‘I Started As Minister, Will End Talk As A Father’

October 24, 2018

Speaking at today’s anti-violence event, Minister Michael Weeks said that he started his talk as a Minister but will end speaking as father, becoming emotional as he explained that his two sons have been “locked up abroad, for making foolish choices,” and urging people to know the importance of a solid education, living a wholesome life and respecting yourself.

The Minister’s comments follow after his two sons — Marcus Weeks and Dalji Waldron — were recently sentenced to over four years in jail in the UK after being convicted of charges of conspiracy to supply cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis.

A report from the British press said, “Marcus Weeks, 28, and Dalji Waldron, 23, both of Clarina Street, Lincoln, admitted charges of conspiracy to supply cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis between August 17 2016 and September 22 2017. They also admitted production of cannabis on September 22 2017.

 30-minute video of today’s anti-violence event, the Minister’s comments are about 10 minutes in:

Jerome Lynch QC is reported to have told the court: “Their father is a Minister in the Bermudian Government. He is absolutely heartbroken by what his two sons have done not least because his third son died in a motor vehicle accident. He now loses these sons as well for a time.”

Mr Lynch added: “They were operating what can best be described as a mobile shop. They were not pressing these drugs on the vulnerable. They were in receipt of information from customers seeking to purchase. I don’t offer any excuses because they have had a relatively comfortable background. Bermuda is a strict place. ”

Speaking at today’s event at Bermuda College, Minister Weeks said he will address “the elephant in the room,” saying that “my two sons are in England right now, incarcerated.”

“I started off talking as the Minister, and I’m going to end my talk as a father,” he said.

The Minister, who became emotional when speaking, said his son Malik died due to a motorcycle collision when he was 24-years-old, and his other two sons are “locked up abroad, for making foolish choices.”

“Two intelligent, articulate, and talented black males. They had the opportunity to spend four years in University. But instead, because of their bad choices, they are spending four years in prison. Behind prison bars, in shackles,” Minister Weeks said.

“Life is no joke, ladies and gentlemen. You get out of it, what you put into it. Know the importance of a solid education. The importance, of living a wholesome, clean life. The importance of respecting yourself, which ultimately translates into respecting others.

“Our prison is full of young, black men, I want to say that from the bottom of my heart…our prison is full of young, black men. Our street corners are full of young, black men. But the Bermuda College has plenty of choices for our young, black men. And it’s all about choices. ”

The Minister then urged everyone to “come to College every day determined to make the most of the opportunity” and “make positive contributions to our society.”

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