Videos: By-Election Results & Announcements

June 8, 2018

Voters headed to the polls yesterday for the Paget East and Warwick North East by-elections, with two new MPs who were elected — Scott Pearman [OBA] and Curtis Dickinson [PLP] — set to be sworn in at the House of Assembly today.

Scott Pearman won Paget East and Curtis Dickinson won Warwick North East, and as both seats were previously held by the OBA, the PLP has increased their majority in the House to 25-11.

In Paget East, the OBA earned 461 votes [60.58%] while the PLP got 300 votes [39.42%], while in Warwick North East the PLP earned 375 votes [55.56%] while OBA got 300 votes [44.44%].

Six videos from the day, starting from early in the day at the polling station, and spanning the results announcements are below.

Paget East By-Election Candidates

Warwick North East By-Election Candidates

Warwick North East Winner Announcement

Paget East Winner Announcement

PLP Press Conference Following By-Elections

PLP & OBA Win Seat Each In By-Elections

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