BTA: Shelly Bay Event Expected To Cost $13.5K

August 10, 2018

The Bermuda Tourism Authority said they expect the final cost of last night’s event at Shelly Bay to be approximately $13,500.

Last night the BTA hosted a vendor demonstration at Shelly Bay, which saw the various potential vendors showcase their offerings to attendees. The concept to add concessions at the Hamilton parish beach attracted some controversy, and the group opposed to the plan met with two Ministers, who plan to make recommendations to Cabinet.

Following comments made about the cost of the event, Bernews asked for clarification, and BTA Director of Strategy & Corporate Communications Glenn Jones said, “Based on the 445 adults who visited our check-in and feedback area, we expect the final cost of last night’s event to come in at $13,500.

“It was clearly a worthwhile investment in support of small Bermudian businesses who would have difficulty putting on an event of this scope on their own. We commend the entrepreneurs who stepped up magnificently last night, especially since the crowds were far larger than expected.”

Crowds of people attended last night’s event, with lines forming at the various vendors, and Bernews live streamed the event, and the videos below contain a look at the crowds, as well as interviews with Minister of Tourism and Economic Development Jamahl Simmons, Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch, BTA CEO Kevin Dallas, BTA Director of Strategy & Corporate Communications Glenn Jones, LaVerne Furbert, OBA Chairperson Justin Mathias, as well as multiple vendors and attendees.

Part 1 | Live Replay, BTA’s Shelly Bay Vendor Demo

Part 2 | Live Replay, BTA’s Shelly Bay Vendor Demo

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Comments (25)

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  1. Behold the lamb says:

    So they say tons of people turned out. My question is how many of them showed up simply because the word free was attatched to the event ???? Setting those vendors up for a false positive, meaning if they did set up shop there, those same people would drive straight past without any thought of stopping. Since the playground was put in it’s present location, no buisness has survived. Because there is no parking and folk aren’t about to park at shelly bay field and walk the distance back to buy anything. Shelly bay beach will just become another 9 beaches with vendors in place with no one to sell to. flop flop flop…..


  2. Eve says:

    If BTA is spending that amount on a local event you would think they would give away some of their party swag like they hand out at their parties in NYC, Boston & Philly, most of those who attended financially support the BTA. The BTA staff were all decked out in their BERMUDA T’s provided by the BTA. Did Glenn include staff overtime cost?

  3. Wahoo says:

    Did the protesters eat for free? How about the ministers?

  4. John says:

    Shelly bay is the Arm Pit of north shore. BTA tried to put deodorant on it but de pppeeeople like it the way it is.

    • Skytrain says:

      Agree with John above.
      Rake the little sand there is once in a while.Get rid of the stinky sea weed that piles up every day. Put a decent rest room there and then maybe all this silly bantering would make sense. It’s not a pretty beach.

  5. me says:

    why did Laverne say that about the cost on videos? disingenuous to say the least.

    • chart says:

      LOL – have you ever heard Laverne talk about the OBA?

  6. Rocky5 says:

    Just put THE signs at Airport & Cruise Ship Docks – “Foreigners NOT Welcome Here”

  7. andre says:

    Hmmm not a positive comment here.

    • Double S says:

      So spending monies to support local businesses and grow our tourism product is a waste to you? But the Government giving a one time gift $75k to a sports club was noble right?

  8. Too little says:

    Unreal! I have a small business and can’t get a grant to showcase at Harbor Nights!!!

  9. RealityCheck says:

    I support LaVerne Furbert and her group in her proposal for a truly handicap accessible facility at that beach . I also congratulate Govt for their wisdom in abandoning the plans for installing shipping containers in that location .

  10. And public beach.

  11. If I wish to go there whom will tell me…I cannot?

  12. Do the right thing says:

    Remove the senior management of BTA, reduce the staff by 50% and put it back under government control.

    • Frank says:

      It is still under government because government still pay the staff heck everyone is a Co or manager or executive of something
      They could save a ton off money with a 50% staff clobal
      Staff cut and move out of the expensive mall

    • Double S says:

      Only a PLPer would want to eliminate an organization that has actually been successful in increasing tourism numbers and improving out tourism product. Such partisan hacks you lot are.

    • Too little says:

      Yes! Well done! Now that’s the way to go!

  13. Question says:

    Maybe the BTA should stop its support of other events designed to promote tourism, like the Made in Bermuda events on Whites Island and in Dockyard, eh Laverne? And the $75k given away to Cup Match organisers.

    • C.Griffin says:

      And maybe it shouldn’t. I was also front and center of this issue and your comment makes no sense. The BTA will now move on ..continuing its other projects and targeting a more appropriate beach for commercialization. The vendors are in place, they now have to find a beach where they will be viable…plain and simple.

      • Question says:

        My comment makes perfect sense. In the video above, Laverne, your collegue in this specific debacle, said she was “disgusted” by the “$75,000” being spent that evening by the BTA, because the money could have been spent sending her personsl relatives off to college.
        She was wrong about the $75,000, it was actually $13,500, but getting numbers wrong deliberately to obscure the truth is a PLP trait, as we all know.
        But unless she is a flagrant deliberate hypocrite she must also be “disgusted” at the BTA sponsorship of Made In Bermuda, and “disgusted” by the $75,000 given to the Cup Match organisers. Because that money could have been spent sending her personal family relatives to college as well, presumably.

      • Dumba$$ says:

        Laverne and company are a bunch of whiners! Keep your s&%$$ beach as it is the arm pit of beaches in Bermuda and that’s why all the drugs are sold round the back end of the parking lot! Thats right your beach is a drug center at night! No one who cares about their elders or kids would go to Shelly Bay because of that! My vote is to leave the area as is and let the stupid people put up any money to improve it!