Commissioner: Students Return On January 3rd

December 31, 2018

Commissioner of Education Kalmar Richards is reminding the public that all students in the Bermuda Public School System [except those attending preschool] will now return to school on January 3rd, 2019. Preschool students will return to school on January 2nd, 2019.

Commissioner Richards said, “We at the Department of Education remain committed to working collaboratively with parents, teachers and principals to improve the outcomes of students in the Bermuda Public School System.

“The academic calendar was changed at the request from the Bermuda Union of Teachers to provide training for Standards-Based Grading at the primary and middle school levels. This training will supplement training that has already taken place to date. Additional training will take place during the rest of the school year lead by a team made up of existing school teachers.

“Additionally, on January 2nd, as part of the ongoing discussions between our senior and special school principals and the Ministry of Education, all senior and special school principals and school staff will participate in school-based professional.

“This training is separate from the Standards-Based Training to be held with all primary and middle school staff and will take place at the senior and specials schools respectively.

“Let me take this opportunity once again extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change in the academic calendar.”

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  1. It is hoped that may kinks which were evident just before the Christmas holidays are to be worked through quite swiftly.
    PLEASE. Our students do deserve that.
    OBA, Grant Gibbons and Cole Simons…let us get these issues corrected as quick as possible.
    Also, give the students their report cards.
    Most have earned to see their academic growth on a report card!!

    • LaV says:

      You really are an idiot. You’re appealing to the OBA to fix the education system?
      What brain eating disease do you suffer from?
      Your PLP government is responsible now, grow up.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      You think education is going to be fixed in a day?! Titty milk got you saying anything!! Ha ha ha!!

    • Anbu says:

      Why are u telling the opposition to do your governments job? Lmao. Almost two years in and nothing lmao. Oh you got jokes lol.

  2. Grant Gibbons and Cole Simons cared nothing about our students!!

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Ya, ya boi Rabain tried firing someone who he couldn’t even fire. Ha ha ha!! Too much titty milk tonight?!?!

    • Question says:

      Right now we have mass revolt among the teachers and Ed Minister. No one supports him.

  3. PANGAEA says:


    Hey ! every body its a new year , so wake up !

    Before you try to educate the children you need the educate the parent.

    Not every one wants to be a Lawyer ; Doctor or Candle Stick Maker .

    If the parent fell down in to the pit of dispair the children will surely follow.

    Are we raising a nation of robots.

    I was a robot !

    I worked for somebody else and made them wealthy.

    A wealthy man with out friends is poor.

    A poor man with out money is with out hope.

    It is easier to do nothing, than to do something.

    The new beginning .Lower the taxes.