Minister Attends Marketing Events In New York

March 3, 2019

Minister of Tourism and Transport  Zane DeSilva recently returned from New York after culminating a series of marketing meetings, events and planning sessions.

Pictured at NoMo Kitchen in New York City are Permanent Secretary Aideen Ratteray Pryse, Minister DeSilva, Doreen Williams-James of Wild Herbs N Plants of Bermuda and BTA CEO Kevin Dallas

Market Blitz-7

On Monday 25th February, Minister DeSilva met with representatives from the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA], Bermuda Airport Authority [BAA], Bermuda Hotel Association [BHA], Skyport and other tourism stakeholders to discuss marketing plans, strategies and tactics to enhance Bermuda’s tourism product and strengthen its growth.

Following this, on Wednesday 27th February, Minister DeSilva travelled to New York City to meet with the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s New York marketing and sales team and to participate in a Marketing Blitz.

The Ministry said, “The Marketing Blitz’s events saw more than 150 New York City-based meeting planners, travel agents, tastemakers, media types and influencers attended a Bermuda-inspired evening reception to encourage year-round travel to the island. These Bermuda Tourism Authority-hosted events included several Bermuda creatives including:

  • Doreen Williams-James of Wild Herbs N Plants of Bermuda;
  • Stefan Gitschner from Twisted Spoon Cocktail Company;
  • DJ Rusty G; and local artist Lyn Winford.

“The objective of the events were to tell the story of Bermuda’s seasons through flora, sounds and island flavours. The Minister and BTA were also joined by the GMs and or Marketing Directors of Hamilton Princess, Fairmont Southampton, Rosedon, Elbow Beach and The Loren.”

Minister DeSilva, said, “This series of meetings and planning sessions is instrumental in our efforts to continue seeing growth in Bermuda’s tourism market. Also the Marketing Blitz events held in New York will have demonstrated to our target visitors that we are the ideal year-round destination for those seeking experiences, a quiet retreat, an island getaway, or family fun and bonding.”

“Our tourism stakeholders in Bermuda and New York are doing a good job of strengthening our brand and enticing visitors to our shores.”

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  1. somuchless says:

    Zane is so full of himself. One min he’s against em and the next he’s for em. I guess when something is good he wants to be the one in front. Free trip. Of course I’ll take it even if I gotta fake it to make it.

  2. What? says:

    Can’t wait to see the bill for this junket! Zane and his BFF Dallas in New York?

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Just when tourism is on the up under the BTA here comes a Minister getting involved who knows nothing about tourism. If it ain’t broke, the PLP will break it. Why do we need a Minister anyway? Save a few hundred thousand there. Rinse and repeat and $50m will soon be saved in Government expenses.