CariGenetics Executes Groundbreaking Research

July 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

CariGenetics — in partnership with The 2 Frontiers Project and BIOS — led and funded a local study that could help save coral reefs around the world which are being affected by climate change.

A spokesperson said, “Since its launch last October, CariGenetics continues to conduct ground-breaking research which will have a positive impact, not only in Bermuda, but globally.

“Recently, in partnership with The 2 Frontiers Project and BIOS, the genetics company led and funded a local study that could help save coral reefs around the world which are being affected by climate change—the coral reef genetic mapping project.

“Dr Braden Tierney, founder and executive director of The 2 Frontiers Project, studies how life survives in extreme environments.

“He reached out to Dr Weldon about the project because of the role Bermuda corals may play in the broader fight against climate change.”

CariGenetics Coral Reef Genetic Mapping Project Bermuda July 2023

“The reefs in Bermuda are so healthy. One of the things we know is that Bermudian corals, because of their proximity to the Gulf Stream experience dramatic fluctuations in change of temperature throughout the year so they are natively already robust; it’s like they’ve been preparing for warmer oceans, to a certain degree or more dramatic changes over time.

“In a world where reefs are dying, why are they so healthy here? We are looking at what can make other corals healthy based on what we learn by sequencing in Bermuda.”

CariGenetics’ Founder and CEO Dr Carika Weldon says: “I’m excited to share our second CariGenetics research project that was fully executed locally in Bermuda by Bermudians. The training received by The 2 Frontiers Project staff, both on collecting the coral reef samples and the extraction of the DNA in the lab was invaluable and can be used many times again in the future.

“What’s even more exciting is that from sample collection to analysis of results, which included what microorganisms live on, the coral reefs that we sampled, this was fully executed within 72 hours—in record breaking time—as a project like this would normally take months, and even years to complete.”

Weldon Wade, BioQuest [the biodiversity division of CariGenetics] Ocean Explorer adds: “It was a phenomenal ground-breaking collaborative experience to be a part of. I am looking forward to participating in more projects like these, especially where Bermudian scientists will be involved in frontline field of research.”

The spokesperson said, “To learn more about CariGenetics and the innovative work we undertake, visit Follow us on all social media channels, @CariGenetics.”

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