Minister Caines: ‘I Apologize Without Reservation’

September 6, 2018

“I apologize without reservation to everyone in Bermuda,” Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said following what he termed an “inappropriate comment” on his Instagram account.

Instagram Comment

The video quickly began to circulate online, with numerous people saying they felt his words were unacceptable with some noting at the time of posting, the Minister appeared to be traveling on Government business.

The video, in which the Minister appears to be asking female workers in a cereal store if they have “ti**y milk,” has been re-posted on Facebook, as well as an edited version posted on Youtube.

“What the heck? Not impressed at all, Mr Caines, very crass,” said one person, while another added, “Shameful. What is worse…the misogyny or the arrogance to post it in the name of what.”

Minister’s Apology

In a post on Facebook this afternoon, Minister Caines said, “Last night I made an inappropriate comment [joke] on my private Instagram account.

“To be clear- I did not make the comment[s] to the clerks, it was said jokingly into my phone. They did not hear the comment.

“Having said that, I apologize without reservation to everyone in Bermuda. I am a Elected Official who must always, conduct himself appropriately. On this occasion I fell way below the mark.

“What was meant to be a funny, is now anything but. I know better! This is an unnecessary own goal. I will stand and take my licks ! On this occasion I deserve each lash!”

“I own the mistake and will not justify it in anyway,” the Minister said in a subsequent comment, also adding, “It was wrong I should not have said it, I will not makes any excuses for it.”

OBA Comment

Susan Jackson, the Shadow Minister of Health and Seniors, said, “I am glad the Minister has seen fit to apologise for that appalling remark. There is no place for offensive comments like this which can’t help but have a demeaning impact on young women and young mothers in particular.

“The Minister is out promoting Bermuda as a place of integrity to attract upstanding professionals. He’s promoting Bermuda to businesses that are working hard to increase diversity and equality within their workplaces.

“His comment shows remarkable disrespect and I am sure companies, including the fintech sector, will take note. It is unacceptable for someone in his position of responsibility to belittle and degrade the very sanctity of motherhood.

“I hope the Premier is quick to publicly reprimand his Minister,” Ms Jackson added.

Update Sept 7, 5.18pm: The Minister has declined to comment to Bernews.

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  1. Family Man says:

    This guy visits the National Crime Agency as a senior Cabinet Minister representing Bermuda to discuss sexual abuse and exploitation and he proudly posts this to his instagram account.

    Really classy.

    • Do Right says:

      You need to resign Wayne Caines. Tired of your behaviour.

      • Paul says:

        How much more do we have to take from this guy?and to think he is in charge of national security…. why on earth did he tape his stupid comment…..

      • Hair says:

        Resige??????? They need to fire his ###!!!

        • Pickled Tink says:

          I am embarrassed and ashamed that someone that has been selected by the people of this country to act as leader would say such a thing!

          I’m astounded that he would think it was a good idea to personally post it and think it would be received by others as funny.

          I’m pissed off that my taxes are going towards paying for his “business expenses”.

    • Paul says:

      Premier Burt, should fire him…he is a loose cannon…

    • Paul says:

      I am still in shock …Caines just go back to what the hell you did before becoming our national security minister,, Trump would be proud of you…..

    • SayItAintSo says:

      The new Milkman!

      • PANGAEA says:

        Never stoop so low that you would bump your head under the table.

    • DUG says:

      A lot of stones
      being thrown… interesting.

      Hold on to your stones people – unless you have the vocabulary of Jesus, let’s examine ourselves to see how we all can clean up our own communication to and about each other.

      Speak life and not death.

      • Melba says:

        Ecclesiastes 10:4. A lot in this book of the Bible that would make us all sit up and pay attention. Hmmmm.

      • JCS says:

        What the hell has Jesus got to do with this DUG? Whether he is a government minister or not it was an inappropriate remark. Please do not bring religion into this especially pertaining to someone who thinks his religion excuses himself from all transgressions. I’m sick and tired of people who do and say whatever they please and it’s alright because they believe in Jesus! Jeeeeeez.

