Premier Disappointed In Minister Caines Conduct

September 7, 2018

“I have spoken with Minister Caines to communicate my disappointment with the lack of respect for women and poor judgment conveyed by the actions in the recording,” Premier David Burt said, with the Premier adding that it was “exceptionally poor conduct.”

“Consistent with his public apology, he has expressed his sincere regret to me. I am disappointed that the incredibly hard work Minister Caines does every day on behalf of the people of Bermuda, including on this trip to London, has been overshadowed by this exceptionally poor conduct.

“I regularly refer my Cabinet colleagues to the Ministerial Code of Conduct and the overarching requirement that ‘Ministers are expected to behave according to the highest standards of constitutional and personal conduct in the performance of their duties’.

“Moments like this provide a valuable opportunity for each and every one of us to pause and reflect to ensure that we individually and collectively serve the people of Bermuda in a manner befitting our responsibilities as leaders.

“I am proud to lead a Party that has been led by, and continues to benefit from the contributions of exceptionally strong women at every level; and this government respects and values the role of women in this community.”

This follows after the Minister was widely criticized for posting a video on his Instagram page in which he appears to be asking female workers in a cereal store if they have “ti**y milk.”

In a subsequent post on Facebook, Minister Caines said, “Last night I made an inappropriate comment [joke] on my private Instagram account.

“To be clear- I did not make the comment[s] to the clerks, it was said jokingly into my phone. They did not hear the comment.

“Having said that, I apologize without reservation to everyone in Bermuda. I am a Elected Official who must always, conduct himself appropriately. On this occasion I fell way below the mark.

“What was meant to be a funny, is now anything but. I know better! This is an unnecessary own goal. I will stand and take my licks ! On this occasion I deserve each lash!”

As of this writing, both Minister Caines’ Instagram and Facebook accounts appear to be currently unavailable. His Twitter account remains accessible, however it has not been updated since 2016, with Minister Caines having been far more active on both Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. redrose says:

    ‘disappointment’? Not even anger? Wow. Poor, very poor Premier. No respect, gone.

    • redrose says:

      I’ll add … gutless. A smack in the face to every woman. Pathetic. appalling. You are as bad as Caines. shameful

      • Sangiagatebrownlow says:

        Seems to me the recommendation was followed….this too shall pass.

        • Hey says:

          “value the role of women in the community”

          What a dumb statement. Women are half of the community, we don’t play a role it, we are it.

          How demeaning of Burt to say we merely play a role. What an idiot.

        • Vortex says:


          This is not acceptable, he should be made to resign.

          Weak from Burt.

  2. Getridifhim says:

    A rare public rebuke of a Minister by his own leader, speaks to how bad Caines conduct was.

  3. Mrs Brady says:

    Shame Shame Shame. He needs to go now!

  4. Hmmm says:

    The response from the Premier is VERY disappointing and lackluster. I was expecting far better leadership.

  5. Stop the Troll says:

    I am appalled by Caines, but he did it and part of stamping out these sexist remarks is laying the blame where it goes.

    Caines said it so blame Caines, don’t try and let him off the hook by making it out like he is not to entirely to blame…AS HE IS.

    He said it, he even filmed it like a total dumbas*s and it’s his appalling actions, keep blame where it belongs don’t try and let him skate

  6. Paul says:

    Did you all expect anything else from the premier, Caines should do the right thing and step down from politics.

  7. redrose says:

    sorry for the multiple posts but my wife has just read this and exploded in anger. Disappointed!!!! I am so much more than disappointed in the premier. Go!

    • Weed says:

      Your wife needs to calm down! Jacka$$! This is a storm in a cereal bowl – get over it and get a life!

  8. Madge says:

    Minister Caines, please step down, you have lost all respect from those female voters.

  9. Ringmaster says:

    Premier Burt needs to go. This reaction is way below the standard needed. He is not a leader but a facilitator. A pathetic reaction.

    • Women of Bermuda says:

      Women of Bermuda, if you feel violated by the remarks and lack of respect, let’s rise up and march on the Cabinet Building!

      • Weed says:

        Yeah right! Women who are outraged need to get a life! Storm in a cereal bowl blown out of proportion by OBA trolls!

        • Sailor says:

          Ok Betty

        • Anbu says:

          Typical response by the usual muppets. If they had their hands any further up your backside, you wouldnt have eyeballs. Smh

      • Vortex says:

        Great idea!

  10. archie says:

    this lack of anything more than a very light slap on the wrist points to a bigger problem – such is the lack of depth with the PLP that there is no-one to replace caines. Burt could not sack him if he wanted to (and should have done.)

    • Paget says:

      And no other party option OBA is barely functional

      • wahoo says:

        Well they might have the female vote after this…well apart from you know who.

