‘Believe Tourism Business Owners Will Benefit’

June 1, 2019

The modernisation of liquor licensing procedures “appears to address many of the concerns our team has heard from tourism entrepreneurs” the BTA said following the recent legislative changes for liquor licensing.

A BTA spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Tourism Authority generally supports the modernisation of tourism industry-related laws, particularly as it pertains to easing a pathway to success for entrepreneurs and thinking about what visitors want.

“The Bermuda Government’s comprehensive modernisation of liquor licensing procedures – the first in almost a half century – appears to address many of the concerns our team has heard from tourism entrepreneurs, with a continued focus on safeguarding public safety.

“We are grateful that lawmakers have taken this step and we believe tourism business owners and the visitors they serve will benefit.”

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  1. sage says:

    Safeguarding public safety by making plying people with an addictive , unhealthy and dangerous drug which accounts for between 5 and 8 road deaths a year, sclerosis of the liver and Wernickes Encephalitis, less regulated. Brilliant and innovative thinking (for capitalists). Selling booze to addicts with no safer legal alternative option, can hardly be described as entrepreneurial. When the majority of dealers ‘forgot’ to renew last year, and sold liquor without a license, nothing happened, no consequences, no surprise. One major wholesaler ‘forgot’ for years, not even a slap on the wrist. Roadside sobriety checkpoints grudgingly charge less people weekly than before they were initiated, by design, with ‘entrepreneurs’ complaining and threatening to cut (low paid) server jobs, The chief justice sets up a special DUI court so drunk drivers can retain their licenses and when someone in authority gets caught they show up when they like, get a separate courtroom and two people are charged with refusing to give a sample (automatic guilty) for driving one car to scupper the case against the true culprit.
    The other day school kids were celebrating entrepreneur day by setting up lemonade stands all over the island, good preparation for dealing booze later on, oh and the DNDC tells us kids start drinking the easily accessible liquor parents stockpile at home, at the ripe old age of 8yrs. Adults create and children imitate, so how is selling booze at events attended by children ok? Let kids collect sargassum (free) and rinse, dry and pulverize for mulch which can be sold to farmers. Too much like hard work. Where can one apply to be a LLA inspector?

    • question says:

      Well you’re the one that wants to legalise another health-threatening drug. More social problems we will have to deal with in the future.

      • sage says:

        Health threatening? We feed children garbage for food, we import cancer sticks, which actually kill half the people who get addicted to the product. Why are these deadly drugs legal, yet the medically beneficial one that does not kill anyone is illegal. Health is clearly not a concern, but if you think it is, you should be demanding that these two harmful drugs are immediately prohibited, the users, dealers and suppliers be imprisoned and their ill-gotten gains seized to pay for the destruction they cause.