    • Sally says:

      YiP! Agree,…should not represent sexual abuse at all in any country!!!!! What gets me, is that he posted this on his personal social media, thinking his so called friends would only see it and probably laugh…well, he’s just exposed himself as a person that should not be in authority to help all these people that genuinely need it. I’m not from Bermuda, actually thousands of miles away but I’m thoroughly degusted in him even filming this and posting it and these girls finding this on social media which will always be and their identity all over social media! !! He should be flying back to London and apoligizing personally…but it’s out there… and what did he get… a slap on the hand..APOLIGIZE TO THESE GIRLS PERSONALLY AND THEY WILL EXPLAIN HOW SEXUAL REMARKS IMPACT ON THEIR DAILY LIVES AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES..still disgusted as a mother to one of these girls after three weeks. That’s why stupid decisions posting on social media can be a persons nightmare. I hope you can learn from this Mr Caines. I’m the type of person who listens….

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Betty ? OJ ?

  3. Me says:

    Really disapointing behaviour embarrased

    • Hey says:

      Saying that the clerks didn’t hear him does not diminish what he said in public and posted online.. Shameful

      • Sailor says:

        Who says they didn’t hear him maybe they just ignored Trump……oops I mean Caines

        • legalgal says:

          He was certainly at loud, bombastic full blast volume. Course they heard him. And that is harassment. Posting it uncensored…that is very bad judgment indeed. Now the apology makes light of it. It’s not juvenile…it’s harassment.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Ugh that sort of sounded like some sort of lame proposition. Why the heck would he even have been taping a conversation with a store clerk about what kind of milk they carry? Why post it?

    • PBanks says:

      I think because a cereal cafe is an unusual concept for us living in Bermuda, it may have been a ‘hey let’s record what its like in this place for the folks back home’ moment.

      What’s bizarre, and even excusing the fact that he found the remark funny, is that he posted the vid as if he was Joe Schmoe chatting with his buddies at a bar and not a govt Minister with a much greater public persona.

  5. Debbie says:

    The Minister has apologized to Bermuda. He is human and made a mistake with his choice of words in the moment, not befitting a sitting Minister, and particularly whilst on Government business. Minister Im sure a lesson learnt, albeit comments penned on your private Instagram account. Your apology is accepted from this Bermudian. Of course we will continue to hear blah, blah, blah, appalling, sexist comments, etc..and on and on! As an aside, I hear worst comments coming from the airways, like “stick it in her p…y” etc etc etc. I’m thinking the media (radio) needs to fix this appalling problem. Some songs are disgustingly raw. I suppose I should expect to hear it’s free speech…this is the age we live in! Again, apology accepted Minister.

    • wahoo says:

      I agree with you about the media/music I wish our hosts and DJ’s would exercise better judgement but then again the internet rules and I doubt most people even listen to live radio. I do not accept the apology though….something wrong with a person taping himself saying something so stupid, does he only do this while on taxpayer business? I think he hit the wrong button. “cool”

      • Sima says:

        i guess some people can’t leave the freak home… even if they don’t hear what he said, his ability to think such in public is absolutely in acceptable. Do better in ALL areas of which you’ve been voted and stop using it as a platform to suggest you have “arrived!”

    • Paul says:

      He should have known better….

    • Hmmm says:

      Oh really Debbie, he tried to mitigate it by saying it wasn’t heard by the clerk! He put it on instagram. There is no excuse. He needs to resign.

    • Give him props for says:

      For being man enough to admit he is wrong and to apologize. Frankly this is something very UN PLP’ish.

      That said. This is a huge slight to women and mothers that breastfeed their kids as he is simply objectifying a woman’s breast.

      I hear a lot of the term disrespect thrown around. This is clearly a very significant form of it.

      Very bad form. Red card for the Minister.

      • Question says:

        Un-PLP? No it isn’t. Their leadership is famous for its mysoginistic comments.

        He is over there representing us. F..k knows why. He has no idea how to represent us, and no idea how to behave. He sees two foriegn girls and can’t resist acting like a di.k.

      • Pickled Tink says:

        Nothing will come of it, just like riding without due care and attention video. Like Brown would say, this too shall pass.

        Lets see how many people will be marching striking or on the hill this week! I’m guessing ZERO! Any bets.

    • Sailor says:

      Drunk drivers could be apologetic too but sometimes you have to pay the price

    • JCS says:

      Apology not accepted Debbie. This wasn’t a slip of the tongue. This was a sexist comment that just doesn’t come out accidentally.

