senator Mathias:

OBA Press Conference Bermuda May 10 2018 (2)

We will update with more information once the press conference has concluded.

Update 2.26pm: Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden announced that Scott Pearman will stand in Paget East and Justin Mathias will run in Warwick North East.

Mr Pearman, who is a lawyer, will match up against the PLP’s Curtis Richardson in Paget East, a seat regarded by many as more of a ‘safe seat,’ while Mr Mathias, who currently serves as a Senator, will run against the PLP’s Curtis Dickinson in Warwick North East.

Update: The live broadcast has ended, and the 25-minute video replay is below

Update 3.20pm: Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden’s remarks:

It is with great pleasure that I present the One Bermuda Alliance candidates for the upcoming by-elections in Paget East Constituency #22 and Warwick North East Constituency #25.

In the last year the OBA has faced a number of challenges and the ultimate result of the last election. We have taken the time in the last months to sit down and analyse were we went wrong and how we will address the concerns of our electorate and members.

Today I am excited to announce that the OBA has now embarked on a new path; a path that embraces our diversity and a path that will make us more responsive to the needs of the Bermuda community. Over the past several months we have taken the first steps to rebuilding our Party and coming up with a common mission that we will all stand for:

“We will lead the promotion of social and economic equity for all Bermudians by providing the opportunity to succeed through quality education, a strong and diverse economy and a secure community.”

Through this new mission and through the candidates that we will roll out today and in the future, we will create more opportunities for you to voice your concerns so that we can champion your causes. We want to connect and reconnect personally with you and show you that we represent all of Bermuda, because we are one Bermuda.

It is important to indicate that this just the beginning in our process of rebuilding. This by-election and in general, the focus of the OBA is to strengthen our elected team with new ideas, skills and attributes, which will expand our ability to serve you, our constituents. Both of these candidates do just that.

They were respectively born and raised in their parish that they now want to serve. They have an invested passion in growing our community. They want your input – input about your concerns, hopes and desires. They will be your voice to direct positive action.

Scott Pearman In C22

Scott Pearman, who is standing for Constituency 22, has a proven track record for advocating for children and families. As a practicing lawyer and Director of the Family Centre, Scott understands the struggles many families in Bermuda face and he will continue to fight on their behalf.

Scott is committed to building a stronger Bermuda by creating economic stability, ensuring academic preparation and by breaking down barriers that hinder the development of our people. Scott will advocate for inclusion and fair treatment and he believes, and I agree, that Bermuda is best when we work together.

Justin Mathias In C25

Justin Mathias is standing for Constituency # 25. After returning from university in 2016, Justin was a member of the OBA and the youth wing of our party, the Future Bermuda Alliance. The FBA provided preparation for political service and encouraged him to have a voice in party matters. Justin is now the Chairperson of the FBA.

In 2017, he was appointed as a Senator and is presently the Deputy Chair of the OBA. Justin provides a youthful perspective which reflects an understanding of the changing times and changing needs. Justin brings this perspective to our team along with a genuine commitment to be an agent of change. Justin will champion equality of opportunity and fight to make sure favourable conditions exist for this to happen.

He will be the voice of those who worry about their future and the future of their children and grandchildren Our young leaders are the trustees of our future and Justin’s candidacy is a natural next step in his political leadership.

The OBA is committed to being inclusive and acting with fairness and integrity. We are committed to the Bermuda Community, our community.

Over the next month you will see us, at your doorsteps and in the community were you gather. Think about what you want to say to us. We are listening! The more we can connect with you the better we can serve you. Your ideas will inform our action. You can help us help you.

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  1. watching says:

    Anyone voting in 25 should easily prefer Curtis Dickinson to Justin Mathias. Mathias has time to mature, but there is a vast difference in life and work experience that Dickinson has to draw from. He most certainly can be an asset in the House, potentially even in cabinet. Mathias is already deputy Chair of OBA and can continue to sit in that role.

    • WSP says:

      There are sitting ministers that have more expertise than Dickenson,but what are they doing.Nothing.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Would’ve thought Swan jr would put his hat in?

        • wahoo juice says:

          Well you thought wrong. Not the first time of course when it comes to being wrong you are no virgin.

          • Black Panther says:

            Wahoo Juice, how do you know that Swan did not put his hat in the ring?

            • wahoo juice says:

              …because Onion Juice just said he didn’t…

      • Paul says:

        Amen to that…..some of these siting ministers do absolutely nothing.. but collect a fantastic pay check.

    • For all to see says:

      What do the OBA candidates stand for?

