Nearly 100 Computers Donated To Local Schools

June 20, 2018

Athene Life Re Ltd., a subsidiary of Athene Holding Ltd., has donated nearly 100 laptops to 18 public schools through an initiative called “Computers for a Better Education.” The laptops are scheduled to be sent to eight primary schools and 10 preschools.

Isaiah Furbert, Denali Hill, Michelle Scott Outerbridge [Athene], Chip Gillis [Athene], Tanya Sutton [teacher at Victor Scott], Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain, Kosey Simmons, Jade Hayward, MiChaele Lewis and K’ah Seymour

Athene Life Re Bermuda June 2018 (1)

Last year, Chip Gillis, CEO, Athene Life Re, attended a meeting in which Premier David Burt spoke about the need for Wi-Fi and computer equipment in Bermuda public schools.

This meeting was the impetus for Mr. Gillis to seek donations of used computer equipment from Athene as well as from Bermuda International Long-Term Insurers and Reinsurers [BILTIR] company members in an effort to support public education.

“This equipment can enhance and empower teachers, improve the learning experience for the students and better prepare the students for a world full of opportunity,” said Mr. Gillis.

Michelle Scott Outerbridge [Athene], Kailyn Butterfield-Pereira, Chip Gillis [Athene], Maze Leverock, Zakaria Abrahams, Minister Rabain, O’Xiyah Clarke and Stephen Coddington [Acting Principal of Victor Scott]

Athene Life Re Bermuda June 2018 (2)

Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain said: “This generous donation by Athene will enable public schools like Victor Scott to support their students in their computer education and provide general learning support.

“These laptops also provide an invaluable resource for students’ STEM education. We are grateful to companies such as Athene for their investment in Bermuda’s students and their future.”

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Comments (4)

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  1. redrose says:

    Well done Athene, a great gesture. maybe now Government can install the wi-fi, as per their promise, so that it can be used by these computers?

    • ChildrenFirst says:

      Already has started, keep in mind the old infrastructure has and requires some upgrading…so takes time,,,,work for our children

      Do your part..

  2. frank says:

    thanks Athene so many computers just get trashed when companies upgrade
    now lets hope the minister can get education on track like when is this new commissioner going to be hired

  3. Anthony Outerbridge says:

    Thanks Athene for providing these laptops to our students. I am confident that they will provide students with some valuable computer-based learning opportunities.

    Best wishes to all the teachers and students.