    • WC says:

      Oh poor stupid debbie….how was Dallas anyway?

      You can accept his fake apology, but you don’t speak for anyone else…poor stupid debbie.

  6. sandgrownan says:

    Meh, there’s plenty to get upset about with this classless twit. This isn’t it.

    Probably speaks to ingrained mysogyny and old school conservative values, and that is worthy of debate.

  7. Ringmaster says:

    Disgusting. He posted the video, now tries to apologize. Resign. If not Premier Burt should resign for allowing that type of behavior to go unpunished.

  8. Just Wow says:

    This is just beyond comprehension. On behalf of all women…apology not accepted!!!

    • I'mjustsaying says:

      So only women have them? SMH!

    • lil b mommy says:

      PLEASE SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. I understand that because he is a minister he is held at a higher standard. I also understand that he is human and without a sense of humor life can be pretty stressful (his job is stressful whether you like him or you don’t). I saw the video and a lot of hate mongers are just looking for fault….as a woman and a mother of 2 daughters also the mother of a young male, this is what I saw…..first the cereal box says cereal killer….really you don’t have a problem with that? and why would you? secondly yes he said but it didn’t sound loud enough for the cashier to hear and if you actually look without trying to find fault you would see that the cashier didn’t even look in his direction after he said it leading me to believe she didn’t even hear it..(he didn’t ask her for her “titty milk” either)…AND although he was representing Bermuda, he still has to eat….and from what I can see its not a fancy restaurant serving high level T bone steak and eggs that we as tax payers have to pay for….with all this hoopla about nothing I can see why Bermuda will remain in the state she is in and possibly get worse….you all are worrying about the wrong things and the right things you have no voice for…..sit down people and focus on how we can actually raise our young man to be better and do better.

      • Beverly J Connell says:

        What’s wrong here is NOT wanting to call out, or have consequences for, bad, crude, crass behaviour, in our families, in the business community, and in our political arena. THAT’s what is wrong here. How low do you want the societal bar to go? because it is pretty close to the ground now in many areas. And this would be an easy, fundamental move to focusing on “how we can actually raise our young man to be better and do better”.

      • Joonya says:

        Bull****. He said it with the same volume as the rest of his blabber. Stop making excuses. She heard it. Was probably in shock.

        • WC says:

          People apologizing for their disgusting bigoted behaviour…such hypocrites…how pathetic. How trump like of you.

  9. Concerned Bermudian says:

    He is a TIT!!! Representing Bermuda with this standard??? Disgraceful!!!!

  10. Stevie says:

    Shocking stuff from Caines. Where are you OJ & Betty. Oh so quiet. The PLP & BIU. Burt you must go to along with Burch. Wake up Bermuda.

  11. Trump depporter says:

    Well shouldn’t upset the fin tech companies. As we probably won’t see any set up here. Rgistering and setting is not the same.
    Seems like a common denominator with the minister.

  12. Ringmaster says:

    @ Debbie. That video was posted the same day Bermuda was mourning at the funeral service for an elder Statesman. Bermuda has sunk into the septic pit with Minister Caines’ video. If you really are “Debbie” you should be ashamed for all women who have to endure such comments, but apparently not. This is no different to the response from a white person saying derogatory words against a black person then trying to cover up saying “I’m not racist”.
    Minister Caines made the video, said the words, posted the video and now tries to escape the wrath of decent persons. You mention songs, but who are the artists?

    • Retro says:

      Whoa! It was a dreadful misjudgment by Minister Caine’s but criticizing him for posting it during somebody’s funeral is ridiculous. I am not too sure what the fallout will be for Caines ,or what the consequences should be,but I do know we should accept apologies. That being said , Caines and the plp have a major clean up to do.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    Nothing will happen. Alaska Hall will look the other way. Back to business as usual.

  14. campervan says:

    I’m sure that Wayne has learned a valuable lesson here after his childish behaviour. He has also apologised as well he should.
    This incident and the rafts of apologists who have belittled the matter speak to a deeper issue here.
    That being the deep seated misogyny, and small minded parochial mentality that is accepted as the norm on our Island.
    The defensive comments deriding the seriousness of the issue are now out there in the ether for the world to see and judge our collective ignorance.
    Its time for us as a country to educate ourselves, move forward and grow up.

