Teachers Union: Honouring The Founders Gift

February 1, 2019

As the Bermuda Union of Teachers gets ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary with a number of events today [Feb 1], a number of well known locals released a statement to thank the founders of the Union, and urge people to honour the founders’ gift by “committing to work together across our diverse interests, to nurture the capacity of our whole society.”

The joint statement said, “We, the undersigned, join in expressing our deep appreciation for the founders of the Bermuda Union of Teachers – Adele Tucker, Edith Crawford, Matilda Crawford and Rev Rufus Stovell.

“On February 1, 1919, merely months following the end of World War I, these four visionaries embarked on a transformative venture during a period of profound economic challenge, in our society riddled with barriers of race, gender and class.

Events planned for today and tomorrow:

BUT Centenary 100th Anniversary Bermuda Jan 25 2019

“We can think of no better way of honouring their legacy, but by encouraging each other – all sectors of our community – to embrace the torch that those founders have offered to current generations.

“These founders’ brave and unselfish action a century ago was key to strengthening the teaching profession and providing the framework for a sustainable public school system to meet the needs of the 20th century.

“Their persistent and principled actions contributed immeasurably to a Bermuda in which there was increased access to opportunity for all segments of the community, the black community in particular.

“As we negotiate this new millennium, with its myriad challenges and opportunities, let us honour those founders’ gift by committing to work together across our diverse interests, to nurture the capacity of our whole society.

“The best way of observing this iconic anniversary would be to commit towards fostering an open and collaborative society which recognizes, respects and promotes the potential of all.

Signed by the following past BUT Presidents – chronologically arranged

  • Elizabeth Kawaley
  • Dr Erskine Simmons
  • Dr Eva Hodgson
  • Clevelyn Crichlow
  • Dr Joseph Christopher
  • Ellen Kate Horton
  • Dale Butler
  • Glenn Fubler
  • Joann [Davis] Adams

Other supporters, the references to organizations are for identification

  • Joanne Brangman- Bermuda Library
  • Ed Ball Jr – BPSU
  • Craig Bridgewater – Berkeley Board
  • Kenneth Caesar – Cedarbridge
  • Rev Nicholas Dill – Anglican Bishop
  • Martha Dismont- Family Centre
  • Dr Larry Dixon – AME – Presiding Elder
  • Chris Furbert – BIU
  • Dr Glenn Faries – Reading Clinic
  • Charles Gosling – Hamilton Corporation
  • DR Duranda Greene – Bermuda College
  • Kim Jackson – Mirrors
  • Deryn Lavell – Saltus
  • Linda Parker – BHS
  • Jennifer Phillips – Bermuda National Gallery
  • Kalmar Richards – Dept. of Education
  • Elena Strong – National Museum of Bda
  • Branwen Smith- ing – Bda Sloop
  • Dr Ian Walker – BAMZ
  • Richard Winchell – ABIC /BAMZ
  • Lynne Winfield – CURB
  • Peter Lapsley – Bda National Gallery
  • Cordell Riley – Bda College/CURB
  • Shannon James and Mike Charles – BUT

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