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January 2, 2019

The Harness Pony Racing Season continued with a large crowd on hand to watch the New Years Day Races.

Kiwon Waldron and Gold-N-Glory won the 1:03&4 & Faster Time Bar Class, stopping the clock in a time of 1:01&3, Itsallaboutme and Christian Truran finished second in 1:03&1 and Custard the Dragon and Andrea Westerfield finished third in 1:03&2.

Sergio Raynor in the bike of Special Gold won Heat 2 in the 1:04 – 1:05&1 Time Bar Class, when they clocked a time of 1:05&4, Double Time with Dylan DeSilva in the bike finished second in 1:06 flat, while Candyce Martins in the bike of Google Me finished third with a time of 1:06&1 and Casey Truran in the bike of Reel Patrol finished fourth in 1:06&2.

Heat 3 of the afternoon saw Cameron Harris in the bike of Thisbabyrocks won the 1:04 – 1:05&1 Time Bar Class race with a time of 1:04&4, Inwood’s Realist and Kiwon Waldron finished second with a time of 1:05 flat and Philip Correia and Simsfield Hardtimes finished third with a time of 1:05&1.


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