Govt Issue RFP For Co-Working Space Design

September 16, 2018

The Government has issued an RFP for “Architectural Interior Design and Project Management Services” for the third floor of the IAS Building on Church Street in Hamilton, which they plan to turn into cooperative working space.

The Government’s procurement website said, “The Government of Bermuda is considering the most cost effective interior design, and internal renovation, solution for the third floor of the IAS Building, located at 44 West Church Street, Hamilton, into cooperative working space and related support spaces typical of a modern co-working spaces including by not limited to conference rooms, office spaces, and restroom facilities as generally described. The design and associated consideration of works will provide modern and sleekly designed work environments.

“The services to be provided include: the professional architectural interior design and construction project management services and is not limited to a review of the existing conditions, production and review of the proposed schematics, interior design works, development of furniture and millwork plans, assistance with selection of furniture suppliers, and assistance with contract administration and oversight.

“The successful proponent will be expected to attend periodic meetings, prepare design presentations/ materials and finishes selections for the Government. In addition will collaborate in the selection and management of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing consultants [MEP] and any other consultants, prepare recommendation papers, consult and liaise with internal and external partners [Planning, etc.] and provide overall design management services.

The General Scope of Services includes the following:

  • Design Development/Space Planning/ Design Concept
  • Additional Service – Complete Furniture selection
  • Contract Documentation Phase Service

“The selected proponent shall be required to work under the direction of the Policy & Project Coordinator, Ministry of National Security [Government’s Project Leader] or his designee to manage and undertake the planning, design and construction of interior and associated works.”

“Government is in the planning stages of building a state-of-the art co-working space for incoming industry players,” Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said back in July, adding that the “purpose built facility will allow technology companies to domicile in Bermuda and have access to a premium facility with a plethora of services.”

The Request for Proposals follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Panna says:

    My strongly held view is that Government can set frameworks and legislation to attract and grow industry (an incredible tragedy that local Bermuda companies have never been given such leg ups – by either party, maybe why so many of our brightest are elsewhere). However, for Government to actually be in business in this proposed way is appalling and reeks of naïveté at best and unbelievable potential abuse at worst. The Minister would be well advised to leave it up to the marketplace to decide who succeeds and who fails.

    Out of curiousity, do the plans include feeding stations for mothers who are still working whilst also looking after their newborns. That would be very progressive and forward thinking on the Minister’s part and undoubtedly foster much good publicity. Just suggesting as undoubtedly the project is going to happen.

  2. Stinky D. says:

    Can someone clarify for me. Is Government competing with the private sector in the real estate market.
    If people are coming here to work I feel they should be paying the private sector

  3. Eye 4 and Eye says:

    I had the same thought. Aren’t there already a bunch of the collaborative work spaces in and around Hamilton. Additionally, there is lots of real estate available if the need is there for yet another done. Not sure why government would think it was necessary to compete directly with the private sector? Especially since there does not appear to me a need.

    What next…. government going to open up a supermarket, mechanic shop, hotel, ISP?

    Something just doesn’t add up here.

  4. hemmedin says:

    Government has it’s own architects. Is this too difficult for them? An office refurbishment?

  5. Question says:

    I thought outsourcing was “egregious behaviour, not tolerated by this government”?

  6. Na man.. says:

    Where is the gambling commission??? What a total waste of our money…

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Good thing Premier Burt found that money tree!

  8. Death Wish says:

    This is 100% BS!!! We have commercial properties empty and the Government is spending OUR money to compete with them!!! Time to march on the PLP!!!

  9. Red rose says:

    Really! What about using the existing collaborative work spaces!!!!

  10. BermieBorn says:

    Why is the Government collecting taxes from Bermudians to compete directly with Bermudians who already provide the same services?