Youth Movement: Biochemist Dr. Carika Weldon

July 2, 2018

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Since the age of 12, Dr. Carika Weldon knew that she wanted to become a doctor. Born, raised, and educated in the paradise island that we all call home, Dr. Weldon has been able to realise that dream.

Locally, she completed her foundational studies at The Bermuda Institute, Port Royal Primary School and Warwick Academy before heading to the United Kingdom where she achieved her BSc [Hons] in Medical Biochemistry and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Leicester.

“I am the product of the rock and home island which I love so much. I am a young, black, Bermudian biochemist who is set to conquer the world of science one step at a time,” says Dr. Weldon.

In May 2016, Dr. Weldon started the Bermuda Principles Foundation, a non-profit programme that works in conjunction with the Bermuda Community Foundation and is designed to facilitate educational opportunities for young people.

In November 2016, the programme launched its inaugural ‘Science with Scientist’ Bermuda Schools Tour. Biomedical science students from De Montfort University in Leicester visited Bermuda to teach school children across the island. The programme has expanded, with the creation of the first National High School Forensics Competition in 2017.

“The Foundation is all about celebrating science as something fun and exciting with the aim to inspire the next generation of Bermudian scientist,” she said.

“I am inspired to do what I do for the young black Bermudian boy or girl who doesn’t know they are a great scientist yet. I travel to international science conferences all over the world and it is usually 1% of attendees that are black.

“It always gets me that we as a race are not encouraged to pursue to the highest levels of science and so all I do is in the hopes that I can increase the awareness and joy our young Bermudian students have for science.’

This young Bermudian trailblazer says the desire to inspire other young people to pursue careers in science and to educate the local community on the importance Bermuda played in the story of medical research were the reasons she decided to launch the foundation.

Notwithstanding her many accomplishments to date, Dr. Weldon isn’t looking to stop anytime soon.

“I would like to have our annual international conference hosting around 200 people, and for our local community and schools to benefit from having top class researchers on island with a Bermuda Principles Community Day,” she said.

Dr. Weldon encourages all young people to pursue their dreams relentlessly, saying, “Your idea is just what someone is waiting for to change their life. Do not belittle your creativity or goals. You may be one person but you are one person with huge goals and enormous potential and with patience, consistency discipline, dedication, and relentless determination, you will achieve them.”

If you are someone you know may be interested in getting involved with the Bermuda Principles Foundation you can visit their website or contact Dr. Weldon at: or visit their Instagram page @bermudaprinciples.


Generation Next, in conjunction with Bernews, is producing a ‘Youth Movement’ series to spotlight our island’s young people who are trailblazing paths not only here at home but across the globe with their respective talents, innovative ideas, fresh energy and vision. If you would like to recommend a young person to be featured, please contact The Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow, Generation Next!

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  1. Impressed says:

    Congrats. Well done. Perhaps she can take the lead with out boys who need motivating.

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    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!