Passenger Arrested After Thomson Flight Diverts

May 4, 2018

Yet another flight has diverted to Bermuda due to an allegedly unruly passenger, with a 31-year-old male passenger being arrested after Thomson flight 174 diverted to the island this afternoon [May 4].

The flight left Manchester, England heading to Cancun International Airport in Mexico when the airline crew made the decision to divert, with the police assisting in removing the passenger, who is now in police custody.

Thomson Bermuda May 4 2018 (1)

A police spokesperson said, “It appears that a Thomson [TUI] Airlines flight en route between Manchester, UK and Cancun, Mexico diverted to the L.F. Wade International Airport around 1pm today [May 4th], due to an allegedly unruly passenger.

“Apparently police officers assisted in removing the 31-year-old male passenger involved from the flight, without incident.

“He was then arrested and conveyed to Hamilton Police Station, where he remains in police custody. The man is expected to appear at the next available Magistrates’ Court session regarding this matter.”

According to online flight trackers, the plane has now departed for Mexico.

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  1. Banana says:

    You see, other flights from the UK can stop here easily also.

    • wondering says:

      If we chose to allow it

    • Airbus 380 says:

      at a cost and with BA’s approval so it would seem.

    • Darren says:

      Here here. Too few flights from Europe

  2. George says:

    I see an MOU being signed by Government with all the airlines in the near future! “Bermuda! Your one stop destination for all your drunk and problematic passengers!”

    • mixitup says:

      Hey… you thought of it, and who say’s you have nothing in common with the current Gov’t..

    • Anthony says:

      Ya and we will take ya money too watch the fine. $$$$

  3. Davie Kerr says:

    What a stupid bloody idiot that passenger is: not only has he ruined his own holiday, he’s also ruined the holiday of anyone he was with, and I’ll bet the crew and the rest of the passengers aren’t too happy with him either!

    • Pounds Shillings and Pence says:

      agreed 100%.but he will get a SMALL fine, slap on the wrist, and gets KFC on us for the next few days.. It should be made to pay ALL the cost associated with the diversion, landing fee, fuel top up, persons associated with parking plane, baggage removal, etc etc include a bill for his police escort and police hotel bill plus grats, judges time and so on. It should also be handcuffed and returned to his origin police for further prosecution and billed foe same. the cheaper version may be to tattoo on its forehead I am a TRAVEL A** H***.

      • FlightLevel says:

        Right on the mark. These incidents cost thousands of dollars. In my opinion, the laws and penalties related to these events should be updated to better reflect the true cost to everyone involved. A mere slap on the wrist sends the wrong message.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          I think having to compensate every person on the flight for ANY sort of dangerous or antisocial behavior would be excellent .
          The fines (locally) are a joke .

      • Whistling Frog says:

        You didn’t mention his free sightseeing tour from the Airport to Hamilton Police Station.

  4. Nethits says:

    Cool, another episode of ‘Locked Up Abroad’.

  5. sage says:

    Thank you airlines for serving liquor (an addictive and harmful drug) and enabling dangerous drunks to cause repeated diversions just so ‘responsible drinkers’ can enjoy their ‘right’ to have a drink while on a flight, since their addictions are so strong they can’t go a few hours without imbibing. Reminds me of the aircraft smoking sections of yesteryear.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The usual and predictable response attacking even the responsible drinkers from Mr Herbalist .

  6. puzzled says:

    Bet you the dugs came off.

  7. Who owns that airline?

  8. Alan says:

    TUI might as well start scheduled stopovers here. They could drop off a few drunks and anybody else interested in visiting, plus run round trips for locals wanting to go to points further South.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets see what the piddly little fine will be on this one vs the huge cost to the airline & inconvenience to the passengers. Fine should be a minimum of $10,000.00

  10. puzzled says:

    That airline has been diverted to Bermuda so many times for drunken fools.

    That why it is so cheap to fly it from Europe to the Carry-your-bean.

    TUI………..Travelling Under the Influence.

    Gotta love it.