Minister Attends Hotel Recruitment Drive Event

December 22, 2021

Yesterday [Dec 21] Acting Premier and Minister of Education Diallo Rabain visited the BTA and Bermuda Workforce Development’s collaborative Recruitment Drive at Hamilton Princess.

Minister Rabain stated, “I was pleased to see that there were over 780 people pre-registered for the event. This government is committed to getting the economy back on track, and events such as these which support employment opportunities for our residents are very positive.

“The hospitality trade is vital to Bermuda and requires Bermudians to be a part of it. The willingness of our Hotel partners to show their commitment to hiring Bermudians is to be commended. I am proud of all my fellow Bermudians that came out to register their interests and make job applications on the spot.

“I look forward to this event’s positive outcome and am encouraged by the discussions about this becoming an annual event. I want to thank Charles Jeffers of the BTA, and the team at the Department of Workforce Development and the Bermuda Hotel Association.”

Collaborative Recruitment Drive Bermuda Dec 2021 (1)

Collaborative Recruitment Drive Bermuda Dec 2021 (2)

Collaborative Recruitment Drive Bermuda Dec 2021 (3)

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    This sounds obvious, but to provide employment in the hospitality sector requires hotels, and guests to fill the hotels. With so few open and functioning hotels, and so few visitors there won’t be much demand for staff. This is basic but clearly not understood by the acting Premier but what’s new. By the way, where is the Minister of Tourism – away putting money into a competitor?

    • question says:

      780 people, inside, the exact same day as the Covid Press Conference when Rabain announced that the rest of us are limited to gatherings of maximum 50 inside.
      “You should all take personal responsibility”, he said.
      The frikin hypocrite.

  2. Average Bermudian says:


    You need to get a life !
    Is there something else that you can be doing instead of the constant negatively!

    • TRUTH says:

      He needs to go help his UBPoba change the name since their finding it difficult to find FRONT men/women again, again and again.

      • Ringmaster says:

        You guys are hilarious. You make everything political. You can’t take it that facts are anti PLP, but I understand you have no idea of how the real economy works as you are either an MP or in the Civil Service.