Premier Updates Opposition Leader On EU Talks

September 27, 2018

Premier David Burt meet with newly sworn in Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier today [Sept 27] to provide an update on the latest round of discussions with the European Union.

Premier Burt tweeted the photos below, saying, “In Parliament I pledged to keep the Opposition informed of developments related to Bermuda’s negotiations with the European Union regarding economic substance.

“Earlier today, I met with the new Opposition Leader to provide an update on the latest round of discussions with the EU.”

Premier David Burt Bermuda Sept 27 2018

Last year the Council of the European Union named 17 jurisdictions as “non-cooperative tax jurisdictions”; American Samoa, Bahrain, Barbados, Grenada, Guam, South Korea, Macau, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Namibia, Palau, Panama, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Bermuda, while not listed as a “non-cooperative jurisdiction,” was placed on a secondary list along with over 60 other nations and territories.

Citing the “existence of tax regimes that facilitate offshore structures which attract profits without real economic activity,” the Council said “the following jurisdictions are committed to addressing the concerns relating to economic substance by 2018: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey and Vanuatu.”

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  1. eyes wide open says:

    Craig Cannonier can easily find out these facts for himself,as can anyone else.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Surely you give the man too much credit.

    • He can BUT says:

      It is right and appropriate for the Premier to brief and bring the new Opp leader up to speed.

      If he hadn’t done this–ya’ll would be shouting from the rooftops.

      Someetimes you just can’t win!

  2. stormy daniels says:

    Well Mr, cannonier. I now know how you feel about the jet gate, man im racking some miles up on the Bermudians dime. And keeping MR, Brown happy paying him all this money Bermuda is getting funded with the bitcoin.
    Thanks voters!

  3. Daft Detector says:

    Let me guess, you’re the same person that says both parties should work together for the better of Bermuda…sigh

  4. Been There says:

    Eyes wide open but, blind.

  5. sandgrownan says:

    Yeah – I think Burt is in way over his head, lacks decisive and moral leadership, and is beholden to the backroom, but it’s hard to find fault in this. Meh. Non story.

    • Moral Leadership-not so much says:

      I agree he lacks leadership strength–this was very much on display throughout the “titty milk” affair.

      A sitting MP makes debasing comments to 50% of the country’s population and our Premier is “disappointed”

      Its clear he is a Premier for the men in this country–sorry ladies–Premier Burt doesn’t value you as much as the male minister.

      Only in Bermuda.

      Man Bermuda is totally another world.

      T-milk for all!!

      • Bye bye bye says:

        Oh give the titty milk thing a break! It’s over and yesterday’s news! Move on!

  6. question says:

    Burt in actually in Bermuda? Why, what’s wrong?

    Oh wait. He has to sign the $1.2m corporate welfare check to his puppetmaster.

  7. Sick comments says:

    I am often shocked when I hear people say “why can’t we all get along” and then with pride show me the vicious emails they write that contradict themselves. If Premier Burt did not share information with the Opposition we would hear cries that he did not practice what he preached. My second concern is how people condemn or are sarcastic and self righteous but have never shown leadership in a single thing because they are concrete arm chair critics.

  8. Bye bye bye says:

    No one in their right mind reacts to these comments anyway. Only a platform for trolls to display their opinions.