Ministry ‘Encouraged By Tremendous Effort’

November 1, 2018

The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs said they are “encouraged by the tremendous effort from industry partners yesterday, 31 October, and today, 1 November, as Bermuda welcomed the largest number of cruise ship passengers in tourism history.”

“Yesterday, six cruise ships and upwards of 9,300 visitors docked in the City of Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George’s, with one at anchor as well. Today, three cruise ships and 8,048 visitors remained,” the Ministry said.

Minister Roban commented, “I would like to commend the enormous effort set forth by Departments of Public Transportation and Marine and Ports Services, the taxi and minibus industry, and hotel transportation partners. It is no small feat coordinating lift for such a large number of people and yesterday and today, that was achieved.”

Cruise Ships Bermuda Nov 1 2018 (3)

The Ministry previously noted that yesterday the island would host an “unprecedented short-term influx of visitors” who the Ministry and partners have been planning for since March of this year.

The Ministry said, “Industry partners rallied to ensure that all visitors had the best possible transportation experience in Bermuda. This coordination of efforts includes:

  • All Public Service Vehicles [such as taxis and mini-buses] were in service to meet the transport demands
  • Select community service vehicles and licensed hotel properties were granted permission to operate their shuttles
  • An increase in public ferry lift was added, including a supplemental ferry route to St. George and Hamilton from Dockyard
  • A supervisor from The Department of Public Transportation was stationed in Dockyard to assist with coordination of bus services based on field reports

Cruise Ships Bermuda Nov 1 2018 (2)

“The correspondent effort of transportation services continued today, 1 November, and will last through 2 November when the last of the six cruise ships depart. 8,048 visitors and three cruise ships will depart Bermuda 1 November, and one cruise ship will remain until tomorrow, 2 November.

“The Ministry of Transport and partners have prepared to coordinate lift for these remaining visitors as well.”

Minister Roban concluded, “I would also like to recognize the work done by all of our tourism industry partners and WEDCO. They were instrumental in coordinating entertainment and activities around the island for our guests.”

Cruise Ships Bermuda Nov 1 2018 (1)

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Comments (9)

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  1. The Good Doctor says:

    Hahahahaha! The last release from A now defunct ministry

  2. Micro says:

    Jee, would be nice if we still could accommodate more than one ship in Hamilton.

  3. somuchless says:

    Yesterday was pathetic. The management of Ptb and the Ministry should be fired. No proper plans. On top of it 60 bus runs cancelled. Smh.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Also 3 fast ferries sat at the M&P’s docks all day.

  4. Real Deal says:

    Very good job at Clear water. thats how you put your best foot forward. locals dont even get that type of treatment. beach was looking fresh in OCT . hope the visitors enjoyed it.

  5. trump supporter says:

    What was he congratulating.
    All coming together now, never mind.

  6. Eve says:

    Obviously Minister Roban coordinated his story with BTA both putting out what amounts to a cover up of the long transportation delays all over the island on Wednesday. Yesterday was only slightly better because the supplemental ferry the Minister refers to is NCL’s own ferry that was operating for NCL Escape passengers only. What was going on with all the empty minibuses at Dockyard Wednesday & Thursday? Evidently BTA was selling tokens to cruisers for pink buses and cruisers didn’t know that about minibuses. What was the Transport coordinator at Dockyard coordinating?
    The cruise lines are going to be making more demands on the government and BTA to improve transportation and the cruise lines won’t be willing to contribute dollars to what is Bermuda’s problem. Transportation has been a major problem at Dockyard for years and is now a major problem across the island, it takes ‘action’ not just ‘effort’.

  7. Your joking says:

    The question should be “who arranged 6 cruise ships all at once??”… Especially since our transport issues have been going on for a few years

    • Real Deal says:

      who cares ! let them come it should be 6 at a time every time