‘Coral Beats’ Clean Beaches With Musical Aim

March 6, 2019

Percussion band Coral Beats will hold an event dubbed ‘Coral Beats for the Coral Reef‘ on Sunday, March 10 at 7.00pm at Warwick Academy, where they plan to use objects they found during beach cleanups to “create new sounds.”

A spokesperson said, “Members of Coral Beats, Bermuda’s own all female Brazilian percussion band, have been busy on the weekends cleaning up Bermuda’s beaches and scouring the land and ocean for unique instruments to use in a rhythm in their upcoming concert to be held in the PPMH Hall at Warwick Academy on Sunday, March 10 at 7.00pm.

“The show will be a culmination of a very intense five day workshop with visiting Brazilian artist, Mestre Bola.”

Coral Beats Bermuda March 5 2019 (1)

Sue Riihiluoma, Coral Beats leader, said, “We will have been through a very inspiring process of hard work, endless drumming, singing, clapping and repeating rhythms for hours on end and will be very excited to share our hard work and passion with the community.”

“The group, which usually consists of 25 musicians, has performed in the past for Ted Talks, The Bermuda Festival, Harbour Nights, conventions, and parties. With the five day workshop, they are expecting to expand their repertoire.

“Not only will they be performing new melodies, but also will use found objects on the beach to create new sounds for those that attend the concert. Donations are welcome at the door.”

Coral Beats Bermuda March 5 2019 (2)

Coral Beats Bermuda March 5 2019 (3)

Coral Beats Bermuda March 5 2019 (1)

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