UK Media Report On Minister Milk Matter

September 7, 2018

In an article entitled “Senior politician from Bermuda apologises after asking female staff at London’s Cereal Killer Café if they have ‘t***y milk,” the UK’s Evening Standard has reported on the Instagram video posted by Minister Wayne Caines, and his subsequent apology.

Their report said, “A senior politician from Bermuda has apologised over a video in which he appeared to ask female workers at London’s Cereal Killer Café if they had “t***y milk” for his cereal.

“Wayne Caines, Bermuda’s minister of national security, recorded a video of himself making the enquiry as a ‘joke’ before posting the footage to his 4,000 followers on Instagram earlier this week.

“Mr Caines was in London on Wednesday on government business where he met with National Crime Agency officials to discuss Britain’s work on child sex abuse and exploitation overseas.

“A spokesperson for the Government of Bermuda said they were aware of Mr Caines’ apology,” the Evening Standard report said, adding that, “The Standard has asked for a further statement from the Government and for comment from the management of the Cereal Killer Café.”

You can read the full story here on Evening Standard.

On a related note, as of this writing, both Minister Caines’ Instagram and Facebook accounts appear to be currently unavailable. His Twitter account remains accessible, however it has not been updated since 2016, with Minister Caines having been far more active on both Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. redrose says:

    Ok, so now this news has spread overseas – he has to resign

  2. eve says:

    With the “Me Too” movement constantly in the news and this senior Bermuda Government official is so clueless with his remarks. Obviously he was referring to the young lady who was politely serving him and helping him with is milk needs and he insults her with his remark. This kind of sexual insult is indicative of the man!

  3. Core Values says:

    Oh Dear…

    Minister Caines’ behaviour has placed Bermuda on the international stage for his actions and comments that do not represent the best of Bermudian men.

    It is now clear to all that you can tell us many times how great you are, and in one self filmed action you show the world who you are.

    Time to resign and get treatment – start to make amends to all the women and men you have offended when placing your sense of self above others.

  4. trufths says:

    Wait, WHAAAT? Lemme get this straight: HE not only uttered these words to this young lady but HE also taped it and HE also POSTED IT on HIS SOCIAL MEDIA? Did I read and re-read that correctly??

    The stupidity blows my mind.


    (And don’t get me started on the “child sex abuse and exploitation” reason for this trip.)

  5. archie says:

    Read by about 2 million people every day ….

  6. lizard says:

    Show the true person. Like the teacher on summer vacation. NO CLASS!

  7. Tyrone says:

    OJ and PLP supporters are shockingly quiet……..well?

  8. Aware says:

    Sorry, it may have been only stupidity, but it is offensive and he needs to be severely censured or resign.

  9. facts of the rock says:

    Vote of NO CONFIDENCE required in plp,
    Step down Burt and Cains!

  10. facts of the rock says:

    BLM…ya’ll heard of that hmmmmmm,

    well now we have,wait for it…..

    ‘Minister Milk Matter’

    (Compliments of Bernews!)

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    That would be the honourable thing to do however what talent does the PLP have left on the back bench? The pool is extremely shallow. They hope that this too shall pass. They know that their supporters will give them a free pass no matter what they do & how often they do it.

    You get what you voted for. You get what you deserve.

  12. facts of the rock says:

    ya’ll heard of BLM….

    now ya’ll heard of ….wait for it…

    ‘Minister Milk Matter’

    (Compliments of Bernews!).

    better own ii Bernews because it’s gonna be all over the ‘net!

  13. Eve says:

    It makes even more of a derogatory sexist remark is posting it to his personal instagram account for all his cronies to see. That confirms the comment was directed at the young lady who was trying to help him and by now she knows she was the target of his sexist comment.

  14. Candace says:

    Sounds to me as though he has been using Trump as his role model for leadership!!
    I am so very disgusted and disappointed!
    You have shamed our Bermuda to the world… Not to mention, while on an official trip.

    DO THE HONORABLE THING NOW, AND RESIGN. You have lost the respect of the People!!


  15. Sally says:

    I want him personally to apoligize to my daughter and her coworker. He didn’t say to them he was videoing this and ask could he post their faces on social media!!!!! Every time you search his name from now on, a video of them the two girls will appear. I’m disgusted in his behaviour and dont think it funny at all …but he continued on and posted these young girls doing their job! I don’t know anything about you or I don’t do anything about politics as I and my daughter love people from their hearts and not racist at all. We look beyond that. He has embarrassed me as a a mum and my daughters name will always be connected to him for this episode…she’s only a young girl starting off on her own…Loves her job whilst she’s at uni in London and he has to pop her in the limelight because of his disgusting remarks. Yes, apoligize to me as her mum, Mr Caines, I’m left superprotective of her because of this!!!!!! Be ashamed of yourself!!!!