    • Frank says:

      Simple sack cannes and appoint someone from the back bench Tyrrell comes to my mind
      Cannes must go he has been a bad man

  11. Ringmaster says:

    As the person who had the swizzle ‘issue’, Bermuda can’t really expect more from such a weak Premier. The moral is, if you get caught apologize and all will be right. The same as unethical but not illegal. Premier Burt is no different to Caines with his comment about strong women. The PLP does not respect women, and there are many examples to prove it.

  12. Stormy daniels says:

    Bitcoin will make it right.

  13. Lactose Intolerant says:

    This is a predictable FU statement from Premiere Burt. A huge slap in the face to all women and young girl in Bermuda. Caines is a loose Canon , has done nothing to earn his wage and it pi***es me off that we pay for him to spread his ignorance worldwide. Yup his ignorance hit the UK papers

    Where are all the Bitcoin companies and jobs he promised?! He is living it up on our dime. Blockchain currency is another Amway, Global Prosperity, and another get rich quick – smoke and mirrors – type product. Dont think so. Walk up to 1000 random people and ask them what the purchased using bitcoin today (that wasn’t illegal) and don’t be surprised if the answer is les than 1%.. Amazon and all the big companies tried it, and looked at it, but eventually walked away.

    not surprised by Burt , but I did hold out hope that he would step up and make an example of him. He did nothing when Canes was exposed for driving withot due care and attention along Victoria street so why should we be surprised.

    Caines, good thing you were not an OBA minister… You would be history as far a government goes. People would be marching on the streets.

  14. Sad Day says:

    Thank you for meeting with the now disgraced Minister, but Mr. Premier; he was overseas representing your government and the people of Bermuda! Surely he knew that what he did was inappropriate at best but the fact that he didn’t and he forwarded his juvenile video to thousands of people, speaks to his character. How will he treat the women of this country? I expect him to do the right thing and resign and if he doesn’t I expect you tell him to resign and once again if he still can’t see the light than you must remove him from your Cabinet in order to maintain your credibility and the creditability of both the government and our Country.

    • Madge says:

      Well said.Caines must go he has lost all credibility here and abroad.

  15. facts of the rock says:

    Wayne Cains sexual remark is all over the internet and UK media and Burt does nothing!

    Calling for NO CONFIDENCE IN plp.

  16. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    What a pathetic excuse for a leader Burt continues to be. After their frat boy discussion, Caines must have laughed all the way home.

  17. Why is Tweed and his Peoples Campaign fools not calling for a March on de hill. Come on crew get the people hyped up about this then put the spin on it and the great BIU peeps and the grannies will be right there for the March. Can you imagine if the OBA had these types of ministers. Mercy me all he$$ would have broke loose.

  18. And to think they wanted Moniz to resign because he called him boy. Well then Caine’s should retire now his words were a whole lot worse than Moniz. Plus Caine’s posted for everyone to see it. He has the nerve to apologize well apology NOT accepted. Leave now Caine’s.

  19. My My My says:

    Col. Burch made a racist remark towards a Bermudian Indian, and nothing came of it, in fact the PLP saw it as a joke. Are we at all surprised now? Burt and Caines probably had a good giggle.

  20. puzzled says:


  21. Sailor says:

    He keeps saying that the two women did not hear him say he wanted ti**y milk, has anybody asked them or are we to believe what he says.

  22. campervan says:

    Is he genuinely sorry and reformed or will he prove to be a cereal offender?

    We can’t allow Captain Crunch out on the loose again, we have an International reputation to maintain.

  23. Hair says:

    I’m sure Burt is, hum!! But behind closed doors is another story….. Ouch

  24. Kevin says:

    Mercy by these posts people seemed surprised ….it is only a matter of time when all and I mean all of those that you voted in will totally disappoint you Burch was first with his house for sale signs but you blew that off now Caines …they will one by one show who they really are ….Burt he isn’t even in charge so don’t go after him yet … did this 25 -11 …remember you will sow what you reap

  25. Question says:

    Gutless and clueless.

  26. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    DAMAGE CONTROL…NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! Just imagine what talk goes on when there are no cameras.

  27. Triangle Drifter says:

    Disappointed is he! Well I suppose nothing better could be expected of Burt. Nothing better is expected of the PLP by their supporters.

    Had the situation been reversed & an OBA Minister said the same thing to two servers overseas the HOA would be surrounded by now with demands for the whole OBA to resign.

    All we hear are the tree frogs.

  28. Baffled says:

    Gotta say the Caines have their moments of shine. It just never last too long. Full of pomp yet rarely deliver. Great at grand standing. Lousy follow through. So just not surprised

    Tomorrows Sabbeth service at Hamilton will be might I interesting…IF he shows his face. Smdh

  29. spider says:

    To all who cast judgement on a moment of indiscretion on the ministers judgement let the first fool who has never done anything that they wish they had not done throw the first stone. I doubt there will be any rock throwers.

