Longtail Aviation Announce ‘Major Investment’

April 28, 2019

Longtail Aviation announced a major investment into the company by an investment team led by aviation favorite and veteran Fabian Bello, CEO of Journey Aviation in Boca Raton, Florida.

A spokesperson said, “The acquisition with an infusion of capital to assist in growing the company will allow Longtail to offer the world a viable, first world aircraft management solution with no passenger seat or maximum weight restrictions.

“My partners and I believe our investment will propel Longtail to the next level, and make them the ‘go-to’ operator of choice for large passenger and/or cargo planes. We can take on anything from a Boeing 737, Lineage 1000 to an Airbus 330 or a 747-800 cargo aircraft,” Bello said.

“Longtail has the distinction of holding the world’s only Bermuda AOC, which means they are the only company with the direct authority to operate charter flights with Bermuda registered aircraft.

“Through this acquisition led by Bello, Longtail is now positioned to accommodate any customer, anywhere in the world from their strategic Bermuda location, and establish first world operations in areas that have traditionally been underutilized.

“Longtail has operated aircraft ranging in size from turboprops and light jets to Boeing Business Jets, and was the first non-US carrier to achieve the ARG/US Platinum rating. Long considered the ideal candidate worldwide for assisting with the registration of any newly acquired aircraft, Bermuda’s tax neutrality is another unique asset the company possessed, along with conformity inspection for commercial operations. ‘An aircraft which is being registered in Bermuda and added to our AOC does not need to come to Bermuda for its airworthiness inspection,” Longtail CEO Martin Amick explained.

‘We believe that this new acquisition and partnership coupled with Mr. Bello’s proven track record in aircraft management and his extensive contacts and friends within the industry, will enable Longtail to achieve new levels of success, market penetration and customer service.’

The company said, “With the growing globalization of businesses and overall strength of the economy, Bello has identified opportunities to help satisfy the demand for additional aircraft and additional routes in cargo transport, as well as private aviation. Bello is CEO and founding member of Journey Aviation, one of the world’s top Gulfstream operators.

“Under his leadership, the company has demonstrated notable growth since its inception in January of 2014, exceeding $150 million USD in total revenue within its first 5 years in business. Mr. Bello’s business background is diverse, having served in various positions including executive vice-president and president/CEO of an international division as well as President/CEO of other related aviation companies that operated in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“Most notably, Mr. Bello is known for managing the introduction of Deer Jet’s BBJ’s and ACJ fleet into the Middle East, catapulting the company’s penetration into the international markets.

“With the acquisition Bello will serve as Chairman of the Board of the entities that own Longtail Aviation, while longtime CEO and Accountable Manager Amick will continue in those roles.

For Bello, his involvement in Longtail represents a personal journey that has taken him full circle.

“Life is very interesting,” Bello stated. “I became known in the market while successfully operating in BBJ/ACJ world almost a decade ago. To have the opportunity to acquire an entity that I started working with and learned from back then, is truly remarkable. It shows that if you focus and consistently do the right thing, at some point, you’ll not only be recognized, but rewarded for it.’”

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