KPMG’s Global Geopolitics Covered Top Risks

April 22, 2019

More than 130 people attended last week’s Annual General Meeting Luncheon hosted by the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce to hear from KPMG’s Geopolitics Lead and Eurasia Group Partnership, Andrew Mantilia.

“We’re proud to sponsor the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, and to have the opportunity for the local business community to hear from our global colleagues,” said Steve Woodward, Managing Director and Sector Lead, KPMG Enterprise.

“Political issues really are an extension of the wider themes and troubling issues impacting businesses here and around the world. Challenges such as economic substance create an inflection point for Bermuda. The next few months will be critical to the long-term future of the island, and we must be bold in our leadership in a dramatically different global order.”

BCC AGM Luncheon Geopolitics April 2019

“The world order is being reshaped before us. This causes risks to current operating models, but also creates opportunity to make strategic decisions that build resilience in a dramatically different environment,” said Andrew Mantilia.

“There is no better time to make ‘no regret’ decisions and investments in things like technology, developing your talent, and protecting customer data. The focus of governments on these issues will outlast any individual politician and is the new normal operating environment for global business.”

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