Local Church Channels Added To Digicel TV

November 14, 2018

Kingdom Dynamics TV, broadcast by the First Church of God, and the Seventh Day Adventist channel have been added to Digicel’s TV channel line-up, the company said today.

“This is the first time the two channels will be available to view in HD,” the company noted. “Additionally CEEN TV has also been added to the line-up and the channel, which is new to Bermuda, will air the best in Caribbean entertainment, current affairs, music and sports.

“This follows the addition of four exclusive channels dedicated to UEFA Champions League so football fans can see more of Europe’s premier club football tournament.

Nigel Taylor, Digicel and Bishop Lambe, First Church of God, signing the agreement

Digicel Bermuda Nov 14 2018

Digicel’s Nigel Taylor said, “As the newest TV provider in Bermuda we continue to shake-up the TV market by giving people a TV service they deserve. We’ve the best U.S. and international shows and sports, more HD channels as standard plus lots of innovative features like pause & rewind TV, a multi-screen app and a 7 day catch up service so our customers will never miss their favourite shows.”

“We are constantly adding to our channel line-up and the addition of KDTV, Seventh Day Adventist and CEEN TV follows on from the addition of 11 new channels showing premium U.S. and international shows and sport. We are constantly working to add new content to provide even more entertainment and value to our customers.

“I would like to thank Bishop Lambe and the team at the First Church of God for their co-operation in getting KDTV live on our Fibre TV service. We are as excited as they are to ensure as many of the Church’s congregation can watch the Church’s programming in HD.”

Digicel added that “KDTV is available to view in HD on channel 85, Seventh Day Adventist is on channel 80 and CEEN TV is on channel 4.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    And there goes any chance of me signing up for Digicel TV. We need less exposure to religious nonsense. Not more.

    • Change The Channel says:

      Just like people can bypass your comments you can just change the channel. It’s not that hard!

      • sandgrownan says:

        The insidious stink of religion seeps into our daily lives, polluting as it goes.

        The religious need to keep it to themselves.

  2. sage says:

    For free? These religious channels should be pay-per-view, most people don’t want to watch their foolishness.

  3. DoubleSevenSingleNiner says:

    My chruch friends, quad deuces and robbie butters, will enjoy this new channel. The only thing is they have nowhere to put their tides and offerings.

  4. question says:

    Churches should pay tax like any other for-profit entertainment business.