‘These Threats Have No Place On Our Island’

November 1, 2016

Politicians from both parties have condemned the hateful graffiti which has appeared across the island, with the OBA saying they view them as “criminal threats that attempt to instill fear amongst our elected officials, their families and other members of our community,” adding that “these threats have no place on our island,” while the PLP said they “condemn this without reservation” and that “anti-social behavior and derogatory slurs” are “not the way to express dissatisfaction or disagreement.”

OBA Comment

OBA Chairperson Lynne Woolridge said, “Over the last few days there have been a series of public acts of vandalism advocating violence against elected officials, visitors and other members of Bermuda’s community.

“So there is no doubt as to the seriousness in which we view these expressions of intolerance and hate, the One Bermuda Alliance views these activities as criminal threats that attempt to instill fear amongst our elected officials, their families and other members of our community and these threats have no place on our island.

“Any defacement of property with venom laced propaganda instigates rhetoric that is divisive and counterproductive as we move our country forward. We are calling on Police authorities to investigate these criminal threats as serious and dangerous and invoke the full authority of the law to ensure the safety of all Bermudians.

“And we also call on the Opposition to join us in publicly condemning these acts and ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice. We also urge the public, if you see something, please say something all.”

PLP Comment

In a joint statement, Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban and MP Diallo Rabain said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party condemns the recent spate of graffiti targeting the OBA across the island.

“While many Bermudians have become frustrated, disenchanted and even angered with the OBA’s approach on many issues, anti-social behavior and derogatory slurs against the LGBT Community are not the way to express dissatisfaction or disagreement.

“We condemn this without reservation. We encourage all of Bermuda to seek more lawful and productive ways to participate in the political process.”

Police Investigation

The police are investigating the matter, and said: “After examination of the recent reported incidents of graffiti, there is every reason to suggest that this is the action of a lone individual,” adding that “investigators are interested in speaking with members of the public who may have personal CCTV in the affected areas.”

The police have asked anyone who can assist with the investigation to contact them on 295-0011.

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  1. Broken Glass says:

    LIVE and LET LIVE.
    and learn to mind your own business.

  2. Bobby J says:

    One wonders where CURB, BIU and Rev Tweed are on this. The PLP are just saying that “derogatory slurs against the LGBT Community are not the way to express dissatisfaction or disagreement”. They are not saying it is wrong to write this about the OBA. Shame on them.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Oh give it a rest Bobby, there’s enough hate in those messages of graffiti without you having to add to it.

    • Family Man says:

      CURB and the BIU will shortly be making an announcement about the high cost of spray paint on the Island. And of course the OBA are only complaining because this was written in black paint so they must be racist. If it had been written in white paint ….

    • Thoughtful says:

      “In a joint statement, Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban and MP Diallo Rabain said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party condemns the recent spate of graffiti targeting the OBA across the island.”

      Either you cant read or you are dishonestly trying to mislead….fortunately people,unlike you, can read!!

    • Noncents says:

      @ Bobby J

      Curb and now Tweed are irrelevant so nobody cares whether they have anything to say. I think this is mostly an appropriate response from PLP but agree they should condemn death threats and no just anti-LGBT language.

      • Thoughtful says:

        I don’t know how you read the PLP response to the threats on the LGBT community without reading the very first paragraph condemning the graffiti about the OBA….LOL UNBELIEVABLE SERIOUSLY!! I guess you only see and read what you want to read!!

    • Thoughtful says:

      A person like you is dangerous and cant be trusted when you can blatantly lie about the PLP not condemning the graffiti about the OBA when it is clearly in the very first paragraph of their statement above! As a member of many swing voters in my family,who voted OBA last election on their promising platform,lies like that leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.No matter how much you dislike the opposition, give credit where due.

      • Toleratate says:

        As a member of many swing voters in my family…. we don’t normally base our vote off the comments by a political party follower…. just saying…. but yes, give credit where credit is due…. nice to see they got around to actually condemning the action which EVERY Bermudian should… better late than never I guess….

        • Thoughtful says:

          Who said we base our vote off comments by a political party follower? What I said was as A MEMBER(That’s ME) of a family of swing voters,it leaves a bad taste in MY(ME AGAIN) mouth! BTW The OBA has not given me any reason to vote for them again as they have been full of empty, unfulfilled promises….just saying!!

