Bermuda Vacation Rental Collection Agreements

October 26, 2018

“Online vacation rentals website will collect the new 4.5 percent visitor fee from guests to maximise convenience for both visitors and property owners,” the BTA said today.

“The legislatively required guest fee goes into effect November 1, 2018. Earlier this month Airbnb announced it would add Bermuda to the list of jurisdictions where it seamlessly collects taxes and fees from guests staying in Airbnb properties.”

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority continues talks with vacation rental websites to encourage fee collection arrangements that alleviate hassle for property owners and increase convenience for visitors. We’re pleased to add Bermuda Rentals to the list,” said Kevin Dallas, Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO. lists about 100 Bermuda vacation rental properties on its website.

Starting November 1, 2018, vacation rental property owners with listings not booked on Airbnb or must remit their guest fee collections monthly to the Bermuda Tourism Authority here.

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  1. Drone says:

    Wonder where this tax is going to be spent, any other country in the world taxed on AirBnb

  2. Drone says:

    Are we the only country being taxed on Airbnb

    • Micro says:

      This tax has been introduced by the government. Airbnb only acts as the facilitator to collect the fee when you stay at rentals listed on Airbnb to simplify the collection process.

  3. shàke my h3ad says:

    Really ppl….it income tax and next should be regular rent income witch is not taxed…ppm pay mortages off poor plp… dolllars

  4. Mb says:

    The tax is not nearly enough. In fact all rentals should be taxed in a certain bracket, ie daily, month to month, over 4,000. Maybe then we can raise enough revenue to collect the trash again and run buses.

    • sage says:

      Tax the 1% and corporations.

    • Shut up says:

      It’s alright for all you people to suggest taxing rents when you deadbeats don’t own your own property or home! Then don’t complain when rents are higher as a result or if renting to locals becomes something if the past! I pay enough on my mortgage, stamp duty and bank fees and now tax? Enough!

  5. Shut up says:

    And yes I am black, under 35 and not voting PLP in the next election!!!