  15. Herb Adderley says:

    In any other country the premier would fire his stupid xxxx immediately ahhh but Bermuda is another world

    • Pickled Tink says:

      Not true, this would have happened and has happened in Bermuda. The difference is , it only seems to offend when its someone on the other side of the political or racial divide.

      Alaska Hall Propaganda personality will be full of supporters discounting his words.

    • Really?? says:

      You must not see the almost daily offensive comments that comes from the President of the USA. Yet he is still in his position. But Bermuda is another world……right.

  16. Question says:

    The “honorablel” wayne caines.

    A foul-mouthed mysoginist.

    Look at the ‘apology’. “I didn’t say it to the clerks”.

    No, you just posted it all over the internet.

    This is what you idiots voted for.

  17. Sister Nancy says:

    Really Debbie blah blah blah. Your party people are still crying and blah blah blah over America’s Cup. So do not go there. Who moans and whines more than your part people. Next……………

  18. Sister Nancy says:

    Right on point Ringmaster you said it all. Good job!

  19. Realist says:

    Political attention gone to the nugget. Very immature and ignorant when a man who sees this type of social posting okay as a Government Minister on Government business. Grow up!!!

  20. facts of the rock says:

    He should do the right thing and RESIGN or be FIRED and REMOVED from the Office he holds.

    Totally Unacceptable and knows it!

  21. Merrick says:

    Forget about apologizing to the people of Bermuda, surely he needs to apologize to the young ladies behind the counter. Anyway, he’s now shown us his true self

  22. Frank says:

    Nothing ever happens to fret boys

  23. Grizz says:

    The President of the United States says he grips p*#$% and hasn’t apologized; yet he’s still the President. Minister Caines isn’t God and we as humans make mistakes. He apologised people; I’ve seen politicians do worse and they still sit in their elected seats. MOVE ON, NOTHING ELSE TO DO HERE….let’s take a bite out of crime

  24. BDAGIRL says:

    Wayne Caines I know you called out a friend of mine for posting a picture, you were the first one to share it and you chastised her and yes it was a joke between two friends. Now we sit back and watch Karma get your A$$. You belittled all women by your post. We pay your salary now do the right thing and resign. Karma is working good.

  25. PANGAEA says:

    It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation an less than a minute to loose it all.
    The mouth of freedom of speach went south.
    Stop treating us like children.
    You are not our den mother.
    Bermudians are a strong resiliant people.
    We are not incompetent .
    We are the miricle workers.

  26. MT says:

    All you people do is sit up on Bernews and wait for the PLP to do something wrong so you can bash them. Most of you are:

    1. Still disgruntled that the OBA lost
    2. Are EX-PATS that don’t like Bermuda or its people but are here to make your money and send it home.
    3. Are a pain in the behind

    You all need to go get a life and stop sitting up on here during working hours and go do your work

  27. Sick & Tired says:

    I do not think this is the end of the world. Why must people post things to the internet knowing full well this is out there for life. As a women, I do not accept your apology. This just tells me that if you are willing to say things like this in public, what must you be saying behind closed doors. And we all know the premier will not say a thing, he never does. He just lets his party do and say what they want. Poor leadership in this country.

  28. RealityCheck says:

    There are individuals in public life who would not surprise me at all if they said such a thing . I certainly never would have expected it from him .

  29. facts of the rock says:

    btw,The UK Daily Newspapers now have ALL the details and a copy of the video where it’s quite clear to hear Wayne Cains asking for Titty Milk to the Girls and NOT as he states!

    furthermore, he should be held accountable

  30. I'mjustsaying says:

    Come on man! Is it that shocking he’s a man, men do silly things & say silly thigs, every single man in a high position has said something stupid. He hasn’t caused WWIII to break, he has apologized so now let’s move on and get over it. Good Grief!

  31. I'mjustsaying says:

    Are we that sensitive now? Yes he should watch what he says because all eyes are watching him especially his enemies. An attack on all women give me a break. We are trying to be too politically correct when it’s to our advantage. You all are taking it further than he has.

