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CariGenetics has launched Gut2Know, with 15 community contestants taking part in the #WeGut2Know National Health Challenge.

A spokesperson said, “CariGenetics celebrated a significant milestone at Ignite Bermuda on February 20, 2024, with the official launch of its first product, Gut2Know, the Caribbean’s first gut microbiome test kit. The event also marked the announcement of the 15 community contestants selected from the 105 Bermudians who signed up, in just 10 days, for the #WeGut2Know National Health Challenge in a move to revolutionise gut health awareness and personalised healthcare in the Caribbean.”

Dr. Carika Weldon, CEO and Founder of CariGenetics, said, “Launching Gut2Know is not just a milestone for CariGenetics but a leap forward for healthcare in the Caribbean. We’re not only introducing our first official product but also embarking on a mission to ensure that individuals of Caribbean ancestry have access to personalised health insights that can transform their lives.

“The #WeGut2Know National Health Challenge is a testament to our commitment to community health and our belief in the power of personalised medicine.”

The spokesperson said, “The event was a vibrant gathering of health enthusiasts, community leaders, supporters of CariGenetics’ mission and eager customers for Gut2Know. Attendees were introduced to Gut2Know, designed to provide detailed insights into a person’s gut microbiome, empowering individuals with actionable health data tailored to the unique composition of their gut flora.

“The 15 community contestants, representing various parishes across Bermuda, are as follows:

  • Don DeSilva, St Georges
  • Shannon Adderley, St Georges
  • BarbaraAnn Paynter, St Georges
  • Jill Raine, St Georges
  • Rayven Walker, Hamilton Parish
  • Angeline Butler, Hamilton Parish
  • Ashley Isaac, Hamilton Parish
  • Robbie Bailey, Devonshire
  • Dione Powell, Devonshire
  • Scott Redmond, Pembroke
  • Kiante Francis, Pembroke
  • Judith Motyer, Paget
  • Lisa Froud, Paget
  • Petrice Madeiros, Warwick
  • Miranda Lister, Sandys

“The five celebrities, who are participating in the challenge to donate the $2,500 prize to charity are:

  • Nadanja Bailey, Warwick – Women Resource Centre
  • Gavin Manders, Southampton – Port Royal Primary PTA
  • Caitlin Conyers, Pembroke – Family Centre
  • Mr Fotogenik, Sandy’s – Dalton E. Tucker PTA
  • Dr Carika Weldon, Warwick – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda

“The chosen 15 were selected blindly based on their written entries only, looking at the individual’s health background, motivation for joining, and potential to benefit from the Challenge. The selection committee ensured a varied and representative group of participants to maximise the impact and reach of the Challenge and were compelled by some of the reasons for joining.

“One contestant wrote, ‘I am getting older and need to get healthy ASAP! Over the past several years, I’ve been committed to ensuring that my children have received the financial support necessary in furthering their education. I have worked tirelessly to make it all happen, sacrificing my own health in doing so! Now it’s time to take care of me!’

“Others chosen are focusing on understanding the link between gut health and Alzheimer’s disease, relieving eczema, being healthy for future family milestones, getting Carnival ready, boosting self-confidence, getting better sleep, relieving indigestion, improving athletic performance, regulating hormone imbalance, and holistic approaches to diabetes, cancer and inflammatory bowel syndrome. An overwhelming consensus was the excitement for local support in improving gut health through this challenge.

“Owing to the clear need and high demand, CariGenetics has created the #WeGut2Know bundle so that anyone from the public can still compete in the challenge. The bundle includes:

  • 2 Gut2Know kits
  • A 45-minute meal planning consultation with Wholistic Wellness,
  • Access to a health coach throughout the challenge,
  • Access to 20% discount codes for meals prepped by Nourished and Eat Clean Bermuda • A limited edition “Trust Your Gut” Challenge T-shirt

“Those who purchase this bundle by midnight on Saturday 24 February 2024 will be entered into the challenge for a chance to win $2,500 cash, sponsored by The Brand Development Group.

“Versatile Body Fitness, the newest sponsor of the challenge, is supporting weekly ‘Gut2Know Our Health’ segments at 8:45 am every Friday on VIBE 103.3 with DJ Chubb, Dr Carika Weldon and the Challenge Host, Powergirl Trina. Each week a new gut health fact will be discussed and random giveaways given to earnest listeners.

“To purchase the #WeGut2Know bundle and join the challenge, click here. For those interested in purchasing Gut2Know alone or starting the bundle later on, please shop here.

“Follow along with the contestants’ journey during the challenge by following the #WeGut2Know Instagram page.

“Anyone interested in being a brand ambassador or authorised distributor, or organisations keen to start their own internal challenge should email gut2know@carigenetics.com.

“CariGenetics is proud to lead this initiative, supported by its partners and the community, to foster a healthier Caribbean, one gut at a time.”

CariGenetics #WeGut2Know Community Contestants

Kiante Francis #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Lisa Froud #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Miranda Lister #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Petrice Madeiros #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Rayven Walker #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Robbie Bailey #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Scott Redmond #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Shannon Adderley #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Angeline Butler #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Ashley Isaac #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

BarbaraAnn Paynter #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Dionne Powell #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Don Desilva #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Jill Raine #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Judith Motyer #WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Celebrities participating in the challenge

Nadanja Bailey CariGenetics WeGut2Know Bermuda February 202

Caitlin Conyers CariGenetics WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Dr Carika Weldon CariGenetics WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Gavin Manders CariGenetics WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

Mr Fotogenik CariGenetics WeGut2Know Bermuda February 2024

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