PLP And OBA Condemn Offensive Vandalism

February 13, 2019

[Updated] Following extremely offensive messages painted on walls and roads, both the OBA and PLP moved to condemn the actions, with both parties urging people to contact the police if they have any information.

The graffiti appeared on walls including that of North Shore Medical as well as Empire Grocery on North Shore, which has has the entire front section of their building defaced with messages, which we have blurred out of the images below due to their highly offensive racist, homophobic, and violent nature.

vandal Bermuda Feb 13 2019 (2)

Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban:

Minister Roban said, “Residents and commuters of Constituency 15 awoke this morning to the sight of slanderous graffiti on the walls of neighbourhood businesses.

“As Parliamentary representative for this constituency, I wish to condemn such acts of community disrespect. The owners, workers and patrons of these establishments deserve respect and I am outraged by such behaviour.

“It is important that we voice our views and opinions in a respectful manner and do not partake in efforts to use vandalism to voice our views.

“Any persons who may have witnessed this act, please report it to the Bermuda Police Service to investigate further; this behaviour will not be tolerated.”

vandal Bermuda Feb 13 2019 (6)

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier:

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier today said he “condemned the vile and appalling threatening, homophobic and racist graffiti painted on the side of a building in Devonshire.”

“This kind of thing has no place in our society,” said Mr Cannonier. “I am appalled that this could happen in Bermuda and I would urge members of the community who know anything about this vile act to inform the police. This is not the first time we have seen this kind of thing and it has to stop.”

Update: Police Statement

A police spokesperson said, “Around 6:30am today [February 13th] police officers responded to a report of willful damage on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

“On arrival officers observed offensive graffiti spray painted on the outside of Empire Grocery. Police officers also responded to a report of graffiti at North Shore Medical around 8:30am Wednesday.

“The graffiti was documented and reassurance provided to the staff of both businesses.

“Inquiries are underway regarding this incident and any witnesses or members of the public with relevant information are encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.”

Update 2.15pm: Both the Northshore Medical and Empire Grocery buildings have been painted over

Empire Grocery Bermuda Feb 13 2019

North Shore Medical Bermuda Feb 13 2019 (3)

Update 11.25pm: MP Michael Dunkley said, “Early this morning I was alerted to the disgusting and very concerning graffiti painted on buildings overnight that contained vulgar, offensive and threatening language. I visited the North Shore area to show my concern at what was done last night and I also spent time talking to people impacted.

“I have confidence that the Bermuda Police Service will track down any offender and any community support with information that might be pertinent to the BPS I am sure would be appreciated.

“Sadly there are a very few amongst us who partake in this diabolical behavior and as a community we must always work together to root out these types of incidents as we can not allow any fear to be part of our lives. In addition, family and friends must do whatever we can to support those in need.”

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  1. Dread says:

    Thanks PLP, you have divided this country to the breaking point!!!

  2. Double S says:

    “The owners, workers and patrons of these establishments deserve respect and I am outraged by such behaviour.”

    What about the actual targets of these violent death threats?

    “It is important that we voice our views and opinions in a respectful manner and do not partake in efforts to use vandalism to voice our views.”

    I can only imagine his press release if it was the other way around. Sick mindset of the person who wrote that and Roban’s pathetic response.

  3. chocolate coins says:

    Bermuda is very much a 3rd world country.

  4. Sorry Sir says:

    This is what happens when metal illness is ignored and goes unchecked.

    This is the same person who has been writing hate speech on Marsh Folly Road and at Banard’s Park Netball court.

    But now that it’s on a main road in plain sight, that’s when this country wants to do something.

    It most likely is the same guy who put paint on cars at Delwood a few years back.

    • JohnnyB says:

      The Paint Stained Vandal strickes again

    • Lost Souls says:

      An individual this much hate in their veins does not keep it to themselves. They are by nature very vocal about their feelings. There is no way that’s somebody out there does not know who this person is. By ignoring it and not turning them in they are condoning it and encouraging it. My message to those of you that know who this person is please turn them in stop this. right now they’re hateful behavior doesn’t involve you… Which is probably why you’re looking the other way and ignoring it. However, if those of you that new continue to ignore this person… Then don’t complain if we become desensitized to it and when the heat is about you nobody does anything about it

  5. Yaya says:

    This is disgusting behavior. Put a wireless camera high up connected to WiFi for a couple of days . Catch this ass and lock him or her up for a very long time. This is the wrong message for our young children!! Teach them a lesson!! This person is mentally ill and I’m sick and tired of their stupid actions!!

    You lot better get ya heads out of ya asses before this island is wrecked, if it isn’t already.

  6. Really!! says:

    PLP is spending the people’s money in court while being the worse homophobic example… they spread the hate, the racism and now comdemn how it’s flourishing? Very funny…

    • Honestly says:

      Is this a political issue? Let’s keep on track of the real problem here!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Like OBA with Lahey.

      • Mark says:

        Actually, my first suspect was you!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Of course you fail to remember what the US judge said about the case and its validity in relation to the jurisdiction that the case was filed in !

  7. JohnBoy says:

    How long did it take to write all of that. Did nobody see the person as they were writing?

  8. Me says:

    When your government fails you and no OBA to blame anymore and for many years to come when all we get is fintech dreams we turn on each other it seems will we all get a payoff .

  9. Toodle-oo says:

    Oh look ! Sentiments painted on walls in public that can be very commonly found on local social media sites/chat boards.
    How shocking !