    • Me says:

      As much use as a fart in a space suit

    • Nethits says:

      Judge not and ye shall not be judged.

    • Bolt Action Rifle says:

      Really – WOW – Video taping HIMSELF at his age with his supposed faux “Christian upbringing”, in his position as a Govt. Minister travelling abroad on Govt business. His apology is flippant at best – indicating his “moral compass” is still all twisted out of shape!

    • wahoo says:

      He wanted to be in politics. He uses the title Honorable. He apologized only because he was stupid enough to post that ridiculous video and got caught. He deserves no sympathy.

  30. Me says:

    Caine’s should man up and resign plus the party is anti equality and now disrespectful to women

  31. Sara says:

    Aside from how disrespectful this was to the women behind the counter, it really highlights how immature a grown man he is. Grow up Mr. Caines you are enotnin high school.makingnfart jokes anymore.

  32. Predictable says:

    No shame, really. A mild slap on the wrist. Friends and family plan. Both have blotted their erstwhile reputations.

  33. It’s been proven says:

    The PLP is a party void of conscious and full of hypocritical anomalies all churning in a cadre that has no leadership and has just lost every ounce of respect it has locally and just as importantly internationally.

    Premier this is a very wishy washy response that underscores that the party runs you. Are you seriously proud of yourself?

    How do you mansplain this?

    Sad day for the ladies of Bermuda and for diversity in general.

  34. Terminal Frost says:

    This man is a child and not fit for public service.

  35. Stevie says:

    Snap election needed. See who votes for PLP. Onion juice & Betty will. Stupid people who voted plp in. Now coming back to haunt them.Remember 1998-2012? PLP bankrupt Bermuda. Think about it people.

  36. warwick pond skink says:

    To then try and say he made that comment only to his phone is just an outright lie. Imagine the out cry if Jeff Baron had said that to two girls… Oh thats right, Jeff and most people with class would never say such a dispicable thing. Great ambassador for the island!!

  37. Bolt says:

    Just shows how very low the “PLP bar” is! Sadly, his almost deviant behaviour is quite acceptable to vast majority of PLP supporters who will mostly laugh at this very, very disturbing episode. However, having said that, Wayne Caines will now never be Premier of Bermuda and Premier Burt no longer has to worry about him as a rival.

  38. Dimples says:

    He whinis without sin cast the first stone, nine of us are perfect, we are human and we all have our weekness.

  39. Sailor says:

    And has he reached out to apologize to the clerks who he said it to? Or does he not want to humble himself that much to apologize to the people the comment was aimed at.
    Brings up the question of whether he is sorry for the comment or sorry that it was exposed to the public

  40. There was SO MUCH DISAPPOINTMENT in the oba party. Dunkley was at the top, then all others followed.Pathetic!!
    This for Caines, will pass.
    Now, forward in a positive way in running our precious Bermuda!
    Simply, putting Bermudians first!!!

  41. Jay says:

    I beg to differ with all of you calling for Mr.Caines resignation, why should one bad decision out weigh all his good deeds. Just my opinion

    • Happy says:

      It’s because what he did is considered sexual harassment. To top it off he didn’t get caught doing it, he decided to record himself doing it and posted it online because he thought it was funny. Does that sound like someone who should be representing our country?

      • Enough says:


        He apologized now get off of your soap box and give the forgiveness you are denying. This is not a career ending situation. All you idiots crucifying him for a moment of poor judgement. Have not all of us exercised poor judgment at some point? Have we not all spoken words we regret? We’re we not worthy of forgiveness?

        Satan works in mysterious ways and all of you haters prove that everytime you try to destroy another persons career and contribution.

        I wish Minister Caines every success in his work to advance Bermuda’s interests overseas and forgive him for this situation so he can double his efforts to earn our trust back. Give him a chance to repent and move us forward!

        Be a good Christian / person and put Satan behind you!

        • Happy says:

          Nothing to do with Satan. Minister Caines appeared to sexually harass two women. If a similar conversation happened at work he would have been fired, it wouldn’t have even been a question. Don’t believe me ask someone you know who works in HR or management. It’s not a “my bad moment”.

        • Mrs Brady says:

          As usual, satan being used as an excuse. Typical christian approach.

        • LaV says:

          “Be a good Christian ”

          LOKL…ask someone to explain what that means….you need to sit quietly at the back of your church and praise satan. Revealing your stupidity here, every day, does you no favours.

  42. Oh,I see now says:

    Mr Premier you need to be seen doing something about Mr Caines. A good cut a** in private and an even better public tongue lashing.For right or wrong the public want their point of blood.

  43. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    We haven’t heard one word from the PLP female Members of Parliament.
    Their silence is deafening!