Contest: Design Kites To Hang In New Airport

February 18, 2019

Aecon and Skyport are launching a contest to design Bermudian kites, with the winning designs set to “be incorporated into actual kites that will be suspended from the ceilings in the new terminal.”

“Open to the entire Bermuda community, kite designs are being sought from residents of any age – from school children, professionals, artists, senior citizens, and any Bermudian who has a creative idea to decorate the new terminal,” Skyport said.

“The ten winning designs will be incorporated into actual kites that will be suspended from the ceilings in the new terminal – adding a Bermudian sense of place to the new building.”

Mikaela Pearman, Marketing and Communications Officer, Skyport, says: “We want to ensure the new terminal of the LF Wade International Airport feels Bermudian inside and out. One of the ways to achieve this is by incorporating Bermudian elements to the interior design. Kites are a big part of our culture and we look forward to seeing creative, colourful and impressive designs.”

There are three categories for the contest:

  • Children up to 12-years-old – two winners to be selected.
  • Teens aged 13 to 18 years old – three winners to be selected.
  • The 19-year-old and over age category – five winners to be selected.

“The kite shapes are hexagon, octagon and decagon and entrants may select any of these three base kite types. Submissions will be accepted until March 31 and the winner will be announced the week of April 15. Cash prizes of $250 per winner will be given in addition to the winning designs being displayed in the terminal.


“The judges for the contest are Colin Campbell of OBM International; Karla Lacey of the BTA; Dr. Kim Dismont-Robinson, Government’s Folklife Officer; kite master Eugene O’Connor and Alan Daniels of Kite Warriors.”

Frank Ross, Executive Advisor, Infrastructure, Aecon Construction, says: “We would like to encourage anyone with an interest in Bermuda kites and art to enter this competition. This is a great opportunity to be artistic and imaginative and have your work shown to the millions of people who will pass through the new terminal.”

The rules are as follows: No actual kites, no words, no political references and no human likeness in design. Aecon/Skyport has the right to make the final decision.

To submit an electronic copy of your design, please email Hard copies can be delivered to OBM International to the attention of Colin Campbell. The address is: Woodbourne Hall – 1 Gorham Road Hamilton HM 08, Bermuda.

The kite shapes follow below [PDF here]:

click here banner airport 2

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Heads up, make one with a maple leaf design.

    • wahoo says:

      Okay and you make one with a big pink bus on it.

    • LaV says:

      OJ, Canada doesn’t want you anymore than the UK does…you’re not special!

    • Mark says:

      Heads up – idiot has posted a comment! Don’t worry OJ, I’m sure the only color in your crayon kit is Pee L Pee green.

  2. Rediculous says:

    None of these kites have headsticks!!!

    • PBanks says:

      I think for basic design/sketch, they’re not trying to get too detailed here. It’s just a design competition, not an actual construction one.

      • sage says:

        That’s right, you design it and they will attach the tail to the head stick like in the original drawings.

        • PBanks says:

          Haha. Hopefully the person who created the PDF was pulling in clip art or something and not using their own outline.

  3. Lorraine Gayewski says:

    Looking forward to returning to my island in the ocean arriving at the beautiful new building giving a welcoming hello or a welcome back greeting. Bermuda has always been special to me and will remain another world.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Spoiler Alert, its not another world.
      Yes it will be a beautiful building but it will belong to Canada for 30 yesrs (who tried to sell it to China) and thats 30 years of revenue leaving our pockets, and then when we get a 30 year old building back, chances are it will need to be upgraded.
      So I guess who you ask, It is another world.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You’re as politically obtuse in your understanding of the new airport financing as you are about the America’s Cup .
        How’s about you comment on the new hospital wing in comparison ?
        tic toc

        • wahoo says:

          Or the missing $900M. Let’s see now $30M x 30 years = $900M…..weird huh? Also we should get some Canadian accounts down at BIU at least they would be able to produce some financial statements from time to time…..but OJ doesn’t care about where his money goes does he.

      • Mark says:

        “years” keep trying you illiterate dolt.

      • aceboy says:

        It’s also 30 years of expenses covered.

        Are you one of the gullible fools that think the airport should come at no cost to the tax payer because CF told you so? That is simply impossible. To build it ourselves we would have had to borrow the money and the PLP’s plan was budgeted to be $500 million. The interest on that debt alone would have created a huge loss. And the other expenses would still need to be paid causing more loans over the 30 years and we would pay interest on interest on interest.

        I suggest you go back to school and learn how finances work.

  4. Johnny B says:

    Hopefully these kites will have hummers so we can hear the sweet sound of our culture.

  5. LaV says:

    hummers…. sound of our culture.

    That’s about it…oh, and racist, homophobic and xenophobic as well :)

  6. Na man.. says:

    Why not just ask for a real kite? Anybody can draw a kite on paper.