Video: RA On Bermuda’s Future Electricity Plan

November 27, 2018

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has published an informational video to explain Bermuda’s IRP – Integrated Resource Plan that will be the “framework for the long-term vision for electricity generation in Bermuda.”

The Authority’s Senior Legal Advisor, Monique Lister said, “The IRP is being developed by the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda with input from a variety of sources including public consultation, government policy and ministerial direction.”

The RA said, “The process started with the Authority notifying BELCO to submit an IRP Proposal in accordance with the Electricity Act 2016, that proposal was published in May 2018 and at that time a public consultation period opened.

“The Authority hosted town hall meetings in May and invited the public to submit proposals for alternative generation. Eight proposals were received and published in October, with several of them suggesting the use of renewable energy sources. The proposals identify technologies to be considered for inclusion in the IRP.”

The public consultation period for comments on the alternative proposals ends on Friday November 30th.

Regulatory Authority Chair, Angela Berry said, “We are pleased to see the community participate in the process on this important subject that touches every consumer. We wish to remind the public that the IRP will be determined on public interest together with the technical, economic, environmental and social merits of each technology, aligned with government ministerial direction.

“The Authority began its public outreach in May of this year with town hall meetings, radio interviews and an informational flyer delivered to every household in July and it is our hope that this video will help more people to understand some of the potential technologies.”

The RA added, “The IRP will be published in 2019. It is a long-term framework for Bermuda’s electricity needs and will be reviewed up to every 5 years to ensure it remains relevant. The inclusion of alternative bulk generation technology is for future planning.

“At such time that alternative generation is required, a tender process may be initiated for the suggested technology and interested parties may be invited to submit through a Competitive Bidding Procedure, as set by the Authority.

“The eight proposals for alternative bulk generation that were submitted include technologies of wave energy, a floating ship-based regasification power and water plant, wind and solar energy, multi-fuel power using LNG and oil, biomass technology using wood pellet fuel and hydrogen-based steam generation with water recovery.

Full proposals, a summary sheet and all of the consultation documents can be viewed on the Authority website. Public responses can be submitted from the same web page. The 20-minute informational video is below.”

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Whatever BELCO come up with it will be disguised in a way that they can still milk the consumer so that the greedy share holders can keep their bank accounts full. The cost will never come down.

    • K says:

      Your are just selfishly use too much electricity and are mad you have to pay for it. Cell phone bills can be just as high but I dont hear you complaining about that.

  2. Leo26 says:

    So why is BELCO building another diesel plant as we speak if there are alternatives? Cart before the horse. I guess the chairman fooled Bermuda with another America’s Cup type promise. He is costing Bermuda. Like Minister Desilva said, anyone can get people to Bermuda for 60M. It’s about sustainable change not a won hit wonder. How much electricity will we save with BELCO’s 100M diesel power plant ? Why are we stuck with the BELCO plan if the IRP is about alternatives? What a joke. Paying a so called world class foreign experts to reduce Bermudian jobs while they and board members get paid bonuses along with greedy shareholders. Sleep well board members as you cripple Bermuda more with higher electricity prices for your children to bare.

    • Kathy says:

      It is not too late….write to electricity @ rab . bm and voice your concerns. Let them know you want lower electricity prices. Let them know you are concerned about BELCO’s IRP and let them know you are interested in an energy mix that will ensure lower costs for the next 25 years and that what BELCO is proposing will lock us into volatile pricing for the next 25 years. Let them know we want more assurance that prices will be lower. You have two days left to voice your concern. Otherwise, forever hold your peace!

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    So now the RA is involved we can relax right…..NOT!!! Look what they did for the telecoms world, we (customers) are being shafted at every turn and the RA continues to dismiss incompetence and BS put forward bt the providers go way above their heads and the same path will be followed by BELCO

    BELCO are really bad at what they do except overcharging customers, this is a company that’s made billions over the last hundred years or so and have invested very little back into future technology and has paid huge dividends to their directors bought companies like Bermuda gas, air care etc which has nothing to do with the core business and has held Bermuda hostage on many an occasion from the “ power surcharge” and fictitious “demand limit calculations” the RA will never figure it out, so we have more of the same to look forward to

  4. Jus' Askin' says:

    ALL DUMB ideas :-(