    • question says:

      I remember you lot getting all upset a couple of years ago when someone used the word ‘boy’. Was that “trying to be too politically correct when it was to your advantage”? Why didn’t you “move on and get over it”?
      Oh yeah. The rules don’t apply to you lot do they.

  32. Mark says:

    Only question I have is WHERE IS ONION JUICE??? Surely he has some explanation that casts the blame on oppression and heaven knows what else.

  33. Really says:

    So, your away on the tax payers dime learning about how to help kids stay safe, you go into a cereal bar, and in some countries it could be considered sexual harassment to ask for titty milk and you video yourself and post. Aren’t government offials held to a higher intelligence? Can you imagine if Trump did this?

    • Weed says:

      Trump did much worse and became President. Many people respect bravado and don’t care about this weak a$$ stuff! Move on all you Christians as repenting is recognition of Satan’s influence and you must recognize that and ask for forgiveness. To err is human to forgive is devine! Move on.

      • YYZ says:

        “Trump did much worse and became President.”

        So, you admit that your government is like trump…and, you’re proud of this?

  34. J. Johnston says:

    It was a stupid comment to make jokingly but do you all know that people sell breast milk.

    • question says:

      So if I go into the BIU supermarket and ask a woman for t–tty milk, that’s all good with you then.

    • Anbu says:

      Then he should have asked for “breast milk”.

  35. Ben S says:

    Where is that miserable band of Social Justice Warriors CURB? They seem to come out against every situation where there is the most remote minuscule possibility of racism, elitism, sexism, misogyny, privilege, etc. Here you have a powerful, privileged man saying an offensive, crass, demeaning comment to a working-class woman. Where is the outrage from CURB? Nary a peep from that group that gleefully trots down the one-way road of selective outrage. The hypocrisy from CURB, in particular, has always been on display – this is yet another example.

    • Double S says:

      Wrong type of ‘offender’ for CURB to raise their voices.

  36. True Character says:

    Unbelievable. Not only were his actions inappropriate and an affront to all females worldwide, the fact is; that after making such a stupid comment he didn’t regret his actions at all. No, he thought that it was funny and posted it on social media. I was never sure about Mr. Caines, but I am now. Mr. Premier, and sometimes you have to make tough decisions, this is one of them Mr. Premier. He is going to safeguard the women and children of Bermuda? I would never trust him ever again. He has no regret for his actions, those are mere words to keep his job. His actions show his true mindset!

  37. Senior Mustachio says:

    Look, everyone needs to grow up and shut up. I dont personally like Mr. Caines any particular way, nothing against or for him. But this was meant to be a joke. So grow up. I side with Mr. Caines here, you all need to just get over it. Grown men are allowed to make jokes on their own social accounts. He did not say it publicly or on a government or police site. You all wanna turn our island into some police state like 1984 big brother. Give me a break. They sell breast milk in places, whats the harm in saying it a funny way?

    • Skytrain says:

      I feel sorry for any female in your family.

    • Do Right says:

      Hush up you fool! Caines must resign

    • question says:

      It’s cultural. A certain segment of the population thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to make offensive comments to women, to whistle at them, to say ‘damn, girl’ loudly when leering at a pretty girl walking by, etc.
      It’s totally classless and it’s unacceptable in most parts of the world.
      But here in Bermuda there is a certain segment of the population that will makes excuses all day long, if the person caught doing it is from that same certain segment of the population.

      • Senior Mustachio says:

        all you ding dongs can hold onto your hats, i thought he posted a photo that he put a funny remark under, not that he actually said it to a female in person on video!!!!!!

      • Steve says:

        That’s what it’s like in business in Bermuda too. Different standards for different people. You can be absolute crap at your job but as long as you ‘look like’ certain members of government they’ll keep you on. They just shuffle the bad ones off to a corner where they’re not allowed to deal with anyone outside their immediate supervisor.

        It was totally demoralizing to those of us that put in the effort to excel. Glad I’m out and working overseas where I’m rewarded for what I do, not who I look like.

    • Joonya says:

      If Dunkley acting in same ministerial capacity had said this to an black female employee, the island would have “shut down” and massive marches being organized to demand his resignation! And you know it. PLP/PC/BIU would have been licking their chops. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension!
      You can come up with all the excuses, like breast milk is for sale, and try to shrug it off all you like. You know that scenario would have had opposite responses.

