Four Vendors Being Considered For Shelly Bay

July 27, 2018

Ashley Stephens of Ashley’s Lemonade is looking to expand her growing business in a proposed concession area at Shelly Bay Beach, the Bermuda Tourism Authority said.

“We’d be a fresh squeeze lemonade stand at a beautiful beach,” Miss Stephens said. “With some newly added products that we hope to add once Ashley’s Lemonade is at Shelly Bay.”

She is one of four applicants on a list of finalists in a Request for Proposal process managed by the Bermuda Tourism Authority with cooperation from the Ministry of Public Works.

The BTA said three other vendor applications are also being considered for Shelly Bay:

  • Simple Café, a beachside deli-café idea from Hamilton Parish residents;
  • Smokin’ Barrel, a chicken and ribs food truck; and
  • Tarzan Boats, beach experiences and beach equipment rentals

“Over the next few weeks the public will have opportunities to hear about what the entrepreneurs are proposing for Shelly Bay and ask them questions,” the BTA said.

“This includes a plan to bring the final applicants to Hamilton Parish next month so that the surrounding community can sample their offerings and give feedback before final decisions are made.”

The BTA added, “The proposed plan for Shelly Bay is part of the Bermuda Beach Economy Vision created in 2016. The Bermuda Tourism Authority collaborated with both political parties, BEST, civil servants, the Parks Commission and canvassed thousands of visitors and hundreds of local residents to create the final report.

The public can access more information about what’s proposed at Shelly Bay here on the BTA website.

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  1. Bob&Margaret says:

    My humble opinion is that none of these entries individually serve the needs of the community and visitors that use Shelley Bay beach. My money would be put of a venture that combines two or more of these bidders. Boat rentals with a food concession that is licensed to sell Ashley’s Lemonade sounds like it would be a winner to me…

    • Smithy says:

      I agree. Otherwise, none of these business’ would be independently sustainable.

  2. CornelMajorBurch says:

    Heck with you all. I’m putting another ATV tour there and W&E won’t rake the beach until the Governor stops handing out trophies.

  3. The Noble One says:

    I know that Ashley’s Lemonade is in great consideration having that they’re the only video I’ve seen given on this news report so far. Having that said, in my opinion I believe that both vendors Simple Cafe, and Tarzan Boats should be launched at Shelly Bay. Because of the services that both businesses I believe personally can accomplish. In spite of that truthfully I believe those two together would be a better choice, no offence to Ashley’s Lemonade but Simple Cafe would have more to offer in terms of sustenance, and scheduled services.Saying as if someone needed some food, but your only serving lemonades, and chips, that causes a disconnection between the salesman, and the customer, because you won’t always have what the customer needs, not saying that Ashley’s Lemonade wouldn’t have a variety of refreshments to choose from, and Simple Cafe might not have what the customers are looking for either. But being a customer of Ashley’s Lemonade, knowing their menu, I believe they would not be able to suit all the needs of the people. Also I don’t know if Bermuda Tourism Association are going to create stalls, or rebuild the old building that they demolished on the bank. If so Simple Cafe would be perfect for the occasion(being in a building on the bank), but if that is not their plan, then maybe Smokin Barrel maybe another great option.

  4. Beam me up Sparky says:

    Why only the surrounding community to sample the offerings. Tourists and residence from all over will use this beach concession. Or is it a case of “ If you live East or West of Shelly Bay your opinion doesn’t matter ? Agree with Bob & Margaret too. The concession needs more than just the limited offerings of each applicant. What happened to the original application for this development ? Or is that a stupid question ?

    • Micro says:

      Everybody complained it’ll be Snorkel Park East. After putting up money renovating, the building was found to be unsafe without a complete rebuild from the foundation. That was the last nail in the coffin for that idea.

      No idea what happened regarding the contract and the repayment for the private money that was put into the building.

      During the week the beach is completely unused, it is the perfect spot for a tourism venture with snorkel tours/non-motorised boat rentals etc along with a cafe and live local entertainment.

      People that are against the idea have nothing better to do with themselves. It’s a shame it’s being politicised and made into a racial thing.

    • PBanks says:

      I think they’re considering the multiple concessions model as opposed to a single concession

  5. Dumb says:

    And what would you know? People always hating on what others are trying to achieve. Bermudians are so negative and hate even the smallest change! Get over yourselves as this is happening wiitn or. Without your “blessing”!

  6. facts of the rock says:

    Too little Too late!
    the season is halfway for this year.

  7. Theresa Tannock says:

    I also think there needs to be a combination of vendors, the Lemonade stand will need some food to go along with it, the rentals need food along with it. Hope they mean a combo

  8. Onion Puke says:

    Major Corny General Burch will probably put another ATC tour there.

  9. John says:

    Why is Goverment forcing people to spend money they don’t have. I have never encountered a problem carrying my own food, my own drinks, mr own purified water, my own fried chicken which has been thoroughly cleaned and seasoned and friedto my satisfaction., my own umbrella, my own shading, blankets, chairs, tables etc. to Shelly Bay Beach. I have had experienced where I have inconvenienced anyone. I go to Shelly Bay Beach practically every day with my children. I will not be in a financial position to purchase food, water, drinks etc and. rent umbrellas in order to satisfy he needs of me and my children. It is far more economical for me to prepare my food and drinks home then to buy food and drinks and rent umbrellas from these desired to be concessions. Why is government trying to dictate how we must live. Who is going to benefit? Government is going to accommodate 4 concession operates to get rich while we stay poor. Then when you look, we want be able to take our coolers to the beach, our own drinks including water, our own food etc. has consideration been given to so many of us who are out of work and are financially struggling to survive. These concession applicants already have job. How about us that are desperately looking for work in order to put food on our table, shoes on our feet, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads. How many jobs will be made available to the public? NONE.. Why have they not given consideration to Long Bay in Somerset? In Church Bay, Southampton? Whale Bay in Southampton? Clear Water, St David’s? John Smith’s Bay in Smith’s Parish? Long Bay in Warwick? A and this list goes on. she’ll Bay Beach is an ideal family beach especially for the young children in our community. I can’t financially afford to patronize any concessions that will be in operation at Shelly Bay Beach. It has never worked in the past and I know it will never work in the future. How do you expect me to buy food and drinks and rent an umbrella every day for me and my children. Is Financial Assistance going to give me extra money to do so? Will we get assurance from Financial Assistance that they will help us out financially every day we go to the beach?

    • PBanks says:

      “Goverment forcing people to spend money they don’t have”

      What? Is there something that says you won’t be able to take a picnic lunch, etc to the beach?

      Are people banned from taking their own food and beverages and umbrellas to Horseshoe and Tobacco Bay?

      Come on. Or is this some kind of satirical piece?

  10. Tommy boy says:

    This is my thing. Actually how many people go to Shelly Bay to make any of these ventures sustainable?? Ideas are great but, for any business to be worth while it needs customers. Has tbe BTA done any research say over a fixed period to gauge the amount of users that go there. An interesting question would be why over the years has the food consession consistently failed? I mean it’s Shelly Bay. People go there, locals and tourist but yet food providers couldnt make. Obviously not enough people were going there to sustain the business. And further many people who do go there, specifically locals, take their own food. Shelly Bay beach is small. Yes its ultra child friendly, shallow and then the playground, the big field in back to run and play on, but locals are not what will make any consessions there sustainable. Tourist will. And frankly I dont believe enough tourist will go there for any of these consessions to be successful. That’s ofcourse unless there are bigger plans for that park that are not being revealed.