Argo Group Adopts AVYST Technology

June 18, 2019

Argo Group International Holdings has adopted “insurtech that enables MGAs, wholesalers, and independent brokers to submit, quote, and bind risks seamlessly, without paper or error.”

A spokesperson said, “Argo has deployed AVYST’s bi-directional forms system, eForms Wizard, making it possible for clients and brokers to enter risk details just once, at the source, for automatic processing by Argo. Use of the system will eliminate the numerous paper-based steps of conventional point-of-sale processes, which will reduce re-keying mistakes and drive efficiencies for clients.

“AVYST eForms Wizard dramatically simplifies retail distribution to make delivery of our products smooth and simple,” said Gary Grose, group producer management and marketing leader and president of Colony Specialty, member of Argo Group.

“This kind of delivery will especially benefit independent brokers and larger networks that have traditionally grappled with time-consuming and inefficient manual workflows for every risk submitted. It also allows Argo to gather large volumes of data effortlessly, which fuels our risk analysis and exposure management.”

“In 2017, a group of insurance industry veterans and investors launched AVYST’s eForms Wizard. It replaces paper-based processes while enabling users to retain flexibility. In a short time, the insurtech firm has forged strong relationships with MGAs, carriers, the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents and others.

“Brokers and agents have long been able to submit risks to Argo through multiple channels across the company’s business lines,” commented Marc Still, CEO of AVYST. “Our software is designed to integrate with other solutions to streamline the submission process, eliminating unnecessary touch points. Producers simply enter information once, the data is shared across the necessary forms and applications, and the submission is securely submitted, delivering rapid turnaround for their clients.”

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  1. Lol says:

    Gee another company using Fintech to keep up with the times…and again no barking from the opposition to Fintech. The OBA it’s followers and paid trolls are going to look like the fools they are in the next 2 years. I’m sipping on some sweet tea watching it all unveil…