Calendar Celebrates Camp Hope’s Anniversary

November 21, 2018

Camp Hope will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year, and the presentation of a Camp Hope Commemorative Calendar to Norbert Simons, Director of Youth and Sports was held yesterday [Nov 20] at the Youth & Sports Department Office on Wesley Street.

Edwin Whitfield, Charryse Bean from Youth, Sports and Recreation. McDonald Tucker and Daniel Robinson, Camp Hope anniversary committee, Norbert Simons, Director of Youth, Sports and Recreation and Dean Furbert, Director Camp Hope:

Camp Hope Commemorative Calendar Bermuda Nov 20 2018

A spokesperson said, “The calendar highlights photographs of staff and children who have attended the Camp over the past 50 years.

“The Director of the Camp, Dean Furbert, with his anniversary committee, has planned several events to highlight this milestone. These events, listed in the calendar, include a reunion picnic in July and a banquet in October.”

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  1. Well done, Team!!
    Your work as a team… admirable!!
    Continue on in this very, very positive vein!!