BUT & Ministry Meeting Was “Very Productive”

June 6, 2018

The Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT], Education Minister and the Acting Commissioner of Education held a “very productive” meeting earlier this week, and the Ministry of Education and the BUT have agreed on a series of dates for future meetings.

This follows after the BUT expressed concern about the lack of meetings, saying “it has been silent, no meetings and no indication of meetings” and they ”have given up trying to arrange a formal meeting.”

Teachers Union President’s Comments

The President of Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT], Shannon James said: “Following the release of our statement last week in which we were critical of the Minister of Education and Workforce Development, we can confirm that the BUT, Minister Diallo Rabain and Acting Commissioner of Education met earlier this week.

“The issue about the lack of meetings was discussed and we were reminded that during a meeting between the Minister and BUT last September, the Minister had requested that the BUT and his Office meet at least once per quarter with the BUT responsible for forwarding dates to meet.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, final meeting dates were never confirmed despite the Ministry of Education reaching out in February to set up a meeting in March. However, moving forward, the Ministry of Education and the Bermuda Union of Teachers have agreed on a series of dates for future meetings.”

Mr. James added: “Now that both the Minister and the BUT, having met, have a greater understanding of where they both stand. I am sure, going forward, we will enjoy many more fruitful meetings.”

“The Acting Commissioner of Education gave us a presentation and update on Plan 2022 which was very informative. We were involved in the production of the plan, but now we understand more about how it will be implemented, as well as the checks and balances that have been put in place to ensure that it will be delivered as planned,” said Mr. James.

“We were also able to present some concerns on behalf of the teachers which the Minister and Acting Commissioner of Education took on board. Overall the meeting was very productive and we are confident we are headed in the right direction.”

Minister of Education’s Comments

Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain said: “If there was any indication given to the BUT that there was any trepidation to meeting with them, those fears were laid to rest on Monday.

“Once we sat down and discussed matters and I reminded the BUT of my outreach to them last year and my desire to meet at least once a quarter, it is apparent that wires had been crossed resulting in the release by the BUT last week.

“It is critically important that the Ministry of Education and the Bermuda Union of Teachers are working step in step to ensure our students are the priority.

“While last week’s BUT press release was unfortunate, it served to show, and we all agreed, that communication is key to any relationship.

“I have reconfirmed my commitment made to the BUT in September to meet at least once per quarter, and I am pleased that we were able to agree on dates for update meetings for June and September at our meeting. I look forward to working together to ensure that our young scholars receive the education that they deserve.”

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  1. WSP says:

    More hot air from Rabain.He is useless

  2. Guy Smiley says:

    Schools don’t have mold any more?
    Acting Commissioner of Education. For how long? Not worth finding a suitor?
    Wifi by when you said? Does a single school have it yet?
    How much did you pay for wrongly firing buddy?

    Education is def top priority for PLP…

  3. Paul says:

    He may be useless but he looks good in his bow ties LOL.