  3. Oh, please.
    You mention derogatory comments about the P.L.P.
    That disgraceful oba mentions that there is no place on this island for these threats.
    Since this “group” came into power, they have done NOTHING for Bermudians but attempt to squeeze them out of existence.
    That garbage will not work!!
    Watch, wait and see.

    • Noncents says:

      @have some backbone

      what are you talking about? What did your precious PLP do for Bermudians? Outside of a select group of friends and family.

      • hmmm says:

        @ have some backbone.

        The OBA have been working for Bermudians from before day one.

        The PLP put the country in a crisis in a sinking ship.

        We are no longer sinking but at the beginnings of sailing.

    • Bermyman says:

      Got spray paint on yah hands?

    • Northshore says:

      PAID PLP Cronies like your self are lame,boring and oh so typical!

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Bit of a crap “well what do you expect” condemnation from the PLP.
    Totally predictable and essentially saying hate is ok, just don’t use naughty words and threaten people.

  5. drunken ursula says:

    Lynne of all people commenting …her vile and bitter comments, on certain topics should be heard in public… shame !

  6. Bermyman says:

    Alot of what was written has similarities to the message put forward by the irritated Genie in his hate visit to the Island. Seeds of extremism have been planted in our community and the operatives are organized under the veils of various anti governmental organizations. We know who those organizations
    and individuals are, they speak illogical retoric loud and clear to their following, enciting
    behaviour that pales in comparison to even the most avid Trump advocate. We
    see this irrational logic manifested everyday in these coment sections from the usual demigoges that dwell in Alaska Hall.

    • Onion Juice says:

      They said the same thing about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and de Black Panthers, but never addressed why these men spoke out. Whites were hanging, murdering, raping and oppressing Black people economically, socially and politically, but ALWAYS made the oppressed de vilian.
      De more things change they remain de same.

      • Bermyman says:

        What is evident is that you are condoning the spray painting, you support the hate messages and you and the supporters of the PLP are irrational and volatile, frequently displaying behavior that has no place in decent society. Recently there has been flagrant disregard for the law and the authorities by the combined opposition, beleiving the rules do not apply to them. Whether it be immigration, wild cat strikes or illegal protest, it is obvious now from enquirers that the PLP and their followers had the same disregard for the regulations and laws while they wrecked Bermuda for so many years, that attitude and disregard for decency continues today and poisons this Islands progress.

        The day will come when the people have had enough of the likes of Yettb and it will no be pretty when that day comes.

  7. Cynical says:

    Meanwhile, cruise visits are up, air arrivals are up, everything which stimulates a dead economy are positive, yet the PLP and their sheep can only stare at their navels and claim it was better when Brown was taking their land

    • Onion Juice says:

      And unemployment has doubled since de 2000 job hoodwink.

      • hmmm says:

        You just made up that number.

        • Toleratate says:

          The fact he went back to 2000 at least is a start for him accepting when a lot of the damage began…. well done OJ…. great progress…

  8. Widget says:

    Seriously, has Betty teamed up with Donald Trump, and are they secretly roaming the island at night spreading their hatred.one only has to wonder.

    On a more serious note. Whom ever is doing this needs a weeks holiday in MAWI and a lobotomy.

  9. Zevon says:

    It only took the PLP three days to condenm death threats.

    • Thoughtful says:

      Ok Zendrive you are repeating yourself again…It wouldn’t have mattered if the PLP would have responded and condemned the graffiti ten minutes after the incident! How much are you being paid to be an OBA puppet? are they also paying all four of you…zevon, zendrive,serengetti and serengti?? lol

  10. Will says:

    Oh the plp statement is priceless. They are just shy of supporting it. They condemn the attacks on LGBT but that’s only electioneering…why no comment on the calls for murdering oba members?

  11. Jahstice says:

    PLP pretending they care.

    • Onion Juice says:

      And if they said nothing you would still complain, your pen name is a disgrace for the cause.
      Wolf in sheep clothing.

    • the truth will set you free says:

      Jahstice: The UBP (now known as the OBA) who do not even pretend they care. They only care about upholding and defending this unequal and unjust system that was implemented which plays a significant role in our oppression. Also they only care about upholding, defending and protecting this predatory/vulture like capitalist system.