Dr. Paris Abandons 4th Attempt Around World

December 17, 2018

Dr. Stanley Paris – who has been attempting to solo circumnavigate the world starting off Bermuda for over 4 years — has abandoned his fourth attempt, with the 81-year-old sailor saying he “could sail on but I don’t believe we have a chance of making it.”

On December 15th, Dr Paris posted on his blog saying, “Kiwi Spirit II heads for St. Augustine. It is not what we wanted to hear. It’s a bitter disappointment, I know. Never in over my 100,000 sea miles have I had so much go wrong so soon.

Photo courtesy of Dr Paris:

Dr. Stanley Paris Bermuda Dec 16 2018

“Major problems include: loss of bilge pumps, loss of two starboard side hydro generators so necessary for power. In addition diesel fuel leaks into bilges and fresh water system failure.

“I could sail on but I don’t believe we have a chance of making it. I will have a more detailed report once I reach St. Augustine sometime between Christmas and New Years.”

Video of Dr Paris sailing by Bermuda during his first attempt back in 2013:

Dr. Paris had been aiming to solo circumnavigate the globe – starting from St. Augustine, Florida and going by way of Bermuda to challenge the existing 150 day, 6 hour record from Bermuda back to Bermuda set by Dodge Morgan in 1986.

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  1. Real Deal says:

    all those things are fixable not a real reason to stop sailing i think age is the issue here