Video: Witness Describes Small Aircraft Crash

May 1, 2018

A witness to yesterday’s aircraft incident at LF Wade International Airport said that the plane was “coming down at a very high rate of speed than what they usually come in, about easily 110 miles an hour.”

Ed Cook happened to be in the area when the incident occurred and speaking afterwards, he told Bernews, “As the plane was making its way in, it obviously was making a very awkward sound. So I looked up in the sky. And sure enough the plane was making its way in.

“I was here with my son,” he said, adding that the aircraft “just kept coming down, coming down, coming down. Coming down at a very high rate of speed than what they usually come in.”

“And it just looked like the driver of the plane, she couldn’t get the wings to lift the front back up and she just had no chance. Just plowed right into the grass halfway coming through. Bounced about three or four or five times and then finally came to a gradual stop.”

“Obviously I picked up the phone and called 911,” he continued.

He said he was on the phone explaining that “there was actually a 100% definite plane crash” and trying to explain to them what happened, the Fire Service was already on their way down here to the scene.

“As soon as they got to the scene they had the foam sprayers. Just to make sure there wasn’t any fire.”


“It was not how a plane would usually land. It was more coming down almost like a nosedive, but the engine was still running,” he said.

“So it wasn’t like it was cut out or anything like that. It was basically just on a slight slope. Just making its way down and, like I said, the driver of the plane, the pilot couldn’t get the front to lift up. And it just plowed right into the ground.

“And it bounced a couple times and plowed in. And bounced a couple times. It gradually stopped where it’s located as it is right now.”

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