    • Anbu says:

      The internet is public, and as an elected official he should know better. But considering there is only one set of standards for one political party to follow i guess that makes it ok here. No surprise at all really. Stupid is as stupid does

  38. puzzled says:

    Never mind.
    Wonder what he calls Tampax.

  39. just imagine says:

    Imagine if someone from he opposition said this, whew.

  40. James says:

    This idiot wants to be Premier. God help us. What an a*s.

  41. Vida Smith says:

    When are men going to stop saying stupid thing to women, those type of
    remarks are over, and he should know that,before you open your mouth
    next time stop and think,you have a lovely family.

  42. Christine says:

    I am appalled. Your sorry? Sorry you got caught after you yourself filmed it and posted it on your page. That is sexual harassment!! What are we to forgive everyone from know on who comments on a girls legs, her breast, her as*s or in your case “titty Milk” which is even more back alley talking then the actual word which is breast milk? You represent our island, the face of the people for our National Security. You need to step down I am sorry if it is good for politicians in the world to be held accountable, well you do to. You are suppose to be strong in your faith, now this. I am so ashamed and appalled at your conduct. I wait to see what the Government does for it will be my deciding factor as to who I vote for in the next election. I am glad you apologized but now you need to pay the price like everyone else for publicly humiliating your island by doing a wrong dead against those two women.

  43. aceboy says:


  44. just wondering says:

    His behavior demonstrates two things. Firstly and obviously it shows his true character namely that of a sexist misogynistic individual and that is bad enough. Secondly, and what is worse, he thought it was “fun” to post this encounter on social media. That demonstrates an utter failure in judgment. Is this the sort of person anyone would want making key decisions about Bermuda’s future?

  45. ding says:

    This too shall pass.

  46. voltage says:


    Beware this wolf in sheep’s clothing — he is in our house and claims to represent the best of the Bermudian male.

    Want to be a real man? Resign, get yourself into treatment and stay away from all women.

    What you describe simply as a joke reveals more about how you view a woman and her body than any false optics you created through your community good deeds.

    Minister Caines: What other behaviours have you forced upon women you work or socialize with because of how you use your power and privilege?

  47. stormy daniels says:

    Well no gambling, that’s screwed up.
    No buses that’s screwed up.
    Might as well have a cereal bar with FRESH MILK.. That’s getting good publicity.
    Thanks voters:)

  48. brains over brawn says:

    The restaurant is called “Cereal Killer Cafe” and none of you have an issue with this? how about all the victims of murders and serial killers who have to tolerate such depravity? so he makes a itty joke at such a place, give me a break. you people have double standards.

    • question says:

      “you people”? What do you mean by that?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Obviously means the people who have taken an issue over one thing but not the other. I know what you’re trying there though but nope.

  49. Shutmouthgrace says:

    Your attention seeking behaviour has now gotten you the global coverage you so desire! “look at me…look at me…..look at me….look at me….look at me”…

    Now that we are all looking at you…what do you have to tell us…..hmmmm….I thought not.

    Can you for once just shut your doggone mouth and do the people’s work with the highest level of esteem and integrity.

  50. John E. Thorne says:

    What an A*S!

  51. Wahoo says:

    Has he apologized to the clerk? Maybe that is not important to him.

  52. Ty says:

    Now all of you run out a make sure you buy some t*tty milk for when the canvassing starts again. Remember now – he’s lactose intolerant.

    Serves you right Wayne Caines. lol lol lol.- and who the HELL wants to sit up and watch you laugh at yourself eating cereal anyway. How lonely are all your lives.

    The only up part of this is at least when we see his travel expenses for this trip we know he won’t be lying about the meals part.

  53. Time Shall Tell says:

    Does Cow milk come from ti**y? Does goat milk come from ti**y? Doesn’t all naturally sourced milk come from ti**y?

  54. facts of the rock says:

    ‘Minister Milk Matter’ (CC.Bernews)

    that’s about the same level as BLM.

    (nice ring to it Bernews)

  55. Grocer says:

    I am surprised that the Milkman has had nothing to say on this matter, even if only on the importance of pasteurization.