Photos: Harness Pony Racing Season Underway

October 25, 2020

[Updated with photos] The 2020/2021 Bermuda Harness Pony Racing Season got underway at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

The opening race of the season saw a nose win for Simsfield Hardtimes with Dylan DeSilva in the bike as they edged out Colin Mello in the bike of War Machine, both had a time of 1:05&1 in the 1:03 & Faster Time Bar Class.

Race two was the 1:05&1 to 1:06&3 Time Bar Class, which saw David Burrows in the bike of Shady Maple clock a winning time of 1:09&1, while Edward Roque in the bike of GV Crystal Ball clock a time of 1:09&2.


During the 1:03&1 to 1:04 Flat Class, Dylan DeSilva in the bike of Rockeyed Optimist clock a winning time of 1:05&1, with Andrea Westerfield in the bike of Custard the Dragon finishing second in a time of 1:05&2.

Race four featured the 1:04&1 to 1:05&1 Time Bar Class, David Burrows in the bike of Reign of Terror clocked a winning time of 1:06 flat, with Candyce Martins in the bike of Inwoods Progress finishing second in 1:06&2.

Race five saw the debut of youngster Kamaili Tucker in the bike of Iron Mike, she was up against Nisuje Landy in the bike of Kool the Fire in the 1:06&4 to 1:08 flat and 1:08&1 to 1:11&3 Time Bar Classes. Landy clocked a winning time of 1:07&3, with Tucker clocking 1:08 flat.

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