Over $11,000 Raised So Far To Assist Mother

November 4, 2018

Northshore Medical Centre’s Dr. Kyjuan Brown has launched a fundraiser to assist Natasha York, a mother of two with a seizure disorder who is at risk of being evicted from her home, and so far the efforts have raised over $11,000, with over 100 people donating over the past week.

On the GoFundMe page, Dr. Brown said, “This single mother of two, has intractable seizures! She is unable to work as a result and has fallen behind on her rent. Government does not pay rental arrears. We are raising money to keep this lady and her two young daughters ages 10 and 16 from being put out on the streets.”

Speaking in the video, Dr Brown explained that he personally is also donating to the effort, spoke about how medical marijuana can assist her condition, and also, with Ms York’s permission, included a video of her having a seizure so people can see first hand exactly how difficult her situation is.

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  1. Real Deal says:

    my boy that died few years back from seizure needed medical marijuana he was pumped full of pill and nothing helped. died a painful death. I was trying to get him some black market medical marijuana cream to use because he did not smoke but the cost was too much in Bermuda. must be a real crazy thing to be in pain 24/7 i feel for those people and respect them for not trying to take their own life.

  2. Fed Up says:

    When are we gonna start taking care of each other? This lady & her kids need us as a community to help them. They are one of us. This disgusting government has revoked her financial assistance simply because out of desperation to survive she used medicinal marijuana that was her crime? It angers me to see this. We all don’t give a damn when it doesn’t impact us. This government and passed governments don’t give a rats you know what about our children and the elderly or people in need. With our greed and self entitlement but what about those who are struggling out there we lost a beautiful young lady because the system had failed. I’m sure all of the big exempt companies and regular companies have seen this on the news. And instead of donating to some road race or some glorified boat race how about donating to some humans that are in desperate need. Where are all the churches who don’t pay any taxes. (CRICKETS) This should not happen in a democracy like Bermuda a well-off rich democracy like Bermuda it is a situation where the wrong people have all the money. They will not help unless they get something in return. SMH!

    • Our money says:

      Go work 3 jobs and get yours and see how much you donate freely to others you hypocrite! Or better still make a large fund me donation and we will match your generosity! Lead by example and stop criticizing the Government for all your ills in life! Don’t know where you get off putting Government on point to heal all wounds? It’s called life and you make your own breaks happen.