Public Invited: View Planned Beach Concessions

August 6, 2018

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is inviting the community to Shelly Bay Park on Thursday evening to experience a planned temporary concession area.

“In partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Economic Development & Tourism, this community event is a continuation of a consultative process with the public concerning the future of Shelly Bay Beach,” the BTA said.

“Four finalists who have submitted formal proposals to operate at Shelly Bay will be on-hand to allow the public to sample their offering and answer questions. Those finalists are:

  • Ashley’s Lemonade
  • Simple Café
  • Smokin’ Barrel
  • Tarzan Boat & Beach Equipment Rentals

“The public’s feedback to the concessionaire finalists will help inform decision making about which vendors may be best suited at Shelly Bay. The proposal is for entrepreneurs to operate out of modified shipping containers customized for this purpose until Government technical officers settle on a long-term plan for the park.

“Meantime, Sid’s Seafood will simultaneously put on a fish fry Thursday evening to exhibit its concept of a family-friendly event that is attractive to visitors and locals.

“Gary Caisey of Sid’s Seafood is among a list of entrepreneurs who want to work with an event planner at Shelly Bay to build a calendar of experiences that attracts visitors and locals to the beach at times when visitation is otherwise low. Two local event planners responded to an RFP for Programming Manager and are being considered as finalists for organising family-friendly programs at the beach.

“Sample sizes of the food and beverage offerings will be available to the public at no cost. The event will take place from 6pm to 8pm Thursday, August 9th.

“All attendees will be asked to provide their feedback about what they experienced – either utilising a feedback area on-site or via email up to 24 hours later.”

“The feedback from the community meeting in June and the ongoing consultation since have helped shape the proposal for Shelly Bay in meaningful ways that better align with the wishes of the community,” said Minister of Economic Development & Tourism Jamahl Simmons.

“In just one example, the public insisted no alcohol be sold at Shelly Bay. That stance was embraced and the plan adjusted to fit the values and desires of the wider community. We look forward to hearing more ideas and suggestions as the consultative process continues.”

Bermuda Tourism Authority Director of Strategy and Corporate Communications Glenn Jones said: “We’re really pleased all the vendor finalists agreed to participate in this exhibition. Giving residents this opportunity to actually see and experience what’s proposed is essential to developing an informed opinion.

“All partners in this project are committed to local buy-in and are working toward an end product that has the community’s support.”

To assist vendors with preparing proper quantities, anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP online by noon on Wednesday.

The BTA added, “To find out more about what’s proposed at Shelly Bay or to learn about the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Beach Economy research, visit Comments can also be emailed to”

BTA Shelly Bay Bermuda August 2018

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Comments (6)

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  1. wondering says:


    Thank you for a great effort. You are fighting an uphill battle and seem to be winning. Don’t give up. Our econ9my needs you.

    In the 1970s and 80s we didn’t need a BTA now in the 2000s we do and the naysayers need to remember that our prosperity has not been in agriculture for over a century and a half and even then it wasn’t all that great; tourism economic prosperity built many homes and bank accounts back in the day and in order to keep Bermuda relevant we need ideas like this. Some of the naysayers go to the beach 6 times over 12 months a year and want to stifle progress.

    Let’s have a reasonable area of agreement and let these entrpeneurs a chance to flourish. With a small amount of landscape design the traditional church picnic area could be transformed into a multi use area that benefits everybody and preserves the beach’s beauty and functionality.

  2. Say Whaat? says:

    BTA is strong-arming the neighbourhood because it wants to commercialize all the beaches.

    So where do the people complain? To Ashley? SMH.

    It’s BTA way or no way. Bermuda this is a preview of what’s to come. Soon the locals won’t have any beaches to call their own and BTA likes it that way.

    • Eve says:

      I agree BTA has used same tactics in other projects to insure any who disagree with their proposals are not given equal opportunity to voice their position. BTA is constantly using Ashley as a poster person every chance they get to get sympathy for Ashley to push this project. Should this project and some others really be driven by BTA and what return does BTA guess the return on tax payer’s investment will be?

  3. Onion Puke says:

    Actually I disagree. BTA should just walk away and let Burgess and Laverne have nothing there but the feral chickens (potential PLP voters). Of course if Captain Major General “Sleepy” Burch wanted an ATV tour there they’d be the first to sign up.

  4. Frank says:

    Why can*t we all get along
    Looking up in the dock yard area why not do something up there in the area of lodge point and title beach

  5. PBanks says:

    The weird thing is that I don’t recall alcohol ever being sold at the beach, so while it’s good that it was brought up, there was likely not going to be an issue with that. Only alcohol that was ever there was brought by picnickers.