    • frank says:

      what happened to nandie or simons

    • Rick says:

      She talks about the oba/UBP on a new path hmmm. I thought they started being diverse in 2012 hmmmm. What is she saying?…… That the oba/UBP wasn’t diverse all this time.

      Both candidates are talking like the PLP/BIU now. They will win both seats hands down. Even Scientist would win in these areas for the UBP. They don’t even have to canvas. The oba/UBP will be the opposition for 20 years plus.

      • Question says:

        The PLP / BIU is criticising the opposition for being diverse? Figures.

  2. WSP says:

    Thankyou OBA,these are two solid candidates.

    • Paul says:

      Good luck to both young men, do not listen to the negative comments that you will hear from a certain talk show…. believe in yourself.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Well listen to de other talk show that supports your view.
        But it is refreshing not to be seeing Fahey and SpongeBob.

        • The real Terry says:

          O J I can appreciate how you feel, someone like you would definitely be intimidated by their intelligence.

        • Anonymous says:

          Theres a talk show without an obvious plp bias?

    • watching says:

      what does Mr. Mathias do for a living? What work experience does he have?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Well if an idiot can be President ……………..

        • Double S says:

          As you and Trump share the exact same ideologies, does that make you an idiot as well? Or let me guess your racism, xenophobia and homophobia is somehow ‘different’ and righteous.

        • watching says:

          agreed. I was only asking as it wasn’t mentioned anywhere. We know Scott Pearman is a lawyer, but the only information given about Mathias is his political service.

        • wahoo juice says:

          ….or junior finance minister….

        • SMH says:

          “Well if an idiot can be President ……………..”

          ….or premier.

        • Anbu says:

          I guess an idiot can be premier too then, and mister of public transport, education, national security yada yada yada. U get where im going lmao. Idiots seem to do pretty well on this island it seems

      • Paul says:

        What experience does J.Simmons have in tourism? but he got elected and we all know how many times he has flipped flopped from party to party !!!!

  3. Alan says:

    Although both parties have put up decent enough candidates, I really do wish that the still comparatively young Mr. Dale Butler would run again Warwick. If people of his caliber and generosity do not get involved, there really is not much hope.

    • Anbu says:

      Id vote for dale in a second. He should be education minister as it is. But for some reason……..

  4. frank says:

    what about nandie

  5. Carlton says:

    I heard the PLP want to take some more old UBP retired members to their fold they acting more like the UBP everyday

    • Me says:

      This comment is simply untrue. And I know this to be fact.

    • Swing Vote no more says:

      So you telling us that more black Bermudians are leaving the oba/UBP to flip flop to PLP. Nothing new there I left the oba/UBP also. Why you think you got beat 24 to 12 seats last election. Black Bermudians are the only ones that swing vote.

      Difference is that now know one is swinging back.

      • Anbu says:

        Yes they got beat. And how much better off are you now after a year? 24-12 tho!! Keep boasting that. At least you can count

  6. Vote for Me says:

    A simple question.

    Justin has been ‘in the trenches’ for a while. How come they did not reverse the candidates? Mathias in 22 and Pearman in 25?

    A solid answer please!

    • Double S says:

      Sounds like the below is the answer:

      “They were respectively born and raised in their parish that they now want to serve.”

      Probably not the answer you wanted to continue on the narrative that you desire. But I am sure it won’t stop you from doing so.

  7. Question says:


    Scott Pearman what do you think about same sex marriage?

    Justin Mathias what do think about SSM?

    If I recall your current leader Jeanne Atherden does not support it.

  8. Coffee says:

    OK , Pearmans got the sleeves rolled up and Mathias dressed for Cup Match . Time to flip the coin !

  9. Vote for Me says:

    Just an observation.
    Compare how the OBA candidates are dressed to how the PLP candidates are dressed.

    I suppose Mathias would go to work dressed like that but does CD&P allow Pearman to come to work like that and meet with clients?

    • Double S says:

      You’re trying hard with the narrative huh? Guess when that’s all you have, that’s all you got.

  10. Bermewjan says:

    Scott has clearly had the mantle passed to him from Grant. No surprise there and doesn’t look to be any sort of break in succession. Old family representation baton passing on.

    Justin is relatively new by comparison and thus gets to have a go in the less secure district.

    Interesting choices, but not any sort of break as Jeanne mentioned. Seems more like the same but younger to me.

  11. drunken ursula says:

    Thanks so much Jeanne for Not choosing Nandi…as we can all tell by her Lack of debate in the Senate . Please after the bye election remove her from there ..Andrew Simons all the way.