Smithsonian Magazine Highlights Bermunchies

March 9, 2019

In an article entitled ‘Explore Bermudian Cuisine Through the Eyes of a Local,’ the Smithsonian Magazine has highlighted the popular Bermunchies social media brand, saying it “curates an Instagram feed highlighting the culinary stars of Bermuda.”

The story said, “When Bermuda native Elizabeth Varao created the Bermunchies Instagram feed in 2015, she was hoping to showcase her amateur home culinary skills and her passion for food in the country.

“She first shared her own original recipes experimenting with new-to-her ingredients, and shots of restaurant food. But after only a short time, she realized that while there are more than just rum cakes to enjoy on the island, no one was really talking about the other great Bermudian treats.

“With a heritage evolving from African and European roots, the cuisine has a unique mix of both cultures—ranging from potatoes served with the standard English hard-boiled egg for breakfast, to traditional African peas and rice.

“Suddenly Bermunchies had a new focus: to showcase Bermudian food culture to the world. spoke with Varao to discover more about the varied world of Bermudian cuisine, and how she highlights it in the Instagram feed.”

You can read the full story here on the Smithsonian Magazine website.


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