Brands Events Manager: Thomas Lightbourne

December 10, 2018

Thomas Lightbourne Bermuda Dec 2018Thomas Lightbourne has been hired as brand events manager, the Bermuda Tourism Authority announced today [Dec 10].

“The young Bermudian talent moves over from the Corporation of Hamilton where he had eight years of experience in event management and marketing, including responsibilities for City Food Festival and Bermuda Fashion Festival,” the BTA said.

“When he joins the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s public relations team in New York City, Thomas will be in charge of translating Bermuda brand concepts into real-life experiences at special tourism events, trade shows and client affairs.

“He starts in the new role January 7, 2019 and will hit the ground running with Bermuda tourism marketing events scheduled in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia during February and March.”

“Event marketing is a major part of what we do at the Bermuda Tourism Authority to convey the distinct vibe of the island in a way that sets her apart from other destinations,” said Victoria Isley, chief sales and marketing officer.

“Thomas’s event experience and passion for Bermuda make him a great fit as brand events manager – we can’t wait for him to get started.”

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  1. rodney smith says:

    Thomas is a great man and a personal friend . I only expect great things from him .He will do Bermuda proud .

  2. Eve says:

    Not questioning Thomas’ qualifications and job experience; questioning BTA continuing to increase the staff In NYC creating what has become Bermuda’s most lucrative employer funded by government purse. When tourism was booming and stakeholders were responsible for 90% of their own sales marketing there wasn’t a need to increase the number in civil service to do the job. BTA event parties in NYC, Boston & Philly are only repeating efforts that have been done for the last 4 or 5 years. BTA is the largest tourism organization that any competing destination has, the others are doing far better with half the employees and less cost.

    • Kevin Dallas says:

      To answer your ‘question’;

      1. Thomas’ role is one that has existed since the BTA was formed 4.5 years ago, and became vacant when Ticole Swan left us to come home. It is not an increase in headcount.

      2. By any objective measure what the BTA is doing is working, and we are outperforming comparable Caribbean destinations.

      3. The recently completed National Tourism Plan 2019-2025 confirms that NY, Boston and Philadelphia (plus DC and Toronto) remain the right first priority markets for growing tourism.

      4. BTA has half the budget of the old BDOT.

      5. Benchmarking tells us that most destination marketing organisations spend ~1/3 of their budgets on staff. At the BTA that ratio is <20%.

      • Eve says:

        Cayman and Turks & Caicos are doing better. If BTA has done their job the cities you name won’t need repeated reminders. What about cities like a Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit and Charlotte that are good potential? We all know why BDOT had a big budget using it as a comparison doesn’t fly. The salary/budget percentage ratio isn’t applicable unless you track the staff ROI which includes their travel & living expense.

        • Kevin Dallas says:

          While I hate to let facts and reality get in the way of a good argument… 2017 leisure air visitors:

          Turks: -4%
          Cayman: +8.5%
          Bermuda: +11%

          You can read more about our focus and nurture cities in the newly released National Tourism Plan, which comprehensively looks at where future demand will come from, and shows you the data on the cities you think are “good potential”.

          BTA ROI was studied in 2016 by Longwoods International and showed a 15:1 return for every dollar spent. That study is being rerun now and the results will be made public.

          • question says:

            Awesome. You have a lot of support Mr Dallas. Thanks for creating some Bermuda success.

          • Eve says:

            Typical BTA response quoting percentages from 2017, look at 2018 numbers of air visitor not percentages. Do a “Staff ROI” and make that public so taxpayers know if BTA can justify the number of high end salaries paid out. Cayman Tourism has to show the government the expected ROI on major expenditures before they are approved,

            • Question says:

              The fact is you were wrong. In fact you look pretty stupid.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Wait… 2018 isn’t over… how does… how do you… I don’t… huh?

              Do you know something we don’t?

      • What says:

        And what about your salary vs others? Time for you to go! Cmon Zane do the right thing and clean up the BTA!!!

        • Double S says:

          Only PLPers would want to get rid of a successful venture such as the BTA.

          You all have been conditioned to view PLP failures (too numerous to mention) as successes that when confronted with actual successes you view them as failures. Typical.

  3. Rockfish#2 says:

    Nothing personal against Thomas,but the BTA is already top heavy with questionable appointments.
    Is this additional person really necessary? Was this job advertised so that others could apply? What is the salary for this position?
    Perhaps Minister De Silva should weigh in on this matter,seeing that this is costing us more money.

    • Kevin Dallas says:

      Necessary? Yes. And note that it’s not a new role. Thomas is replacing Ticole Swan, who left the job (and the BTA) after 3 years when she decided to return to Bermuda. We’re delighted to have found in Thomas a suitably qualified and talented young Bermudian to take on the opportunity.

      Advertised locally? Yes, extensively. BTA policy is that all roles are posted first internally and then advertised in Bermuda – including NYC jobs.

      Salary? Our compensation bands are available for public consumption on our website, or in person at our front desk at 22 Church Street. Come say hi!