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July 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Bermudian Dylan Hollis – who has millions of followers on TikTok – has been featured in a Wall Street Journal article that focuses on his recipe for Kiskadee Fantasy, a dessert dish created on the island nearly 70 years ago.

The Wall Street Journal website said, “Too often, today, we relegate baking to the cold-weather months. Yet summer brought many a bygone baker inspiration for pies, cakes, cookies and crêpes.

“Bygone baking happens to be a fixation of mine, and I’ve found I’m not alone. The comments section of my TikTok [@bdylanhollis], where I prepare and taste desserts of long ago, brims with viewers’ memories of baking with family, or their recollections of a recipe as a recurring character throughout their lives—for better or worse. I’ve curated and rewritten some of those recipes for a cookbook called Baking Yesteryear [July 25, DK], and each one comes with a story.

B. Dylan Hollis Baking Yesteryear Cookbook February 2023

“This certainly applies to the pie I hold above all others for summertime baking. Nearly 70 years after its creation on my island home of Bermuda, Kiskadee Fantasy still commands attention. Its unveiling at the barbecue will bring a swift end to any sense of logic or patience in the serving line. Kiskadee Fantasy is an object of unmatched affection. It is also cheap and dead simple to make.

“Kiskadee Fantasy got its name from a bird. Not a bird with a penchant for naming pies, but, rather, the Great Kiskadee, a small songbird with a call as distinctive as its yellow belly. Introduced from Trinidad & Tobago in 1957 to control Bermuda’s lizard population, it caused quite the stir when it flatly refused to eat any and then proliferated to a domineering degree. One point to the lizards.”

You can read the full story here on Wall Street Journal.

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